Capitolo 9

Veronica Franco

(By an unknown author, lamenting Franco's absence)

Lady, your absence has been to me,
your faithful servant and devoted lover,
a death as cruel as it was unexpected.
My soul and my enamored heart
are used to living in your gentle, angelic face
and in your eyes, so beautiful and blessed:
these were the bright and only sun
on my days, without them sad and dark,
and full of what grieves man by far the most,
as bereaved and weak as are my eyes
in this sepulcher of life, which, without you,
will not be restored to health....

Before, my life was joyous and cheerful,
and now, as a test of my immense pain,
I feel my good as I am deprived of it.
Pray, return to see my flood of tears,
come to reopen my bitter wounds,
not letting me take a single breath;
by this all my wishes would be met and fulfilled:
that your kind, noble eyes, close by, should see
the pain that you constantly increase in me.
To me every pain will be a great joy,
and my heart will interpret torment as compassion
and every harsh injury as sweet relief,
provided that you come back to us soon........

[ll. 1-12, 70-82; pp. 107-111]

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