2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

Who is responsible

When molten magma surfaces
beneath an ancient glacier.
A bitter struggle then takes place
to prove which is superior.

The superheated steam produced
expends its force explosively
With molten rock and ice reduced.
Almost instantaneously.

To particles of dust and smoke
projected high into the sky.
Just Mother Natures little joke
A fact that no one can deny.

She demonstrates her power to show.
That though we think we’re in control
that we are not. She lets us know
that she’s in charge from pole to pole.

She forces us to ground our planes.
Ensures it isn’t safe to fly
as long as the ash cloud remains
suspended in the upper sky.

There’s very little we can do.
Except to wait impatiently
and let the scientists review
the situation constantly.

If and when they do decide
the sky is clear and safe to fly.
And not potential suicide.
There will be many asking why.

It took so long to satisfy
The powers that be, we could fly
without compromising safety.
We’ll ask but will get no reply.

We can accept as being true.
We do not trust the government.
Regard it with a jaundiced view
A bias which is permanent.

Damned if they don’t damned if they do.
We aren’t prepared to recognise.
That what they say could well be true.
That we were taken by surprise.

An act of God it’s classified
that lets insurers off the hook
Our claims will not be ratified.
They will go strictly by the book.

They will not lose they never do.
The small print will make sure of that.
It may be sad but it is true.
most claims they’ll simply turn down flat.

They’re glad to take your premiums
but they pay out reluctantly.
and only pay the minimums
They have to pay out legally.

Volcanoes, earthquakes acts of God
Although they happen frequently
myself I find it rather odd
are not covered by your policy.

Disasters strikes you’re on your own.
As you discover far too late
Although in fact you would have known
if you had read the rules they state..

Though well concealed in the small print.
You can’t complain they were supplied
Insurance companies make a mint
and we are left unsatisfied

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