2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Dana Rowe

Wakefulness..........Englyn Proest Gadynog

awake with insomnia,
mind finds itself in a lock.
please, some anaesthesia . .
. overwhelmed by night-time's trick.

retreat to the computer
and make the keyboard rattle.
caffein becomes sleep's looter:
espresso cake the downfall.

delightful gustatory,
but now slumber has been damned;
living through this same old story:
look with dread to day ahead.

house is silent; how ears ring
(cat is stirring, mate asleep
ah, such contented breathing!)
perhaps a nice, stiff nightcap?

birds are singing, dawn draws near.
lie back down, you know what's best
; still harboring your one great fear
: you'll be rising without rest

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