2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

Incompetence our best defence

I dreamt a dream wherein I dreamt,
I dreamt a dream of deep content.
But all the while I knew I dreamt.
I tried to wake but my attempt.

My mind just treated with contempt.
Am I the dreamer or the dream
I canít be wholly confident.
That it is not some experiment.

Conducted without my consent.
To monitor the dreams Iíve dreamt
to analyse my dreams content.
By some arm of the government

Whose only purpose and intent
Is sadly all too evident.
Establishing a precedent.
By which they hope they can prevent

expression of our discontent.
They should not be too complacent.
Because they are incompetent
and grossly overconfident.

Weíll find a way to circumvent
their wish to be omnipotent.
We have to win this argument
and then provide due punishment.

For those found guilty of intent
to use this foul experiment.
Which demonstrates the full extent
of methods used by government.

The things they do clandestinely
Because they dare not openly.
admit to seeking thought control.
Because they know that heads would roll.

We have the right to privacy.
There is no way that they should be.
poking and prying in our mind
just to see if they can find .

another way they can repress
the freedoms that we should possess.
The dream I dreamt may yet come true
I canít be sure no more can you.

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