2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Jem Farmer

And I her child...............Epistle

She is the Mother of all that is,
and I her child.
She is the gatekeeper between all that was
and all that shall be,
within the mystery of the known and unknown,
and the time between everything and nothing.

She is the cauldron of power,
the inspiration offered to seekers of light.
In Her breast is the key to the hidden secrets
and I have returned to Her domain.
In her temple She waited for me as I drifted through time,
she waited,
in the certainty that I would remember
and in Her temple She awakened my soul.

In Her embrace I relived Her ancient secrets
and recalled the mysteries of creation
in primal instincts of mother and child.
She is the creator of all and I am Her child.
Yet I had forgotten my mother,
lost in the maze of life I searched for the light, the truth
and she found me.
She knew my name before I was born,
and when I called Her name,
She came to me.
I am born of the Goddess,
and the Goddess is within me.

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