2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

A matter of opinion

Some people say I am perverse
because I choose to write in verse.
The kind of stories I compose.
They think I ought to write in prose.

They have the right to I suppose.
But I wonít do as they propose.
I much prefer to write in verse
Because I think thereís nothing worse

Than badly written boring prose.
That is the reason why I chose.
To concentrate on rhyming verse.
I see no reason to reverse.

My original decision
to conform to your opinion.
I do not choose to write in prose
I am convinced that I would lose.

My rhyming capability
reducing my ability.
To write my words spontaneously.
I donít expect you to agree.

Although I am compelled to write.
Youíre free to exercise your right
To read or not as you choose to.
Though I confess I hope you do.

I know I canít please everyone.
That is something that canít be done
By any writer though they try
A truth no writer can deny.

Your comments are of interest
they spur me on to do my best.
We can agree to disagree
on which is best quite easily.

A poet must choose poetry.
But other writers are quite free.
to share their thoughts written in prose
Because they choose to I suppose.

If you should doubt my competence.
I promise not to take offence.
You are entitled to your view
Please remember I am too

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