This form consists of seven sonnets, linked by a common theme. Some would consider this to be a poem of 98 lines and consequently no rhyme words were permitted to be repeated. The first line of the first sonnet was also the last line of the last sonnet, thus completing a circle
The original versions of this form stuck to the sonnet form that was popular at the time, and several lovely examples exist, but with the revival of interest in the sonnet form new Crowns have emerged mixing sonnet forms, some of which include repetition of lines and rhyme words.
In the example below, the poet uses a mixture of Italian and Modern forms to produce a lovely example of a Crown of Sonnets.

SonnetI (Italian Sonnet)

In darkness shines the purest silver light,
Reflecting dreams of love that call my heart,
To kneel in scented rose petaled art,
As dawn retracts the black of lonely night.
No bloom equals the maiden in my sight,
Not even the math of Rene Descartes,
Can solve equations raised on lovers' chart,
Where 'X' is one, just one, kiss of delight.
Foretell the past as now you hold my fate,
My devil tongue is touched with love and grace,
A silenced banshee caught by poet's verse,
From brash ideals to thoughts that seem sedate,
A trembled sigh upon a pillow's lace,
Your gentile smile and love's hushed doubts disperse.

Sonnet II (Sonnetto Rispetto)

Your gentile smile and love's hushed doubts disperse,
the ray of sun that shines to make me whole,
there is no doubt before that love I'd curse,
denied, always denied, my heart would find a goal.
Beyond the realm of valley's song and verse,
a warmer breeze that's music to my soul,
my love expressed to you, Albanwr's heir,
a dismal heart has learnt there's room to care.
I ask the midnight skies to shine on you,
while reading poetry by ocean shore,
the ebb and flow of tides to carry you
with gentle hands to where my eyes adore,
the words of braided dreams my sense subdue,
your craft incites my heart to love you more.

Sonnet III (Sicilian Sonnet)

Your craft incites my heart to love you more,
afraid these words will cause a greater pain,
for that one smile my pen and ink implore,
the thoughts my heart can no longer contain,
now fall like common dust upon the floor
just swept away; your words so sweet sustain,
my tendered heart; so I can love you more,
please look your loving eyes on this refrain.
Oh Queen of night, essence that is my heart,
offered to you, yet know you will decline,
in verse my pen can barely write the part,
and share the words that love cannot refine,
my heart declared in shades that are my art,
you are my crimson rose with scent of wine.

Sonnet IV (Alfred Dorn Sonnet)

You are my crimson rose with scent of wine,
the sweetest girl that fills my dreamy days,
with thoughts that fly because I think of you.
I lose my senses when I kiss carmine,
the petal lips that set my soul ablaze,
console my heart with love's soft blushing hue.
A blackened lake that is my molten heart,
reveals the pain of times that we're apart.
In dark places I see your face define
my eyes that need to look at you in bliss
to brush your lips of sweet red almandine,
and set me free across a heart's abyss
I feel the wings of your divine embrace,
with soft intent you send a fleeting kiss.

Sonnet V (English Sonnet)

With soft intent you send a fleeting kiss,
The trails of passion left behind a word,
where thoughts combine in lines of inky bliss,
your letter is your heart's sweet song unheard.
Your feelings mingle shadows, blue on white,
Devotions given freely on the page,
My eyes embrace each curve that held me tight
These scented letters leave a gentle gage.
My fancy dreams of lunar light in wine,
As loving pen incites my passion's fire,
I feel your fingers play where inks entwine,
And distant love may still fulfil desire.
Across the miles that keep our love apart,
your letters, sealed with kisses, heal my heart

Sonnet VI (Echo Sonnet)

Your letters, sealed with kisses, heal my heart
With words of love the reason we prevail
I look to see the message 'New Email',
Our modern love's discourse in cyber art.

Instant message, text and cell now take part
The miles just melt as heated touches reach
Like waves that curl upon the sandy beach
As modern love's discourse in cyber art.
A note to end the day as we depart,
In words of olden ways romance and style
My heart's desire to see my lover smile
In modern love's discourse in cyber art.
Your letters, sealed with kisses, heal my heart
With modern love's discourse in cyber art.

Sonnet VII (Wreathed Italian Sonnet)

With modern love's discourse in cyber art,
An artist's heart offered to poet queen,
My queen of grace makes my life serene,
A serenity from Cupid's love dart.
The fateful dart that soothed a broken heart
The heart that said 'I have no loving gene'
The generic now clear as love I've seen.
I see the truth of lies in astral chart.
Uncharted seas of love once seemed quite stark
The starkest thoughts that see beauty's insight
Incite refrains where you have left your mark.
A mark of love I found this moonless night
Each night dreams reveal my heart is dark,
In darkness shines the purest silver light.

ŠJem Farmer

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