Capitolo 7

Veronica Franco

(An appeal to Franco from an unrequited lover.)

Does that soul, which weary virtue rewards
by resting in it after many years of wandering,
wickedly plan to deal death to a man who loves you?
Alas, and what else remains to make
this life of mine totally bitter and grim,
facing disaster on a dark and dire path,
unless ill will be joined to the power
of a beauty unequalled anywhere in the world,
impossible to exceed and without any end?
But why from hell do Tisiphone
and Megaera not rise to do us harm,
since so much evil falls on us from heaven?
Love, you are indeed a child,
more in mind than in years, without eyes or wit
if you leave your kingdom in such a dire state.....

Carefully eyeing how things may turn out,
I am assailed by unreasoning fear
that heaven may avenge my misery on her;
This in part makes my joy incomplete-
rather, if r am to tell the truth,
I am always weighed down by acute despair;
for if my lady should use her power over me,
or would serve her most willingly,
with a heart full of true and earnest affection.
But that instead of wielding her power
to delight the crowd that dusters around her,
she tears me apart under harsh tyranny-
this afflicts and torments my soul........

[ll. 4-18, 112-124; pp. 89-95]

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