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#01 Twenty Four Poetry Styles

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Twenty Four Poetry Styles

Using Ballade Stanza

1. Masculine and Vital
2. Placid
3. Graceful
4. Potent
5. Ancient Heavenly
6. Classic and Elegant
7. Washed and Refined
8. Vigorous
9. Decorative and Pretty
10. Natural
11. Implicit
12. Bold and Unrestrained
13. Vital Spirit
14. Careful and Meticulous
15. Carefree and Wild
16. Lucid and Rare
17. Oblique and Winding
18. Actual Scene
19. Sad and Poignant
20. Descriptive
21. Transcendent
22. Floating and Serene
23. Big Hearted and Expansive
24. Flowing

Ryter Roethicle

The Twenty-Four Styles of Poetry
As suggested by Sikong Tu.
Using Ballade Sanza

1. Masculine and Vital

The feeling I have is beyond measure
I hold you close to me
And feel the bond, the Yin and Yang.
It was ever meant to be.

There is nothing stronger than love
Just like the willow it bends
Before the wildest winds and storms,
And is still there when it ends.

My love is like the steel of a sword
It has been heated and beat
Till it is given its strength and shape
You are my heat, I'm complete.


2. Placid

I am at peace when I’m with you
Nothing needs to be said.
Eyes say everything, I am content,
Love flows on the breezes tread.

The gentle rustle of the night wind
The daytime buzz of bees
These soft adagios that nature brings,
All add up to my peace.


3. Graceful

The swan is there in all her majesty
She is truly a queen
The lake water shimmers as she moves
Little trace where she has been.

The spotlight picks the dancer out
On point with arms held high
Elegant movements across the stage
Win a princes heart nearby.

The final act the final dance
The music soft and slow
As the ballet comes to an end
To Heaven our couple go.


4. Potent

What drug is more potent than love,
Love highlights the senses?
It is a high that can last forever,
And lowers other fences.

I do not smoke, I don't use drugs
They mean nothing to me
I like a stout, or glass of port
But I get drunk on thee


5. Ancient Heavenly

I read what the masters have written,
And feel myself transported.
I did not know where I was going,
I know now where I'll be led.

I read and find myself at peace,
Nirvana is close at hand.
The final step I still have to learn,
How to reach that band.

I also realise I need you with me
An empty heart is nought.
Knowing you will share eternity
Makes it so easily thought.


6. Classic and Elegant

We drink the tasty wine of age
Out of a barrel of years
It is indeed a very heady brew
Fermented from many tears.

Food is the seeds of wasted dreams
And the sauce of regret.
The salad is from the leaves of time
Garnished with ambiguette.

Music in time with my heart beat
A tempo to match my mood.
Wine, love, good food, such ambiance,
And a perfect etude.


7. Washed and Refined

The heat of the day is past for a while.
I take this time to shower,
And for that while feel human again.
I long for a green bower.

Washing cleansed my body and mind
And I ache to write again.
A new palette and fresh thoughts
This freedom keeps me sane.

Like panning for gold I carefully write
My useless words cast off,
And slowly my ideas take on their form,
That few would dare to scoff.


8. Vigorous

I see the surf and hear the pounding waves
I realise the energy of the sea.
I need to write of heaven and Earth,
And feel the power in me.

Love is energy that feeds me well
Fed more by presence of you.
Today, tonight and days long on
Are now within my view.

An endless road we will now walk
Or drive, or fly, or live.
With gleaming eyes, and willing smile,
My heart to you I give.


9. Decorative and Pretty

You talk to me of pretty things and such.
Is a Van Gogh pretty?
And yet it is a work of art
You are all I want you to be.

Pretty is only today's fashion
On a scraggy model.
Realism is a lusty wench to hold
And later just to cuddle.

A thin young bag of bones is just that
Not pretty, nor sexy, nor chic.
A mature woman is a different thing
And makes my knees go weak.


10. Natural

Examine a plant, each one is different
Each one has its own name.
The colour, the structure they all vary
Their functions are all the same.

Each one breaths in, what we breath out
This is known by kids in school
Each year they becomes less and less
Why do we ignore this rule?

We cannot eat what is not there
Nor breathe the air that's gone.
When will man cease to breed so much?
Two cannot breathe like one.


11. Implicit

Need words be said when looks say all
And actions say more still.
When I touch you, you know everything
Letting go's against my will.

And yet let go is what I must
My time with you is short.
Consequences of our time together
Means your loss of comfort.

I would not want that for the world
And so I must agree
But where we are in the future
Only time's able to see.


12. Bold and Unrestrained

Where, where you when it first began,
Where was anyone I ask?
God was busy on that first day
It was a daunting task.

A day, a week, a month a year
Is only the words of man
Ten billion years could be a day
Just try to understand.

Many biased believe their right
Equal believe their wrong.
Each passionately believe their truth
All shouting alternate songs.


13. Vital Spirit

I watch the surf break on the beach,
It looks, and is, alive.
I smell the air, how fresh it is,
"Cowabunga" is the jive.

You duck dive out, then take the drop
It’s epic or so you think,
Your in the soup you junkyard dog
You wipe out, yer surfin stinks.

I’ll leave my board hanging in the shed
Next time I go to Bells
And watch the pro's show how it's done
Whilst savouring the smells.


14. Careful and Meticulous

I'm a Virgo, and I must plan,
Everything must be just so.
I'm very analytical when doing things,
Curious and want to know.

As a teacher I'm never harsh
Critical is not my way.
But I'm not modest, nor am I shy,
Never fear what I'll say.

I'm a Virgo and ruled by earth
My motto "I scrutinise".
I'm also known as the sun sign
And also very wise.


15. Carefree and Wild

I watched an Eagle in her flight
Survey her owned land.
She's the undisputed Queen up high,
That's why she looks so grand.

She has no wealth, she does not need,
What some men, hold dear.
She has food, and drink and true dignity,
As Queen she has no fear.

Men should observe, make notes, and learn
From creatures such as she.
She has what she wants, needs nothing more,
And truly is, "Her Majesty".


16. Lucid and Rare

I wander through the wet green bush
Aware I'm not alone.
The bush land talks revived at last
Amazing how she has grown.

No longer hidden from the crimes of man
Her true value is seen,
By cleared shrub and caring growth
The scene is natural green.

The crime of man is ignorance,
Denying traditional acts.
Ignoring the truth, and driving away
Men who lived by facts.


17. Oblique and Winding

The road through life is never straight,
It twists and turns always.
Going early to your destiny,
You get the morning haze.

Or wait a while and start your climb,
You think without a care.
But then as the evening descends,
You walk facing the glare.

No matter which way you wish to start,
Murphy or fate steps in.
It's inevitable it can't be stopped,
But don't throw it in the bin.


18. Actual Scene

I cannot believe the actual scene,
Water running down streets.
River banks burst and overflows,
Washing away what it meets.

The drought has broken for sure,
We are now having floods.
The rain we'd missed the last years,
Nature's giving us the goods.

Houses washed away with families in,
We can't help them at all.
Instead we cry, trying to do our best
Praying for levels to fall.


19. Sad and Poignant

I never said that you should go,
But you left anyway.
You know I want you to come back,
I know there is no way.

'Twas agreed that I would go first,
That got a smile from you.
When you went it took us by surprise
Now what am I to do?

Even though your gone, I know your there
I feel it in my soul.
But I need you alive and with me,
Only then will I feel whole.


20. Descriptive

Suddenly the water runs down the street,
'Twasn't there a moment ago.
But now it's a raging torrent,
And they have nowhere to go

Nothings sacred in this hellish flood,
Grab something firm's the cry.
You see despair come on their face,
As a house comes floating by.

Trucks and cars pile up at the streets end,
Just flotsam cast off by the water.
The drivers in them probably drowned,
Now it's safe in this mad slaughter.

Fifteen people have drowned today,
Fifty four are still missing.
The States Premier has tears in her eyes,
The weather is still pissing


21. Transcendent

When I'm with you, we do not exist,
Not on these Earthly plains.
Our souls emerge and exist as one,
Only the mortal remains.

We transcend above this Earthly sphere,
Watching the Earth below.
See bodies weaken from year to year,
Yet see our spirits grow.

And so in time there must be a call,
Promise you will not hide.
So that we walk together to the gates,
Holding hands, side by side.


22. Floating and Serene

I am alone, breathing deepens.
I feel my ki enter
I close my eyes and feel the lift
I exhale, no longer centre.

I remove my shirt and breathe in again,
Remember it is my peace.
The day has gone I am alone,
And I relax with ease.

For a while I'm allowed time for myself
I'm overawed by what's going on.
Then my body takes over what's left of me
My spirit and I now bond.


23. Big Hearted and Expansive

We have so short a time on earth,
And even so much more.
The time I spent with you this time,
So proves what life is for.

Did I say life, or did I mean more
Much more than what we saw?
My dreams remind me of that time
I wake up still in awe.

That, that time will occur again,
Is a cause for more dreams.
And in those dreams more events
Perhaps future happy scenes.


24. Flowing

My thoughts flow Heavenwards easily,
My muse comes down to Earth,
She deletes it all, and then writes hers,
It's what she thinks mine's worth.

It's reassuring that she's out there
To guide me on my way.
Slowly I start to type again,
And see what she will say

Her thoughts float easily to the keys
Her words flow to my mind.
One minute more, I let her type,
And this is what I find.

Shall I type more, or should I stop,
It's really up to you?
This is the end of my twenty four styles,
The results, I'll let you view.

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