Capitolo 15

Veronica Franco Under Revision

(To a lover she has not been able to visit.)

Sir, for many days I did not come
(as I should have) to pay you my respects,
for which perhaps I may be blamed by some;
but if just sentence is to be decreed,
first my reasons must be heard,
in written form or in your presence;
I do not want any other party to intrude
into whether my reasons are sufficient and true,
and only your wisdom shall be the judge.
Amid so much trouble, it comforts me
that you are no less wise than courteous,
and that you feel pity for my sorrow;
so much so that if someone reproached me
for not having come to see you in some time,
you would have come to my defense.
I know only too well that our circle
is bound to judge matters for the worse,
without hearing first what the reason might be.
Sir, I deserve not only to be pardoned
but to be heard as well by all those
of gentle heart, while sad tears drench my face.
I cannot help constantly turning
my feelings, my soul, and my intellect
to the heavy woes gathered within me;
so that now, as I come to excuse myself to you......

[ll. 1-25; pp. 149]

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