2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Nia Wynne

No More..........Trijan Refrain

Butterflies wings are no more free
Forgetful how to guide
Through storms of pathos without glee,
Recalling loves denied,
Only Eros can abide times
Of flaming passions ruling climes
Only Eros can
Only Eros can
Burn his wings with midnights crimes.

Butterflies wings are no more free
They've been afraid to tear
When fates winds blow too far to see
Just where they'll go isn't clear,
But then I see, just over there
Somewhere where light and dark compare
but then I see
But then I see
A form coming through misty air.

Butterflies wings are no more free
To fly away from fear,
But keeps my spirits lock and key
Away from sight like deer,
Violins shall play somehow now
For eternity shows hearts now,
Violins shall play
Violins shall play,
Butterfly wings will show me how!

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