2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

Fly On The Ceiling..........Sestets

A fly slept upside down on a ceiling,
Where the ceiling joins, the end of a wall,
Dazed on this wall, he recalled with feeling,
The feeling that he got, when he did fall,
Down he tumbled, his head started reeling,
From poisonous fly spray, fumes and all.

A fly on the ceiling sees, and hears all,
Stored, in the depth of large black eyes,
His wings opened wide, ready to fall,
For he was caught unaware by surprise
`Twas a shock as he fell back down the wall
Echo`s are forever heard from his cries.

He learned a thing or two, Thus I know ,
And had sworn, to keep his secrets well,
He was not well aware, and he had to go
But few could he trust, Oh how he did fail
So if your like a fly, keep wide awake do,
For he never survived to tell the tale.

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