2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

Chirpy Chatter...........Ballad

`Jenny Wren` has left her chicks, hungry in the nest
She`s gone with Mr `Tom Tit` they flew off south west,
`Jack Daw` comforts them, under his black wing,
With a seedy take away, from Mr `Star-Lings`.

The chicks were cold and wet, they spent all `Night in Gale`
And `Barney Owl` did forecast, yet another night of hail,
Mrs `Chaffinch` baked them, a lovely big `Mag Pie,
`Jim Crow` took it to them, as fast as he could fly.

Mrs `Linnet`tucked them in, at the end of the day,
To give `Jack Daw`a rest, so he went on his way
He returned next morning, after he did seek,
A nice big juicy worm, held tightly in his beak.

Mr `Robin Red Breast` came by, to bring good cheer
'I have some good news I know you`d love to hear,
As sure as every tree, shall always have a bark
`Jenny Wren` and `Tom Tit,` are back from their `Sky Lark.`

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