2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

Ancient Landmarks...............Long Measure

On a hilltop high in the Sussex downs
I glance around to soak up the view,
Beautiful country side beckoning me
Panoramic views just cannot equal to.

Fields with barleys whispering breeze
Of corn, and rape seed grown for food,
Patchwork fields in different hues
With man and natures artistic mood.

I delight in the windmill of Halnaker
Dissused old and covered moss green,
In ancient times it was used to grind
Now at rest where it has always been.

Then there`s the view of the sea port
Steeped in an ancient bygone history,
Where King Canute sent back the tide
From old Bosham quay, what a mystery.

A tiny old church sits quietly there
With Canutes daughter buried within,
Who drowned in an old mill stream
A tragic accident for his next of kin.

Chichester stands with it`s Cathedral
Landmarked over a thousand years
Precious memories of yesterday gone.
Held in my heart, and still re-appears.

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