This form consists of seven sonnets, linked by a common theme. Some would consider this to be a poem of 98 lines and consequently no rhyme words were permitted to be repeated. The first line of the first sonnet was also the last line of the last sonnet, thus completing a circle
The original versions of this form stuck to the sonnet form that was popular at the time, and several lovely examples exist, but with the revival of interest in the sonnet form new Crowns have emerged mixing sonnet forms, some of which include repetition of lines and rhyme words.
In the example below, the poet uses variations of Italian poetry forms to produce a lovely example of a Crown of Sonnets.

Here In The Silence

#1 Here, in the Silence (Italian Sonnet)

Here, in the silence of my warm home
I watch my thoughts as they turn inside
There, with no place for the mind to hide
I see it shrink back from a darkened dome
Where once the light of our love did roam
My poor mind and heart now flee in fright
It is cold here, no comfort yet in sight
My thoughts are shrouded in icy foam

From deeper inside a glow can be seen
A gentle warm feeling does now arise
It comforts me like a big stroking hand
At last I know that the worst part has been
I feel this light touch with sudden surprise
The light will return to this dark mind's land.

#2 The Light will return (Italian Sonnet)

The light will return to this dark mind's land
Though at this moment there still is some doubt
My hurting heart cannot stop to cry out
It yearns so much to be touched by your hand
The mind does reason, it is on the mend
Yet wishing to know what this was about
Hard won peace might be shredded by shout
Still honour is asking to firmly stand.
Respect of self is foremost in my mind
To live without it, that cannot be done
The strength from within is holding the fort
Gets help from without from minds of a kind
Thus taking care pain and doubt will stay gone
Life's ship will be lead into a safe port.

#3 Life's ship will be lead (Italian Sonnet)

Life's ship will be lead into a safe port
Here it can shelter till storms all have passed
From a sea clear, blue and silent at last
It will then set sail for tales to record
Strongly defended by word and by sword
Swiftly it sails on the waves moving fast
On the ocean of life which is truly vast
Serving the reign of an inner known lord.
It's best to stop to hold on at all cost
The future's still open to travel anew
A great chance to let bygones be bygones
Each day a new way to find what was lost
To share happy moments of which there aren't few
To reach out for life, be ready to dance.

#4 To reach out for Life (Sicilian Sonnet)

To reach out for Life, be ready to dance
First listen and feel the music there is
Andante assai you don't want to miss
Its sweet tones might bring you into a trance
A sudden crescendo and you take fright
The tempi of life can differ a lot
You'd better enjoy whatever you've got
The dance will go on by day and by night
You might get tired of moving so much
Might want a rest and sit out the next one
Watch from the sideline for a little while
Don't wait too long, or you get out of touch
Pick up the rhythm, the resting is done
Join in Life's dance and go on with a smile.

#5 Join in Life's dance (Sonetto Rispetto)

Join in Life's dance and go on with a smile
It will make you feel better you can trust
Even when you are sad for a short while
You have to go on and do, as you must
Just turn the page, put the old one on file
Taste Life anew, take a bite of its crust
The daily things, when done without guile
Will help you cleanse from your heart sadness' dust
Freed from this dust you might sparkle again
Your feet will be dancing, your eyes will shine
Your heart will know joy in Life's sweet refrain
So all that needs to be done, heart of mine
To let go of this stain, caused by old pain
Dare to flow with Life's forces and be fine.

#6 Dare to flow with Life's forces (Sonetto Rispetto)

Dare to flow with Life's forces and be fine
It sounds so easy, but sometimes is hard
To give up my heart's longing to be thine
Is yet painful to me and still does smart
Though I know I should listen and not whine
I also feel lonely and caught off guard
Some offers there are one cannot decline
Put on new music, let the dance restart
My feet know the paces, did not forget
The intricate steps of Life's solemn dance
The rhythm is fetching, moving the soul
When I follow its lead, I stop to fret
Peace will be here, it can bring a new chance
To be happy at last, to reach Life's goal.

# Finale To be happy at last (Sicilian Sonnet)

To be happy at last, to reach Life's goal
Is to know one's heart and find peace in it
An inner silence, which will never quit
But is always there to refresh the soul
Once that is certain you cannot go wrong
Its presence is with you in times of need
When you have to face up to an ugly deed
To think of it only will make you strong
This place I can rest in when life is hard
Will shelter my balance under its dome
Protect my mind's health and sustain my heart
Enfolded by it I can freely roam
This is what I found, right back from the start
Here, in the silence of my warm home.

ŠLeny Roovers.

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