2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Dana Rowe

Dining Car...............Luc Bat

When driving in the car,
haven't gone very far, but then
you start to get a yen.
whereas you haven't been roading
for long, stomach's loading
is gone; bad foreboding makes you
need steer your car's course true,
to find special plates blue to eat.
sitting in diner seats,
simplicity's fine treats tasty.
meatloaf, chowder, hasty
short order cook pasty with flour,
frying through midnight hour,
under trucker's glower, and flip
flapjacks, burgers and chips.
onto counter seat slip; menu.
teen waitress ingenue,
huge eyelashes with glue, and gum
snaps, over hood-fan's hum.
how could you have been glum, old friend?
spaghetti never ends;
chocolate milkshake blends ice cream.
in lot, more headlights gleam.
in though the door they stream in droves,
seek tables in alcoves.
cook reaches for more loaves to make:
ham and cheese, eggs and steak.
mashed 'taters, chicken bake, wieners.
pork chops could be leaner:
not a misdemeanor, "but Ace
you're takin up seat space."
next guy is saying grace, you look:
carrying the Good Book.
menu one last hook, oh my!
"java and slice of pie . . . "
eating well through your eyes
roadside attraction sighs, on par!

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