2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Jem Farmer

A Single Breath...............Freeverse

With each inhalation of breath I become one,
one mind,
one spirit,
one body,
and in one breath
I feel the balance of the universe
revealed inside me.

I am in the air
whispering through the trees
bringing the beauty of creation closer
I am the wind
changing all living things
in a single breath.

I am the water
quenching the thirst for life
flowing rivers and raging seas
I am a raindrop
in a destructive tidal wave.

I am the fire,
burning inside the Earth's core
the phoenix reborn in the flame
I am the candle
illuminating the sun's rays.

And I am the Dragon
giver of life, bringer of death
you call for my return
my child
I never left you.

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