2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

Just Reward

A calm exterior can conceal
The passions which exist below,
most human beings seldom show.
The depth and strength of what they feel

Which can lead to catastrophe.
When feelings exceed self control
somebody has to pay the toll.
When men react explosively

By anger driven we lash out.
Repressed resentment breaking free
both verbally and physically
at anyone who is about.

Beware the man who quietly
appears prepared to tolerate
your bullying.When itís too late
you learn he wonít indefinitely.

Just what a quiet man can do
if heís provoked sufficiently
he can react and violently.
His target one day may be you.

Youíve had your fun at his expense.
Exceeded your authority.
You cannot claim you are guilt free.
When he strikes back in self defence.

He broke your nose and blacked your eyes
A punishment long overdue
Iím backing him and sacking you.
Which should not come as a surprise.

There is no place in my employ
for those who wonít obey my rules
I have no time for Knaves or fools
who use their talents to destroy.

So clear your desk .Go quietly
You asked for all that you received
Your tale of woe was not believed
Although you thought that it would be.

You acted most improperly
I have no choice but fire you
and that is what I choose to do.
For misuse of authority.

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