2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

Marry in haste repent at leisure

Mayhap thou dost not understand.
That I am suing for thy hand.
Perchance thou dost; but play with me.
Make virtue of the modesty.

But I bespeak the honestly
Id rather thou chose willingly.
Gave your consent to be my bride
and cast thy girlish fears aside.

Thy sire and I are both agreed.
If thou art willing to concede.
I am the man hed choose for thee.
Be kind; Sweet maid and answer me.

I will rejoice if thou say yea
Then you can name our wedding day.
If thou shouldst choose to say me nay.
I will depart without delay.

All that I have I offer you
I swear my love for you is true.
I prithee maiden answer me
and leave me not in misery.

The maiden chose and answered yea.
Now I must listen every day.
To her complaining bitterly
That she should not have married me.

She could have found a better mate
a man who could appreciate.
That ladies in society
Have to dress appropriately.

I think that she has clothes enough
All made of most expensive stuff
Such is burden of her woes.
I will not pay for more new clothes

So I must suffer either way.
Listen to her nagging tongue.
Or realise that I must pay
for marrying a maid so young.

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