2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
you who sprang forth from our lust.
The carnal delights that we,
enjoyed in our naïveté.

The joys you brought, beyond measure,
days and nights of untold pleasure.
This day a gray sad tragic day.
To see my young son laid away.

In the dark earth so damp and cold,
The prayers are said the stories told.
My wife is standing frozen faced,
what we have lost can’t be replaced.

Why us Oh God my keening cry,
why was it our son had to die?
A friendly child and full of joy,
he was only a little boy.

A loving child who knew no sin,
who did not have to work to win.
The hearts of all who came his way,
a lad who brightened every day.

What did he do to justify,
the shortness of his life and why.?
Only ten summers had he seen,
who knows what he might have been?

I can not speak ,but take her hand
and hope that she will understand.
The love I have for her remains,
and I am conscious of the pains.

That we will have to bear together,
and hope and pray that we weather.
The bad times as we have the good,
It would help if we understood.

Why him,Francis Joseph Malloy,
why him our only little boy.
The apple of his mothers eye
and we are left to wonder why.

My God my faith is growing weak,
my God the future’s looking bleak.
For us to be childless again,
will daily cause us bitter pain.

My God I know that this is your plan,
not be questioned by mere man.
Of God I ask ,on God I cry
answer just one question why?

No answer came and no reply,
my God I think I now deny
That you exist. Now he’s gone,
all my beliefs are over thrown.

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