Sonnetina Uno

Iambic Pentameter is not the easiest poetry form, but it is certainly the most musical.
Whilst not having a rhyme, Blank Verse has been used to write some of the loveliest love notes, or as a contrast, portray some of the blackest moods.

May 1st

The sun envelops me and warms my blood;
my heart beats quickened rhythms, pulses race
as languidly I turn to stretch my limbs.
I feel the opened pores producing sweat-
it tickles on the skin between my breasts.
Iím drifting on a cloud of heated air-
the world behind my eyes a golden-red.
My body is expanding, bounds now fade,
dissolve in salty drops, evaporate.
I sail away to dreamland, joining you.

Leny Roovers

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