2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

A Prayer...........Trijan Refrain

I pray dear Lord, please answer me,
My lover I shall keep,
We carved our names upon a tree
If I lose him I shall weep
He`s gone to march in foreign lands
Not by choice his quest commands.
He`s gone to march
He`s gone to march
As a soldier on the desert sand.

I pray dear Lord, please answer me
Guide him thro` his plight
Return to me come hear my plea
If thee exists this night ,
I prayed aloud as I wiped a tear
Had he ever experienced fear?
I prayed aloud
I prayed aloud
For I would hold his memory near.

I pray dear Lord, please answer me,
Is he up there with you
Does his spirit rise wild and free
Beyond the sky of blue
My memories clear I felt his love
His spirit beyond the sky above
My memories clear
My memories clear
I shalt cherish forever thereof.

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