2020 Poetry Form Challenge

#23 Canzonetta

The Canzonetta or Canzonet is a variation of the canzone, a lyric poem of varying line length and metrical patterns. The Canzonetta consists of at least two octaves, and each octave uses a series of alternating couplets. The last line or last phrase is repeated in each stanza of the subsequent stanzas. The rhyme scheme is thus:
a. b. a. b. c. d. c. D.
a. b. a. b. c. b. c. B.
The latter one is called Canzonetta Prime and the use of a repeating rhyme word is helpful but not mandatory in order to strengthen the repetition bond. Although there is no set meter or line length, the meter of the first line is considered to set the tempo.

So dark is the night and you are alone.
I do not fear the dark, why should I lie?
Listen carefully to the night wind moan
I am the mote in your fearful eye.
A wisp of smoke or the smell of fear
You see my shadow. I hear you cry.
You begin to panic, I can see a tear
Too late, too late, it's time to die.

Look back on life that should have been
Instead you hid your life with a lie.
So pure outside, you appear so clean
I see the fear grow in your eyes.
Ghosts of the Past you brushed away
"There are no Ghosts of now", you cry.
Mind crimes count for naught you say
Shaking my head, it's time to die.

Innocents, all victims of your crime
Leave their graves to deny your lie.
For evil only exists a finite time
Justice removes her blindfold with a sigh
For all you have sown it's time to pay.
Ashen faced you give in finally.
You grab your chest and feel the pain
It's too late now, it's time to die.

Ryter Roethicle

Canzonetta Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Flights of Fancy
Forever Love II
I Remember
Visa Blues

Kathy Anderson

New Planess

Gloria Carpenter

As I lay dying
Degrees of Tenderness
Held Hostage
My Music

Terry Clitheroe

As You Wish
Black Widow
Cry of a Lonely Soul
East of Fire
Fall in Cape Cod
Hot Summer Nights
Knights Reply
Loved Always
Potency of Dreams
Quiet Thoughts
Return to Normality
Seths Feast
So Dark
Stranger in my own land
Swan of Tuonela
Touch Me There
Uncharted Waters
With the Star

Canzonetta of the Night

Divena Collins

Burning Desire
Cookie Jar
I stand Alone
Middle Earth
Reasons for Seasons
Sleepy Hollow
Stress City
Toscana Summer
The Vikings

Lorraine Dafney


Kevin McKinney

Never Needs Winding
Upwardly Mobile

Reason A Poteet

I will walk again
Truth Bound by Neglect

Leny Roovers

Yoga VI

Maryse Achong

Flights of Fancy

In dreams I fly where'er I please
To places far and near,
No restraints and no boundaries,
No words of caution hear;
I've shared a cup of mountain dew
With the man in the moon,
Have met the sandman as he flew
To earth to sing his tune.

I've sat on banks of clouds of white
Warmed by the sun's first rays
Watched birds and aircraft pass in flight
I've had such lazy days.
I've flown above the highest trees
Have spent an afternoon
Playing with butterflies and bees
And even learned their tune.

And free from human feet of clay,
I move with so much ease
I leave behind the earthly fray
And fly o'er land and seas:
So maybe if you listen well,
Someday you'll hear me croon,
As I float over hill and dell,
My favourite little tune.


Forever Love II

I never imagined that you were leaving
Did not anticipate that you would go
Away from me forever, have me grieving,
And missing you in ways you'll never know.
I thought we'd find our way back to each other
Although I was the one who said goodbye;
I always knew that we belonged together
I never thought that you were going to die.

I treasure that last letter that you wrote me
I'll never see the likes of that again,
Its contents were nothing less than poetry
And now they act as balm to ease my pain.
The ocean floor has laid claim to your body,
And after all this time there're tears I cry,
But right to the end you heart belonged to me;
I never thought that you were going to die.


I Remember

I remember you always,
In good times as well as in bad;
On sunny days and rainy days
I remember what we had:
I think of you with tenderness.
Relive every tete-a-tete
I've spent my life with thoughts of you
Because I could not forget.

I think of you at nightfall,
When there is darkness everywhere;
And sometimes I can hear you call
Me , say softly,"I'm right here"
And then I'll dream sweet dreams of you,
Knowing that you've not gone yet,
And that you've kept your promise too;
That you would never forget.



Thirty years of hurt and disrespect
Taken without uttering a word
How much more could anyone expect
Her to take; it seems that no one heard
Her silent cries, had not looked beyond
The fa├žade of her near perfect life;
If they were to see, it would astound
Them to know she was a battered wife.

Harsh words were the order of the day
Hard blows if she only dared reply.
Despite this she continued to play
Her tragic role and not say good bye:
Time and time again she thought she should
Just leave everything; the bitter strife
Had long become much more than she could
Bear; but she felt trapped , poor battered wife.

Though the beatings ceased some time ago,
The abuse goes on in other ways;
Outer scars have healed, no longer show
Or need to be concealed, as in days
Gone by, when she would hide the bruises,
Awful times when turbulence was rife
And she was forced to make excuses
Typical of any battered wife.


Visa Blues

What would you do if you were told today
That your visa for this world had been revoked,
And that there really was not any way
This could be stalled; though it was unprovoked.
Would you berate the bearer of this news,
Ignore any advice that he might give?
Go home and do exactly as you choose,
Because one life is all you have to live.

Or maybe you'd get drunk and try to drown
Your sorrows in a bottle of good booze,
Become the latest talking point in town
And lose yourself listening to heavy blues;
Perhaps you might decide to throw a party,
A pity one, nothing that was festive,
Where all the guests would give advice that's free,
And tell you how they think that you should live.

Or would you take the sentence on the chin,
And thank God for the years you've lived 'til now;
And though this is one war you might not win,
Put on your combat armour anyhow ;
Prepare yourself for battle to the end,
Remembering to forget and forgive
Your enemies and every erring friend,
Because this is the way you'd want to live.

But maybe you'll do all of these and more ;
Blame God and feel betrayed after the trust
You'd placed in Him; and even then be sure
That this was not to be, and that there must
Be a lesser penalty, a smaller fine
That you could pay and so alter the missive,
But in the meanwhile drink your fill of wine,
For there's just one life that we have to live.

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Kathy Anderson

New Planes

Oh this romance amongst the planes
Of space and thoughts shared with the stars,
Get another science of hearts lanes
Which drives us to toast to loves arts.
Surely the cyber waves carry
The same juxtaposed beat to breath,
Hand to mouse we shared, then tarry
There in hopes that love won't find death.

Oh this romance amongst the planes
I ourt best star ship Enterprise
Yet side by side we'll ever feign
To dance the dance, for loves our prise.
Not a trip to Alpha Centauri
But a place not yet on the maps,
A finer train to ride glory
s The sunrise valued more than baps.

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Gloria Carpenter

As I lay dying

Awakening from nightwhirl sweats,
where terror's triumph drips,
I breathe relief in face of threats,
for fear no longer grips.
There was a time when I was lost
in depths of deep despair ~
when all my dreams, in nightmares, tossed,
as I lay dying there.

In spiral whorl, I left this place,
succumbing to the fall,
through scattered shreds of empty space
between a mirrored wall ~
a labyrinth of shattered dreams
with shard-reflecting glare,
while echoes cried the voice of screams,
as I lay dying there.

I saw the world of Alice grin,
in recognition's eye.
Yet, on I went, through all that's been,
as eons passed me by.
Far back before earthlife began,
when time was unaware
that lies would, one day, break the span,
as I lay dying there.

One tiny flutter made it known
a tender heart remained,
and feathertouch was gently blown
to settle, unrestrained.
From fingertips on angel breath,
new stars were flung with care,
to guide me from the arms of death,
as I lay dying there.

A ripple on the jeweled sea ~
a call to those below,
to share the knowledge of a key
unlocking long ago.
I swam beside the dolphin pods
until in birth, an heir,
then swept ashore by watergods,
as I lay dying there.

But I arose on full moon tide
inhaling spirit's breath,
and walked the land with strength of stride,
no thought of fear or death.
Above the light of sun-kissed hill,
through darkest valley lair,
on eagle wings, recalling still,
as I lay dying there.


Degrees of Tenderness

An empty vessel drifting out to see
the universe, unfolding as it must;
an open view with spirit flying free
upon the waves of faith, of love, of trust.
A tide collecting remnants of a meal;
a shell no longer harbouring distress;
a world turned upside down to pain's reveal,
as tests expose degrees of tenderness.

A swift and sudden shock of stunned surprise;
a lightening flash as life is torn away,
and borne upon the wings of dark disguise ~
the way of things, as nature's rules obey.
And so it is for every soul on earth;
enlightenment transforming those who bless
the path set out, each time, for a rebirth,
as tests expose degrees of tenderness.


Held Hostage

My flights of fancy take me far,
for I have always flown!
How else to travel when you're young,
before the truth is blown?
I used to fly with wings outstretched,
until I heard, "Sit still".
And so I flew inside a book ~
but not against my will,

For there I found another world
of fantasy and fact,
with many books piled up beside
in castle towers, stacked.
I flew, I soared beyond the skies
where all my dreams fulfill.
My books have held me hostage since ~
but not against my will.


My Music

My music lives in silence, on a breeze.
I taste it in the gentle mist that clings
with dew upon the lip of morning's tease ~
on whistles through the trees a whisper brings.
A gathering of whirling, skirting peaks
in wild abandon dancing to dismiss
all cares, as zephyr plays and wisdom speaks.
In essence, it is spirit. It is bliss.

My music lives in silence, flying free
with lightest touch, a trace of feather brush;
or pulses with the passion of the sea,
its heart in rhythm, thrashing with the rush,
until it crests beyond mortality.
It carries me to soar where love exists
on higher planes of peaceful harmony ~
In essence, it is spirit. It is bliss.

My music lives in silence, to enthrall.
It flourishes to reach the depths within,
with floods of bursting song it breaks the wall,
emotion spilling tears where tides begin,
absorbing all, through every single pore,
and yet a calmness rests in reminisce,
as letting go is key to heaven's door.
In essence, it is spirit. It is bliss.

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Terry Clitheroe

As You Wish

What is your desire my lady?
Do you wish the moon and the stars?
But they are yours already,
They are in your smile and your eyes.
Would you like your breakfast in bed?
I will make it a most succulent dish,
It will be a most lavish spread.
I promise things will be as you wish.

Make me your desire my lady
Let us wander in heavenly skies.
You have made me yours already,
I see my answer in your eyes.
You need say no words to me now,
For all things we will accomplish.
Take your violin; I am your bow,
And play me, as you wish.


Black Widow

Have a drink my dear, nodding his head
She was so young and he so much older
Lost in his smile, believing each line he fed
So smooth, she loved the lies he told her
So confident as he led her slowly to the bed
Feeling victory, he touched her bare shoulder
Let me help you take off your clothes he said
Grinning more as each touch became bolder.

Grinning more as passion took over his brain
He had his way not realising he'd ne'er see day
Her cries changed as she cried and cried again
She cried and cried and let him have his way
Each climax each time the end justified the sin
Smiling knowing that in the end he would pay
For her bite as her venom took life from him
Grinning more as each touch became bolder.


Cry of a Lonely Soul

The morning wind is flower fresh,
With the coolness after the storm,
That washed away the grey ash,
Scattered in the yester morn.
Now the garden has been reborn,
With mix of ash, and tears and rain,
With the bower you will conform,
Waiting till we are together again.

In peace you rest by rivers side,
Sheltered from the heat of day
Where as lovers we used to hide
Celebrating with our lovers play.
Now fate has taken you away,
From happiness I have to abstain.
And my minds in a crazy disarray,
Waiting till we are together again.

To Jean and Max


East of Fire

East of fire the day has begun
The birds have ris and start their day
Each one welcomes the morning sun
Chatting and talking as is their way
Thankful the cold of night is done.
Yet to the west all is still in dark
In minute steps it's soon undone
Then a brand new morn will embark.

Such is life and has always been
Waiting for the morn in the east.
To feed the starving beast within.
Hunger rising, the breaking feast
So with sunlight your days begin
Thankful mostly for the end of dark
And an hour seems to last just a min
Then a brand new morn will embark.


Fall in Cape Cod

The cold and sombre, purple skies of fall
Are full of precious memories to me now.
No screaming children whilst playing ball
Instead gulls, hungrily foraging for chow
In the white capped surf that covers it all.
The crashing capped waves dig and plough
Reshaping the beach with natures overhaul
In doing so amaze and please with her show.

Whilst white scars pattern every dark cloud
Presenting a different sky from summer's strand.
Gone are the ghetto blasters booming out loud
And the screaming tyres as teenagers act grand
Wintery rain pours from the forming shrouds
But a presence no more than nature will allow
Making the highway a deterrent to big crowds
In doing so amaze and please with her show.



God gave Angels and birds the gift of flight
Leaving man to stomp and root around.
To many creatures he gave this right
Yet we evolved and still stayed downed.
I look each day and watch the avians play
Identifying them all by call, by sound.
These calls tell me how they enjoy the day
Scornful of us mortals held to ground.

As the evening falls listen to their calls
And bragging of the adventures found.
Of sink and holes and huge thermals,
With balanced wings they flew around.
Reaching to the black bottomed cloud
Then flying along streets that now abound
A final descent into the evenings shroud
Scornful of us mortals held to ground.

As the evening arrives the bats come alive,
You hear them call out their unique sound.
Blind they are, yet they feed and survive
And in nights darkness they fly around.
Whilst mortals sleep, their sonic beep
Aids flight for which they are renowned.
With mornings creep they return to their keep,
Scornful of us mortals held to ground.



Why is it only with death we realise,
That it's too late, we've lost a friend?
Why is it only when someone dies,
Why must there have to be an end?
All things have not been said have they?
Say it now, drop your pride and bend,
Before it's too late, say it all today,
Why must you wait until the end?

Declare your love or regret forever,
Love is riches you cannot spend,
For the dead possess nothing ever
Forget pride, and let friendship mend.
Friendship is still the greatest wealth,
The more you have, the more you spend.
And the better that is for your health,
You should never wait until the end.


Good Night

It is now that special time of night
There is no time or need to think at all
The mood is softened by wine and light
The muse has me and taken o'er control.
She reminds me of the past and loves bite
And at last a love that makes me whole
Knowing thus, gladly will I quit the fight
I know too well you've touched my soul.

The music is softer now, thinking of you
My eyes are ready to close it's the end of day
Even more the wine has softened my mood
Soon I'll have my love with whom to play
There is just one final act I have to include
Make sure I've turned off the power for all
Yess enough of life today I have viewed
I know too well you've touched my soul.


Hot Summer Nights

Fireworks thunder way over in the East
Welcoming adventures to this shore,
And while the strangers drink and feast
Hear crackers flash and watch rockets soar.
But here is peace and the noise decreased
And here I write and wax poetic score,
Reading and drinking good wine at least
With gentle thoughts that are never a bore.

Alone with my thoughts as music plays,
My love lies isolated from these scenes.
Whilst in her garden winter still lays
With gentle thoughts and tiptoe dreams.
Summer nights are now the Cicadas phase
They do naught, I'm called to bed far more
Trembling waves from walls, almost ablaze
With gentle thoughts that are never a bore.

Night quietens now as celebrations close
'Cept occasional planes on finals o'er head
Suddenly from the Port there's a wild noise
A final cheer before they go home to bed.
The radio is silent with no more applause
The wine and time make me ready to snore
Deciding it's time now, I'm starting to doze
With gentle thoughts that are never a bore.


Knights Reply
Come, avail thyself! Bide my words! Purge thy eyes!
Too long have I waited to enjoy thy prize;
too long have I loved thee in painful disguise.
Maureen Murphy

Too long I loved thee in painful disguise,
With open eyes the truth is so plain to see.
Yet 'twould seem but fleeting moments of our lives
Would be true admitting to reality.
In truth I called but you ignored my cries
Wasting life and time with triviality,
Caused by guilt and loyalties imposed lies,
And Ignoring what could be our eternity.

Too long have you waited to enjoy your prize;
'Twas here all the time awaiting your pleasure.
There was no need to guess, my love is no surprise
I can offer you it, beyond all measure.
We cannot fail, there must be no compromise,
Then we will become each others serenity.
A life, eternity whatever we wish to devise
Never ignoring what could be our eternity.

Come, avail thyself! Bide my words! Purge thy eyes,
What I promise is clear, and reality!
Offering a worlds of love that shall comprise
Of spending eternity, and more with me.
No conceit in this offer, take it, arise
Join me, I know that is where you want to be
Too long I loved thee in painful disguise,
And not ignoring what could be our eternity.


Loved Always

There is a corner at the end of the sky,
Where each night a single star sits all alone.
That is our star, the one we always wish by
Together in spite of all that fate has thrown.
We have always loved, time's no mystery
Some lives we forget until the path is shown
When it is dim, you cannot see the history,
'til there is a flicker, then that light is known.

Always there's been a flicker that lit the flame
Sometimes late so we have so little to share,
Sometimes it seems that fate is playing a game,
And sometimes we can have as much as we dare.
That is life, that is love, and we can only claim
What fate allows, giving us our lifetimes zone
And only pray to that star always wished by
'til there is a flicker, then that light is known
Sometimes late so we have so little to share.


Potency of Dreams

Lesser loves died happily for nought
Dare I dream and thus dream of thee?
Lending power and strength to thought,
When a fool knows to wake is not to see?
Shall I ever close my eyes and peek
How bought so cheap is mortality?
For that precious love I blindly seek?
Each hour a facade of accepted reality

And yet I am sick from want and desire
My dreams have caused my soul to see,
As passions are summoned by the hour.
Within beats my breast tormented by thee
Know well within your heart this fire.
Dare you share my mortality?
Apparent calm yet inside desire
Each hour a facade of accepted reality


Quiet Thoughts

You have become a presence in my mind.
I do not like it, for no longer is my mind free
My thoughts once controlled and simple kind.
Instead, my waking time is taken up with thee
Wandering off in spaces that leave me blind
Thinking of things that I would like to be,
Or the way our souls around each other wind
And of the future, of love and of you and me.

In my mind's eye I can see you everywhere
Each waking moment into my mind you climb
With thoughts so different to what was there.
Now it is so natural to think that I'm
Thinking about someone for who I care
Someone to me who's made my life carefree
Someone who once again makes me dare
For the future, of love and of you and me.


Return to Normality

The noisy chatter of early morning rain
And large droplets fall but only offer wetness
Silences the dawn chorus with promises vain
Vague threats of an end to ages of dryness
Dark sonorous clouds have returned again
But will unload at some less needy address
Is nature just a tease where it stays the same
As soil becomes drier leaving a cracked mess.

Dry earth pleads for Mother Nature to share
Once again diamonds splatter on windscreens
Far off flashes and crashes answer the prayer
Giving hope to all, and promises of dreams.
The distant thunder rolls warning, "Prepare".
Yet lover look, all is seen is nought but stress
Dreams are often dashed to those who care
As soil becomes drier leaving a cracked mess.



Lying on the ground we watch clouds speak.
There is no sound, but the inquiring minds,
Seeking the meaning of life there in the sky.
A simple beauty lies in their serene motion
And we witness a powerful conversation
Carried out between the heavens and earth.
Mans worth become valueless in comparison
To the timeless motion and never-ending chase.

It is as if a dove's wings has kissed the sheet,
Covering God's canvas and it fell away too soon.
We witness vivid dreams of stars and moons,
And a sun that hides in black sonorous clouds.
Occasionally we see flickers and gleaming flashes
Through a rippling, watery, promising thought
Then once again losing itself in the mystery mist
Of that timeless motion and never-ending chase.

As on the ground we see summers heavenly sky,
An ocean of scarlet flowers against endless blue.
A vague blue haze of Eucalyptus shrouds the scene
And black scarred rock points towards the heavens.
The sun's beyond our reach, but not the clouds
But in laying here we see there gift to us
In the wide open, summer skies we witness
The timeless motion and never-ending chase.


So Dark

So dark is the night and I am alone.
I do not fear the dark, why should I?
Listen carefully to the night wind moan
I am the mote in your fearful eye.
A wisp of smoke or the smell of fear
See a shadow and I hear you cry.
You begin to panic and I see a tear
Too late, too late, it's time to die.

Look back on life that should have been
Instead you hide your life with a lie.
So pure outside, you appear so clean
I am the mote in your fearful eye.
Ghosts of the Past you brushed away
"There are no Ghosts of now", you cry.
Mind crimes count for naught you say
Shaking my head, it's time to die.

Innocents, all victims of your crime
Leave their graves to deny your lie.
For evil only exists a finite time
Justice removes her blindfold with a sigh.
All you have sown it's time to be paying.
Ashen faced you give in finally.
You grab your chest and feel the pain
It's now too late, it's time to die.


Stranger in my own land

The people down here for breakfast
Are Asian, mostly from Korea or Japan
Smiling, friendly, chatting in their tongue
Saying things I don't understand.
Most of my friends are gone now
Back to their families and homes.
Save for my students who are waiting
I find myself quite alone.

I climb in the taxi that takes me to work
And he struggles with what I say
He's Indian and only been here six months
And I have to guide him on his way.
So we travel to work with me leading
Midst a trail of flashing lights and loud horns
And as I climb out the car heavy breathing
I'm happy to find myself quite alone.


Swan of Tuonela

Tonight Sibelius shall be my choice,
The lights are low the wine tastes good.
A lonely oboe makes felt its voice,
As the Swan of Turin floats from the woods.
With the strings I float amongst the stars,
An interlude that made the heavens melt.
My half closed eyes wish all this was ours,
With its eternal floating presence felt.

The music softens as if to fly away,
And cellos sound, like they are from afar.
As if welcoming softly the close of day,
The violins call out to the Evening Star.
The music now symbolises the night,
Daytime creatures into their nests melt.
All avians have long since ceased their flight
Still with eternal floating presence felt.


Touch Me There

Touch me there softly
Let your eyes be my guide
Come closer to me slowly
Even nearer to my side.
The moon smiles as we do so
See her smile and eyes open wide
As you touch me there softly
And my eyes are your guide.

Touch me there softly
Let your eyes be my guide
As I hold you so closely
Your heart opens so wide.
Love has joined us so easily
And our souls together abide
As you touch me there softly
And my eyes are your guide.

Uncharted Waters

In the uncharted waters of the heart
The tour guides are fellow travellers,
Equally lost and unsure of the parts
Played in emotion's deep-backwaters
Unclear, like a water damaged chart
Backpacking each day exploring the way
Your guide has a map like abstract art
How can a leader not know what to say?

In the uncharted waters of the heart
Where each one must chart a course of need
Sometimes accede to ways that will impart
A smoother journey that will in time succeed
But sometimes needing to make a fresh start
Always unsure of the correct star that day
Other travellers who know refuse their part
How can a leader not know what to say?

In the uncharted waters of the heart
Where often hidden shoals and mysteries
Wait to wrest the traveller none to smart
From bliss to horror, living lives of lies
Imposters who misleadingly impart
Like a corporate being whose life's astray
That's falling deeper and deeper apart
How can a leader not know what to say?


With the Start

With the start of each and every life,
There must also begin a time to end.
The pain of birth shared by a midwife,
Then we grow up sharing with a friend.
The same with love, as it is with life
We dream of one of whom we blend,
But all too often love turns to strife
From what was love we must descend

The pattern starts when strangers meet
Forming its shape with each passing day.
Problems will make love grow or find defeat
With truth and friendship, there can be no decay
And builds something stronger than concrete
Knowing with that person you wish to blend
The end of life is where soul partners greet
From what was love we must now ascend.


Xenobiotic,(A Protest)

I have found myself, not that I was lost
More that I was tangled in the web of life
The spider of that life made me pay the cost
And just in time I was able to use a knife
To cut myself free and get back on my path.
Even though its winter I must stand the frost
That disdainful breath of Fate and her wrath
I have found myself, not that I was lost.

I have found myself, not that I was lost
But I was an alien living in a foreign land
An icy world where there was eternal frost
Emotionless where everything was planned
Smiles were sought and friendship bought
And love came only at an exorbitant cost
Was it love or simply an expensive thought?
I have found myself, not that I was lost.

I have found myself, not that I was lost
Corporations and politicians control on life
Again today I thought about all the cost.
The cost of oil, of terrorism and the strife
Global warming, ozone layers and such.
Third the world is burning, another in frost,
There is all that flooding not leaving much
I have found myself, not that I was lost.



There he is alone in a city of millions
They ignore that fact he is there at all
And so he is faced with a sea of walls.
He does not meet with their expectations
They are ignorant of his wartime actions
So yet he is alone with so many around.
Cast aside after and forced to face demons
The drone of all the voices a grating sound.

Holding only a bottle his escape from Hell
His only solace for his poor troubled soul.
A military pension buys bottles of Moselle
His need of alcohol seeks only to fill the hole
In reality it's proper help that he should seek
But there are not many experts to be found
He feels asking for help is only for the weak
The drone of all the voices a grating sound.


Canzonetta of the Night
A series of Canzonetta

A Decastich

On the seventh day the word created flesh
In its madness the flesh created fear,
But the flesh could not fear itself or fear alone
And so the flesh created fear of the night
And from that fear was created night's creatures
The creatures sense your fear and know you're alone
It makes no difference, you made these creatures
Your breathing hardens, your eyes widen in fear
But tis no use your,
Your flesh is feeding the night

Part 1

Now the creature you created
Is clawing at your door,
Its tasted blood, its tasted flesh
And now it's seeking more.
It feeds on pain, it feeds on fear
It needs to taste your throat.
You have created this dreadful thing
Your fear so cheaply bought.

And now the moon and the night
Amplify the noises that you hear.
This creature that you alone made
Seeks the life that you hold dear.
Now the clouds cover the moon
And your nerves become more taut,
You cannot now recall that fear,
That you so cheaply bought.

Part 2

The sounds of night, the noisy night
Now help to feed your fear
Then you hear it, something's changed,
The silence, so loud and clear.
You listen close, you listen hard
The silence is complete
Your breathing stops, you start to sweat
You hear your hearts loud beat.

Then the wind picks up and blows
Black clouds across the sky
In that moment in time you realise
That you or it must die.
There are shivers down your spine
Your fear is now complete
You are within evils shrine.
You watch your hearts loud beat.

Part 3

The creature is outside your room
You can smell its fetid breath
Its hideous stench now fills the air
This creature spawned by death.
The charnel house from which it spawned
Cast off from evils womb
Now seeks to feed on human flesh
And to drag you to eternal doom.

The stench grows great as rotting graves
Eject their hideous content.
Seeking your body, seeking your mind,
Your eternal soul to torment.
The final stench, that of hell itself
Now pervades the room.
Your eternal soul is now at risk
And with it, eternal doom.

Part 4

Now moving shadows torment you
And play upon the wall
The hungry creature of the night
On your throat will seek to fall.
Stalking, it moves about the room
Teasing you with its presence
Its muzzle high, sniffing the air
Savouring your very essence.

In the freezing air circling round your bed
You see its panting breath.
Soon, very soon you begin to realise,
That you'll be facing death.
You cannot move, you cannot scream
Your paralysed with abhorrence.
Your mind is making frantic plans
To protect your very essence.

Part 5

"Oh God" you pray "my God please help
And save me from this beast"
And dive beneath the covers warm
Hiding from its hungry feast.
But God is day and this is night
He cannot hear your cry.
You smell the stench of countless graves
Where the rotting corpses lie.

The covers are drawn you are exposed
And then you smell its breath.
Your screams for help are pointless now
As you see the face of DEATH.
One final scream and all is black
You are with the Lord of Flies
In that charnel house, join the stack
Where your rotting corpse lies.

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Divena Collins

Burning Desire

Hot as a chilli pod seeds all on fire
Running through his body so wild
Acute indigestion burning on a pyre
Preferred con carni hot never mild;
Sichuan peppercorn ripe and young
With horseradish root freshly picked
Fiery as mustard resting on his tongue
Such was so good the plate he licked.

Jalapeno peppers hotter than desire
Taste buds reach levels of intensity
Ginger in it's piquancy flavour higher
Peri Peri sauce enhances rich density;
Finally the heat from the vindaloo sung
Praising hotter spices they had picked
Hot tantalising tingling on his tongue
Such was so good the plate he licked.


Cookie Jar

Hurry come quickly mothers not here
She wont be long and wont be far
Luck is here hurrah three cheers
We shall now raid that cookie jar;
Grab a chair before she returns
Have to climb their out of the way
What if I hand them down in turns
Shhhh, be quiet then the mice will play.

One more stretch I will be there
Did I hear somebody at the door
Ooops I am slipping off the chair
The jar has shattered on the floor;
Mothers wearing her troubled frown
'Fore she smacks me I had to say
'Twas not my fault the jar fell down
When the cats away, the mice will play.


I Stand Alone

I stand in a crowd but stand alone
I am here but nobody can see
Like a statue there on my own
Or perhaps a desolate tree;
I may be just a spirit returned
And nobody knows I am there
My spectre remaining spurned
Unto an emotional love to share.

Maybe I followed the wrong crowd
I could be a spirit of long past
Drifting alone in a misted shroud
Towards time that travels so fast;
Until familiar faces shall then show
And then, maybe then they shall care
Changing the pattern of life to flow
Within an emotional love to share.


Middle Earth

Lost in this fantasy of middle Earth
Where Cloven hoofed goblins roam
Further beneath from the upper berth
Stands a hovel they call their home;
Magical creatures of unknown breeds
Appear from stone boulders inside
A harp playing bard takes the lead
Towards realms of the great divide.

Hobgoblins dance to this magic harp
And follow the bard thro' the nook
Where crystal icicles cold and sharp
Drip gentle tears towards the brook;
Mystical rainbow`s through the sun
Where butterflies flutter far and wide
For now their flight has just begun
Towards realms of the great divide.

Mythical Unicorns, of past folk lore
Enhances dreams, for maidens fair
Mermaids follow and swim ashore
For such is the fantasy they share;
To emerge from out of the reeds
Yield towards fantasies derived
Follow the bard who took the lead
Towards realms of the great divide


Reason For Seasons

Come ye, oh great autumn winds and blow
Awaken to the sighs of thy seasons song
Tinted Autumn leaves that cease to grow
Shall fall back to Earth where they belong;
Leaving fruitless branches on the boughs
To sleep thro`the winters frost and snow
And ne'er unto the spring shalt thy arouse.
Not until then shall thy sap begin to flow.

From a tiny acorn grows the largest oak
When these acorns then were buried deep
It was then that mother nature had spoke
Nurtured growth, must have time to sleep;
So there were seasons since time begun
For what was sown took time off to reap
Bearing winds and rain before the hot sun
Maketh all things thrive,from a compost heap!


Sleepy Hollow

Green is the ring where faeries dance
Today is the same as tomorrow
Birds in treetops downward glance
The cuckoo, wren, and the swallow.
Comfrey caterpillar cocks his head
But finds its a hard dance to follow
So he concertinas back to his bed
Through the glade to Sleepy Hollow.

A sleepy owl complains in the tree
Why ever do they cause me sorrow
I sleep by day am so tired you see
For tonight shall be my tomorrow
In the morning sun they flew away
The Cuckoo,wren, and the swallow
A perfect place for their eggs to lay
Through the glade to Sleepy Hollow.


Stress City

Thin the line 'twixt insanity and sane
When tension is rigid you cannot cope
Tried to escape along a crooked lane
Only to return down a slippery slope;
Nothing ventured is nothing gained
When you have given all up on hope
And your back in stress City again
To exist on a thin thread of a rope.

Stress comes easily to people today
When in life you may give up on hope
Try to tell yourself whatever you say
In this strength of mind you can cope;
Then sunshine chases the clouds away
And soon you shall return up the slope
Listen to your words meet them halfway
To strengthen that thin thread of rope.


The Passion

I waited so long for this chance
When you and I shall lie together
Having loved you so at first glance
How I long for love to last forever;
A gentle touch, so soft thy tender kiss
True love twixt two hearts ne'er severs,
Entwin`d in thy arms alone, such is bliss
As passion flows thro` eternal lovers.

Time past proved we stood a chance
Spending precious time both together
Eyes portray true love at a glance
Promised vows were to lasts forever;
Pleasured warmth from a loving kiss
How canst such a desire deem to sever,
When affections felt were utter bliss.
As passion flows thro' eternal lovers.


The Vikings

They sailed the sea pillaged the lands
Raped the women and tortured the men
And left them bleeding on foreign sands
Bringing terror to all who dwelt back then;
Ruthless warriors the Norsemen of old
Plundering pirates of rogues and thieves
Within painted long ships of red and gold
Heartless and cruel their quest to achieve.

Yet great explorers and proud to be true
They sailed the waters to the unknown
Their faith in Odin did help them through
Discovered lands no map had e`er shown;
Not a finer craftsmen could ever have been
And so the long boat took the seas force
With beauty and speed designed to be seen
This treasure crafted by their own source.


Toscana Summer

On the glorious hillsides of Tuscany
Where vast vineyards of grapes grow
Ancient Villa's still standing are many
Looking far down to the valley below;
On the sun ripe fruit of the olive grove
From thy sleepy little villages surround
To worship in the Capella they strove
Where the finest arts shall be found.

Toscana summers may the sun e-er shine
Generations from past hath carried on
Summer fiestas with fine Chianti wines
Performing thanks with dance and song;
Oh Land of the arts, and music so fine
Patriotic pride so steadfast and sound
Toscana summer may thy sun e-er shine
Thus a fruitful harvest shalt be found.

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Lorraine Dafney


I wait for spring each year and I yearn
To toil in my garden once again
And see and touch my beautiful ferns
To feel the peace and beauty of zen
My two hands sink in the earth divine
I plant seeds and new blossoms flower
Along my morning glories new vine
This has become my favorite hour

I'm always willing to watch and learn
To listen to the songs of the wren
See there, my heirloom roses return
Each year they come back like an old friend
My surrounding trees have grown, just fine
They reach for the sky like a tower
Their afternoon shadows make designs
Join me and share my favorite hour.

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Kevin McKinney

Never Needs Winding

Sometimes we live in the moment;
Nothing eludes our attention;
We finish each other's comment,
Foresee each other's intention;
Discourse displaces argument
And courtesy rules contention;
Erected on this pediment,
The heart has a solid nature.

Sometimes we delve into science
Or practical incantation;
Wholly dissolving all variance
In a vital combination;
Obeying laws of compliance
And properties of migration,
Viewed from the shoulders of giants,
The heart has a vaporous nature.

Sometimes our nights outshine our days;
We give off heat in radiant beams
That burns away the vexing haze
That shadows and occludes our dreams.
As fire, fusion or alchemy,
The like of which it always seems,
Consume their fuel, so we partake;
The heart has a volatile nature.

Sometimes our days run together;
We pass each other unnoticed;
One day I'm under the weather,
The next, completely unfocused;
You drift like a downy feather,
Afloat on a glassy surface;
Conformed to match its container,
The heart has a fluid nature.

The number of times one heart beats
Throughout a life is astounding;
Two, in tandem are twice the feat,
And the more music resounding.
Now hear the humming of a fleet
Of hearty engines expounding,
A chorus clear, charged to repeat
The tidal rhythm of nature.

Some days we wake and wonder why;
Why go through the motions again?
Why so, is retribution's price
For asking wisdom, paid in flames?
We're all but hurrying to die,
So what's the point to toil in pain?
By chance, hearts ignore such advice
From brains; all thanks to their nature!


Upwardly Mobile

We do not demonstrate this trait from birth;
'Twas not among god's gifts in paradise
When fewer creatures flew than walked the earth;
How is it man has mastered this device,
And how incalculable is its worth
To teeming masses lifting up their eyes?
Defying gravity and likewise, death,
A leap of faith first takes place in the mind.

Now see the great lizards reinvented;
Cast in stone, when once they had no rivals;
By re-engineering they've ascended
Skyward in a triumph of survival.
What new found admiration must attend
The myraid departures and arrivals
At great gatherings of fine feathered friends,
And leaps of faith that take place in the mind.

A flight of sparrows startled from their lunch
Delights the inner child in everyone;
Yet fledglings are like arrows I've a hunch;
They'll not leave the nest without persuasion;
They need a push to activate the launch,
And they miss the target on occasion;
As near to freedom, Icarus flew once,
That leap of faith first took place in his mind.

And so it was with Leonardo's dream;
He saw the view, but he was born too soon;
Three centuries later, he'd love to have seen
The view from Montgolfier's balloon;
Till a simple bicycle building team,
Loosed our bonds and we landed on the moon.
Now that we've slipped the solar system's seams,
Each leap of faith must take place in the mind.

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Reason A Poteet

I Will Walk Again

Some tomorrow soon, I shall walk again,
though not as I walked in days past.
To reach that doorway - my foremost campaign
and thus I'll keep walking my last.
Therapy is pain; it's a stormy fight
taking great effort in this cast.
The doctor reports my future looks bright,
I'll walk again, my grit steadfast.

The memory of the accident still clear.
Walking alone I had just passed
the corner turn that leads back from the pier.
dune buggies race the storm too fast
in sand too deep, too wet for certainty
lightning and collision contrast
In time, I'll grasp life as an amputee.
I'll walk alone, my grit steadfast.

New normal I tackle with amnesty,
I cannot cast blame nor lambast.
For such is pathetic activity
generating storms far more vast
than one which caused my disability.
One good broken leg is the mast
where my banner flies with tenacity.
I'll walk at peace, my grit steadfast.


Truth Bound by Neglect

Bearing the laws once carved out in stone
there lies a treasure, safe on my shelf.
Promises countless, most yet unknown,
are found in this book like ore in a delf,
closed and unmined their knowledge postponed.
Its wisdom if read could narrow the gulf
that threatens me daily while I bemoan
God's sentence that's certain on my behalf.

Durable leather, skillfully sewn,
intricate artwork, many a graph,
elegant gilding, author unknown.
When bound by neglect truth fades on the shelf.
Truth that would lighten heartache's sad drone;
bare truth that could part the wheat from the chaff.
Blest message of hope was sent to atone;
God's mercy explained there in my behalf.

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Leny Roovers


You're just beyond my touch it seems.
My fingertips might reach your skin,
but all too soon recurrent dreams
turn into nightmares, wearing thin.
We're filled with longing, yet afraid
our reaching out will be refused;
and so we bide our time, nerves frayed,
in mind and body still not fused.

Our times no longer sync, I fear,
when you are up, I'm going down
and when my mind is once more clear
you've drawn your curtains with a frown.
Where are the days we used to play?
We'd laugh and kiss, were not accused.
We were fine tuning every day,
there were no nights we were not fused.

We are like hedgehogs in defense,
with prickles up, avoiding hurt;
our softer sides protected, tense,
we're in distress, on full alert.
Yet we are reaching out once more;
with gentle kisses that won't bruise
we'll put an end to this cold war-
lay down our quills, be newly fused.


Yoga VI

With each deep breath, my body drinks blue air
that permeates and saturates my skin-
enfolds me in a cool cocoon of prayer,
while peeling off the burdens worn within.
When hollows fill with light, a rose is born;
its pistil rises as her stamens spin.
She's tall and proud, has lost all need for thorns-
protection against hurt, buds from within.

My rose, conceived in peace, is born to share
her velvet vibes, as consciousness begins
to slowly cleanse my mind, abolish scare.
When armours drop, remaining veils grow thin;
translucently and shining they adorn
my upright rose- absorbing pain, she wins.
With each deep breath, my body is reborn-
awareness thrills and blossoms from within.

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