2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Divena Collins

The Seven Sisters..........Ballad

On an island named Oogly Googly
A very long way off from here,
Where folk wore nothing at all
Except a loin cloth with spear.

A land of the greatest warriors,
With paint smeared on their face,
Who once beat upon jungle drums
With news from place to place.

The warriors on the next Island.
Were the fearless Calamassoos,
And their most frightful enemies,
With temperments on a short fuse.

Their pride was Princess Katanga
And possessed by the Calamassoos,
But she eloped to our Oogly Island
To wed, Chief Kong of the Goo`s.

Her father was very much angered,
To be married beneath her station,
But unbeknown to poor Katanga,
She was her intendeds relation.

So the greatest battle was faught
With spears and darts in flight.
And while they were in conflict
Both lovers took off in the night.

Far away they fled from the Island
They only had eyes for each other,
In their ignorance they never knew
They were half sister, and brother.

Now Katanga`s Mother Frangipani.
Was lover to Chief Kong`s dad.
When Katanga and Kong were united
Seven beautiful daughters they had.

Somewhere remote in the Universe
You can see a group of bright stars,
They are named the seven sisters,
And thats where they all now are.

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