2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

Our Destiny to Wait and see

Some choose to call it fate.
Whilst others opt for destiny.
It matters not we still must wait.
We may not now what is to be.

Although we dream of romance
and think the choice is up to us.
It all depends on circumstance.
I find it rather curious.

It seems our choice is limited
by where we live and who we are.
We rarely choose to roam: Instead
we stick to the familiar.

Some few break free and chose to go
far from their normal comfort zone.
They think they’re free but do not know.
Fate has a plan for everyone.

You meet the partner of your dreams.
Convinced you met by accident.
But life is seldom, as it seems
Your meeting was by fates intent.

It matters not if you believe.
In fate kismet or destiny.
What fate decides fate will achieve.
Though you are free to disagree.

I see no cause for argument.
What you believe is up to you.
You might have met by accident.
I cannot prove my words are true.

But neither can you prove they’re not.
I can accept it might be true
I can accept that it might not.
It does not matter which I do.

I do not know what is to be.
Nor can I change it anyway.
I do not let it worry me.
I live my life in my own way.

At least I like to think I do
It may well all be predestined.
Is it my choice to share with you
or does fate control my mind.

I choose to think I have free will
Accept responsibility
and for my actions foot the bill.
I will find out eventually.

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