2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ryter Roethical


The late evening sun shone though the lattice
Casting sunlight stipes across the floor.
The lady sat in the chair by the player
Listening, remembering times before.

As the music played she remembered
When the times were “Oh so grand”!
When she and her lover went walking
Along by the riverside, hand in hand.

But most of all Rachmaninov
His Preludes and Rhapsody on a Theme
And every night they would make love
Listening to the music, and then dream.

As she sat in the chair by the player
Listening, remembering times before.
Seeing him walking down the pathway
Smiling as he walked through the door.

And his loving had been mostly gentle
Just right for the mood she was in.
Just then she looked up and saw him
Looking down, with his cheeky grin.

He reached out and gathered her to him
Kissing her open mouthed on the lips.
Forgetting everything but the moment
She thrust at him with her hips.

As the music played she was transported
Back to times when passion was king.
When their bodies played music together
And he truly made her heart sing.

Rhapsodies and a bollero filled the room
Whilst the lovers gave in to their love
Was it just memories that called her
To join with her lover up above?

She was found in the chair by the player
The music still playing sounds of yore.
A look on her face of pure pleasure
Her red dress laying on the floor.

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