Veronica Franco

Edited Poems
Capitolo 1:- From the Magnifico Marco Venier to Veronica Franco.

Capitolo 2:- Veronica Franco's response to Capitolo 1.

Capitolo 3:- Elegiac verses written by Franco, away from Venice.

Capitolo 4:- A response to Franco from an unnamed writer.

Capitolo 5:- Franco to an unnamed man.

Capitolo 6:- An answer to Capitolo 5, written in the same rhymes

Capitolo 7:- An appeal to Franco from an unrequited lover.

Capitolo 8:- Franco Describes A Set Of Mismatched Lover Including Herself.

Capitolo 9:- By an unknown author, lamenting Franco's absence

Capitolo 10:- Franco's reply to Capitolo 9.

Capitolo 11. - By an unknown author, in praise of Verona, where Franco is staying

Capitolo 12. - Franco's response, in which she advises the poet to write in praise of Venice

Capitolo 13:- A playful challenge to a lover

Capitolo 14. - The reply to her challenge

Capitolo 15. - To a lover she has not been able to visit

Capitolo 16. - Challenge to a poet who has defamed her

Capitolo 17. - A reproach to a disloyal lover

Capitolo 18. - To a friend asking for help

Capitolo 19:- Franco puzzles over her feelings for an old love

Capitolo 20. - Franco writes of unrequited love

Capitolo 21. - Franco meditates on an absent lover

Capitolo 22. - Franco, to Venice and her distant lover

Capitolo 23. - Franco, to a friend who duels

Capitolo 24. - Franco, to a man who has insulted a woman

Capitolo 25. - Franco, in praise of Fumane

The poems appearing in these sites are protected by copyright and have been edited and designed to whet your appetites. "Veronica Franco: Poems and Selected Letters:
Ed and trans. Ann Rosalind Jones, and Margaret F. Rosenthal.
University of Chicago Press.

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Franco, Veronica Poems and Selected Letters.
2005 Selected Poetry
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