2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ryter Roethical

Because of Fate 2..............Trijan Refrain

Because of fate we live apart
And ever be this way
Knowing now what is in our hearts
Seizing moments, every day
Tempering souls whilst separate
But knowing who is our soulmate
Tempering souls
Tempering souls
Whilst victims of the whims of Fate

Because of fate we live apart
Yet meet and talk each day
Drawing strength, learning the art
Like actors in a play.
Love isnít an act, it is true life
Together we must face every strife
Love isnít an act.
Love isnít an act
It prevents breakups being rife.

Because of fate we live apart
Hoping we meet today
Curious about our muses chart
Planning to meet someday
Our loveís a fact we canít deny
The basics of living we apply
Our loveís a fact
Our loveís a fact
And we know it can never die.

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