2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg


My second cousin Ermyntrude.
Quite obviously understood
she entertained the multitude.
When she was dancing in the nude.

Her routine was not lewd not crude.
The choreography was good.
Although her parents thought it rude.
They could accept with gratitude.

As she was certain that they would
part of her earning to buy food.
Although they wondered if they should.
Though they insisted Ermyntrude.

When she came home, pretend to be
employed much more respectably.
She had no choice but to accept.
Although rather reluctantly.

She was wise enough to realise.
They were too old to change their views.
Sadly they could not recognise
their daughters dancing expertise.

They had no reason to feel shame.
Their daughter had successfully
in fact become a household name.
Known for her virtuosity.

Exotic dancing is an art.
and Ermyntrude’s ability.
Had earned her the leading part.
In shows put on for royalty.

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