2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Peter Willowdown

Weary Muse

Weary muse, do not take off your shoes
unless you seek to find what inspiration
stones and thorns can offer.
'Roses too have thorns,' you say
and 'a man might drown in too much honey'...
Do you think the handmaidens of the Pleides
are waiting to bathe your feet in Heaven?
Perhaps they are but if they have waited
thus for tens of thousands of years
surely they will wait another hour or two!
Cool your heels in earthly luxury
- we have all the latest illusions here
and will cater to your smallest woes and cares
even as you bleed all over our fragrant,
carnivorous carpet...
truly a sward beyond compare,
regenerated by only the finest blood
and most exquisite despair.
Can such a field of innocent daisies
wherein butterflies and bees disport
really be filled with demons and devils?
- oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Even St. Anthony would bbe
hard pressed to decline its subtle blandishments.
'Stones and thorns are good for the soul'
I recall one wise old man once telling me
but I noticed that for all his erudition, austerity
and advice to those that followed after him
he kept his shoes on...

Weary muse, sing the blues, sing the blues!
Its not so much a matter of paying your dues
(sometimes everywhere you turn you lose)
but - for all that's it's a cliche -
the Devil still has some of the best tunes
and, what's more, cloven hooves can stand the heat
and thorns don't bother them in the least...

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