2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

Edge of the Earth...........Ottava Rima

On a high plateau where seamen go
To set sail on the calm of the ocean
Where waters meet the sunset glow,
Sending tiny riplets of waves in motion
Briny sea weed drift by with the flow
Seagulls follow with hungry emotion,
A Seaman sleeps restless in his berth
And journeys to the edge of the Earth.

No chart nor map showed any warning
A deep chasm in the ocean was nigh,
No time nor tide saw the next morning
Starving seagulls had ceased to cry,
With nothing left for deepest mourning
No land nor ocean beneath a dark sky,
Not a soul was left there to understand
Angels had lent him a heavenly hand.

At the edge of Earth - Vladimir Kush
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