2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ryter Roethicle

Questions in Paradise...........Aussie sonnet

What may I ask of thee, that’s not been answered?
Thy look tells me more than a thousand ways,
And I could gaze on thy sweet face a thousand days
Even ten thousand more and still not be sated.
Time spent with you is like nothing I have known,
I am content to spend my time learning about you.
The evenings and the nights, once days are through,
Will create a Paradise that we alone will own.
We’ll create a garden of flowers and scented trees
There will be fruit and other foods in abundance
Birdsong will make us smile and happily prance
When naught else, we’ll listen to the buzz of bees.
We have both seen Hell and have emerged sane
But now we’ve met we’ll never be the same again

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