2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

A change of air

The perfume carried by the breeze.
A blend of heather moors and pine
and other scents I canít define.
A combination sure to please
the most discerning connoisseur.

Though when the wind blows from the west.
A little stronger than a breeze,
it brings the tang of the salt seas.
Which seems to add an extra zest
adding something to my pleasure.

When bitter winds blow from the east
and make demands I canít refuse.
My protests are of little use.
They make no difference in the least.
The wind steals the scents I treasure.

The winds blow freely as they should
to bring fresh scents and clear away
The stale perfumes of yesterday.
I would not change them if I could.
The change they bring always ensures.

My house always smells fresh and clean.
With no stale odours lingering.
The fresh air that the winds will bring
are always somewhere in between.
The salt sea air and the high moors.
The wind can blow from either source.

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