Sonnetina Sequence

In the Sonnets site, of the The Poets Garret, it states that Sonnets can be linked by a theme and a form, and so logically it should be asked why can't a Sonnetina. The example of a Sequence of five Sonnetina is shown below. Whilst being free verse it was intended to be exercise in alliteration.

Sombre Lady


Silent now.
Staring at the drizzling rain
In a semi-conscious stupor
Her misty blue eyes, dry
Once filled with teardrops

She watched teardrops
Fall to the floor
Like the raindrops dripping
Gravely from gutters
In a pitter-patter of bitter memories



Sitting almost naked
On the cold cordwood floor
Futility of hope long abandoned
Dry silent sobbing
Betraying red eyed torment.

The tumultuous circle
Several shivering shrinking
Shrieking sobbing serenades
Angst amidst anguish
Of this severe affliction.



When attempting to forget,
Nothing soothes pain
And it's persistent personality
The only implication
Being patience

Incapable of moving on
Unwilling makes unable
To simply find another.
Other fish in other pools
Are not wanted........Yet!



The process of healing
Positively impossible,
Stuck in this wet, muddy rut
Wanting to move in time
Perhaps possibly possible

Winding roads of life
Once seeming impassable
Diverged from misty woods
Strange signposts



Now wanting to move
Recognising desire
Still capable of careful reference
Needing emotion, love?
Is that so strange?

Now, reminiscent of sadness
Watching the rain fall again,
With misted eyes
And whispered breath
She simply sighs.

Ryter Roethical

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