2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

The Path Of Tranquility.......Long Measure

To Walk down the path of tranquility
And wade through fields of wheat
To rest by a rippling river free
On bank where the waters meet.

To hear the humming of the bee
As he sips from the morning dew
Gathering golden nectar sweet
From a ripened bloom or two.

To lie underneath the Willow tree
And peep through a branch above
At a bird perched on the topmost
Softly singing her songs of love.

The sweet smell of the hedgerows
Enfringing the ripe barley fields
With sloes, hazel, and brambles
Bearing ripe autumn fruits to yield.

When I Walk the path of tranquility
Through a cool shady country lane
In my haven of peace and serenity
There I pledge to return once again.

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