2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

Lost to the Sea...........Sicilian Octaves

Born to the Island a woman of past,
Worked on her old spinning wheel,
Spinning fleece of her sheep to last,
While her man stood on the keel.
She cast her weary eye to the sea,
Through the mist, to sight his ship,
Will he ne-er, come home to me ,
For the sea was rough this trip.

There`s many a man has drowned,
And there`s many a widow to grieve,
As she spun her yarn, she frowned,
Prayed to God, and begged reprieve,
The thick night mist turned colder,
And a tear rolled down her cheek,
A shawl wrapped round her shoulder,
For it was cold, dark. and bleak.

Slowly, she walked towards the shore
The mist, now was gradually lifting,
She would see her man once more,
For his ship was homeward drifting.
She knelt down on the land to pray
Tonight they would be, both together,
For she had thought him, many a day
Lost to the sea, and gone forever.

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