2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Dana Rowe

Loki Wields Mjolnir

This curdling roil
confronts stomach
anticipation -- event
will the cops bust Lenny Bruce?
or worse?
two voices to rise:
cathodic, anodic
ends of angry, blue
river of electric current.

two hearts
charged like thunderheads
twin, curmpled warriors:
clinging to the dark matter of their archetypes,
when kite string and a key
would have been the better conductor.
storm brews,
charge builds:
a word will release thunderblast
as matter meets antimatter

fallen smiles abound
departures sudden at end
sharp expectations
became blunt trauma, dull thud
of puerile, profane verbiage

release rings hollow
status sought becomes denied
all shrink from contact

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