2020 Poetry Form Challenge

#05 Free Verse Poetry

The most popular poetry today without doubt is Free Verse. Some would argue that it is not proper poetry, but that would put them in the minority of poets who insist that poetry must rhyme, and must also have some form of meter. There is another school of thought that insists that poetry need not have a rhyme and even more who state that there is no need for meter.
If it is as stated then poetry is a metered verse and prose is unmetered; and having said that, some alleged poetry whilst rhyming has no meter and some prose whilst not rhyming has some form of meter.
Some free verse you have read has been deliberately cut so that it just presents the appearance of a poem and yet there is no tempo to help the poem along.
This points out that despite its title "Free Verse" it must have elements of form.
T.S. Eliot wrote, "No verse is free to a poet who wants to do a good job".
In fact my opinion is that no poet can write truly great free poetry unless he or she has served an apprenticeship of writing form poetry first.
Having said that it means that the trained poet has now got the freedom to attempt unusual conventions
and produce a really unique product.

The Dero

Every morning as we rode out training
We would see this dero arrive
Shuffling along, unaware of life around
Clutching his life in a brown paper bag
He would settle into his corner of the bus shelter
His special seat
Rain or shine he'd be there
As we'd ride past.

As we rode past.
He awoke from his alcohol induced slumber
For a minute, once again he was a hero
As he leapt into the air and caught the football
"What a mark" you could hear him say
As he punched the air with his fist
Holding his imaginary ball to the crowd
Then he settled down once more
Into his corner of the bus shelter
His special seat
And we rode on.

Terry Clitheroe

Free Verse Challenge Replies

Kathy Anderson

4th New Moon
10 Reasons
Come Light
Dry Deep Dream
Hearts Beating
Lost Cerbats
Love Spilled
No Way Out
O'er Mountains
Reduced By Nature
Shadows of Gaia
Three B's
True Stories

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn and Spring
Blue Mountains
Cloudy and Hot
Curious isn't it
Foggy Windows
Ghost Story
Image of Eternity
Jig Saw
Just a little
Kindred Spirits
Le Chiamate di Notte il Vento
Murphy's Law
Night Gently Weeps
No Internet
Pavey Ark (Memories)
Return to Earth
Saturday Walk
Ti Guardo
Visiting the Docs
Xmas on the Somme
Zilch Inspiration

Divena Collins

A Lady's Discretion
And Time Began
Be It Sun or Moon
Big Bang
Down the Vale
Earth Day
Edged With Gold
Fair Dinkun Mate
Frivolity of Life
Humanity Nil
Inner Passion Released
Lament of Nature
Love Came
Moon Light Madness
Myself Verus I
Presence Within
Romantic Era
Seasonal Love
So Called Technology
Submission Nil
Thousand Desires
Time Machine Reports
Touch of Love
Waters Run Deep

Teagan De Danaan

Civil War
Dawn and Dusk
Kangaroo Woods
Lessons of Life - After Gibran
Ointmets Blessing
Take me in drops
Values of Childhood
What Did You See
You and I

Jeremy Farmer

And So To Sex
Evolving Senses
Liturgy of the Devil
On a Train

Gerry Moon


Leny Roovers

All in a Day's (Voluntary) Work
Guiio Cesare
Of life and Death
Spring Blossoms
Thoughts about life

Peter Willowdown

Dawdlers and Warblers
Dreams of Rain
Dharma Bell
Extracts from Willowdown
Faeries of the Old Green Hills
Guru Puja
Offering Flowers
Red Robin and Brown Finch
Salamander Salt Kiss
Setting out
Song of Spirits
Storm Horse's Stolen Alphabet
What Lovely Dreams
World of Dreams

Kathy Anderson

4th New Moon

new moon shall come
as light fades in skies cyan,
it's seven on the clock
a digital one from the nineties
when microwaves were new,
newly find I the hour overdue
Yet due for tomorrows black dark
shadows of earth hiding
hidden truths luna keeps,
this time Saturday runs
new moon has come.


10 Reasons to

live in the moment
for each moment is all you have,
get a new car
because next year it'll be old,
let your hair grow
since longer is more intuitive,
watch a sunrise
and if you don't you'll be that much poorer,
don't retire until you want to
or you'll be bored the rest of your life,
talk with your family daily
then youll always feel like you're somebody,
laugh at little mistakes
so the bigger problems will seem less harsh,
be in nature everyday
so you can tune in to yourself better,
hug your loved ones
daily to keep you and them thriving,
count your blessings
because life is reason enough.


Come Light

Rain follows grey
Sun follows clouds
Clouds part away
Light holds sway


Dry Deep Dream

for want of rain
the ground cracked
dust flew in our eyes
sun burned the air itself

for want of love
the earth changed poles
snow fell in arid deserts
storms brewed in ocean canyons

for want of thee
the heart of me became stone
stole my spirit as I slept
clouds crept into my minds



When the earth allows
green plants shall emerge
buds of every color show
how blossoms grow
give forth their scent and seed
to repopulate her crust as needs
all life to rebirth.

When human beings allow
gray people to flourish
unwanted children to thrive
as all things change
give more of the best they can
to renew their faith and flower
always in all ways.



fame is just a name
that everyone recognizes,
chic is what you wear
to become someone else,
your wealth is in the sunrise
which burns the same skin
you'll die wearing,
so remember the night sky
gives you more glister
than diamonds
and will last long after
your soul knows no more
the worth of itself.



Issues of abligurition

Rasp against true hunger

As greed meddles with thoughts,

I open the fridge to forage.



is warmth of sun
interposed with steady rains,
and the perfect storm
is a rage of giddy joys
unreckoned by moonlight


Happiness for Two

all the pretty birds
fly in time to the rhythms
of two heart beats,
for passions in living
as a flock gathers as one being
beings that resonate love,
life and pursuit of renewal
interposing with joys of our bliss.


Hearts Beating

Under the full moon
Hearts beating
In time with the tides
Waves flow together
Below dawns light
Firey ripples coalesce
Hearts beating
Under moon and sun


Lost Cerbats

Lonely mountains high
Where Spanish Mustangs thrive
In small numbers yet alive
Living in the hears of people, won't die.

Lonely mountains high
Where highways find no pass
Only grass and sagebrush last,
For pure Cerbats times fly.

Lonely mountains sigh
Why, tiny herds carry on
Eking out life from none,
Nothing but what's about sky.


Love Spilled

From this cup new wine flows,
As eyes meet with speech
Only love may speak.

Sweet grapes pass lips divine,
As arms reach to find
What comes of desire.

Blush and Muscato combine
As lips impart a sharing
Blended souls must touch so.



You don't need to hold me
in you arms
To hold my heart still
in your hands...

Sometimes I hold on too close
and need to leave
You alone to your own life
and be alone too.


No Way Out

Tired of tough living
no skin left on my feet
none the butchers haven't scored
ripped, torn or beat out
like leather being worked
at the hands of a child
no way out but in the trash
or a trophy on the mantel piece


O'er Mountains

O'er mountains
Flew my soul
To you
Flew your soul
To me
O'er mountains

Twin peaks
Blue and purple
One me
One you
Purple and blue
Twin souls


Reduced by Nature

in the scheme of life
everyone goes back to nature
even if they never
hugged a tree
nor noticed a rainbow
or pet a puppy,
by the time gray hair sets in
we all have to wonder
how many ways
math takes you backwards
and forwards only means
how fast you drive
and how many songs
you skipped on an mp3 player?


Shadows of Gaia

shadows bless
under tree branches

a grass bed
where crickets chirp
me to sleep

moon and stars
compete as night lights
to comfort

midnight sky blankets

Gaia gives
more love than mortals
will know



in a sargasso forest spree
hazy azure seas soundscapes,
escaping into this web
entangling loves ends
edings nowhere,
beginnings everywhere with we,
we'll be tangled forever
forevermore free
to be


Three B's

Bright sunlight and birdsong
Signs of Spring and better things,
Hopes for days of peace,
Plenty, passions in abundance lifelong.

Beautiful aspirations
Blot out hellish memories
Or so belief would camouflage
Thoughts intrusive insanities.

Before the present became past
Beyond reach of time and vague recall,
Perhaps not as foggy as hoped for
For landslides come to all.

True Stories

last legs are the dregs
the bottom is cracked
and the top is too high to get to,
where do you go when
life is misbegotten
treated rotten
always the same view
on the outside looking in,
no love to come to the aid of
bereft and alone
always alone
hamstringed by the butchers
who know no mercy
from on high
government breaks all moulds
no holds barred
till you're done and gone.

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Terry Clitheroe


The chink of the glass against the table
as I silently drink my toast to you.
The attendant clears everything away
as we enter onto the Final Approach.
The chill of cold weather is still carried
low in the air as I walk through the foyer.

There is a small fountain outside
the water spurts up and falls back.
Like wishes cast out and returned
simple gestures that fit my mood.
Sentiments flowing like the ripples
as the sun reflects off the surface

A coin slaps heavily onto the water
it moves aside, the wish is accepted
falling, slipping from side to side
as it descends like a leaf to the bottom
now I know that all is well
and someday will be the final arrival.


Autumn and Spring

He was autumn, she was spring
I can do better than this she thought
the first time they met
then she saw the look in his eyes
the tenderness, the caring
what the hell she thought
and surrendered to him completely.

Now she is summer he is winter
I can't do better than this she thinks
as they sit together in the firelight
and she sees the look in his eyes
the warm, caring love
and she thinks, "how lucky I am"
that he is mine completely.



When I fell,
I fell head first,
and was swept along
gathering speed.
this was no downhill glide
to oblivion
it was an avalanche of emotions!

One kiss
required more
an exponential ride to heaven
they themselves requiring more
an avalanche of desire!

When does love change
from lust
or does lust create love?
and will that sated love
becoming an Avalanche of peace?

I ask only
because of how I feel about you
and the avalanche you create
inside of me.


Blue Mountains

The beautiful thing about Sydney
Is the Blue Mountains
Once you have seen them
Explored them
You are theirs forever
There is a scent
You will never forget
This scenery is what you will see
When you return to Heaven
And if you live there
You are in Heaven.

Where there is Heaven
There must always be Hell
Close by.
I have seen lightening strikes
And its creation of fire
The blue Eucalypt gas
Feeding the flames
Till all that was left
Was blackness.

The creator of that death
Is also the creator of birth
And within weeks
And rain
All is thriving once again
By the growth of green leaves
Where you'll see life thriving again
The blue mist rises
Again it becoming the blue mountains.


Capitalism.....After Gibran

And a banker spoke up and said "What of profit"
And he replied…

Fair exchange is not wrong,
All work should be worthy of payment
And should be done to the benefit of all.
The worker owes a loyalty to the employer
As does the employer to his worker
Each one has their place in the matrix of life.

As it is with nature such a fine balance
There are times of good and times of bad.

The village grows and becomes a town
And the town becomes a city and all are content
Everyone pays a tithe and a balance is reached
There is food and drink on the table
Babies are born in this contented world
And grow up expecting the same.

Then the rich man turns round and says
I am not content and want more
And in his greed he sacks some workers
The workers left must work harder and longer
And the smile leaves them
And the rich man scowls in his greed.

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;
They toil not, neither do they spin:

The rich man leaves the city for another
Not concerned there is no work where he left.
I say that rich man is a pariah and not worthy of life
And when God greets him he will ask him
"What have you done?" He will have to reply,
"I have made life Hell on Earth for my brothers".


Cloudy and Hot

The only problem walking here
is the sun and the bloody flies.
I can put on sunscreen,
but nothing will stop flies.
Each time I swat one away,
two more take its place.

The one thing about fly spray
is that they seem to live off it.
Today I bought a combination cream.
It blocks sun and flies...Right!!
The fly spray seems to attract them.
Does this mean the sun spray doesn't?

If even one fly had ignored me,
I would have believed it works.
Now I'm worried about the sunscreen!
Australia has the highest skin cancer rate.


Curious isn't it?

I'm sat here drinking coffee
hearing the people around me.
"It's ironic I thought,
Australia is so sparsely populated.
Many cities around the world
have a population greater than
the whole of Australia.

When the world was creating
huge blocks of land broke away
from the South Pole creating the continents.
Europe Asia and America broke away
leaving Australia then New Zealand behind
creating the rest of the world.
Strange isn't it how most of the creatures
moved North leaving behind their place
of origin.

Millions of years moving and evolving.
Thousands of years populating.
Then a few hundred years ago
man came back here,
conquering the original owners.
Now I sit here drinking coffee
hearing almost every language spoken
except Aboriginal.

We are in the second largest city
In Australia with a population
of about 6 million.
How many cities are there in the world
with a population of 26 million?
Curious thought isn't it?



The only problem walking here
is the sun and the bloody flies.
I can put on sunscreen,
but nothing will stop flies.
Each time I swat one away,
two more take its place.

The one thing about fly spray
is that they seem to live off it.
Today I bought a combination cream.
It blocks sun and flies...Right!!
The fly spray seems to attract them.
Does this mean the sun spray doesn't?

If even one fly had ignored me,
I would have believed it works.
Now I'm worried about the sunscreen!
Australia has the highest skin cancer rate.


Foggy Windows

Let me tell you about the way I feel
About you and how I'm missing you
Looking out of the window we have misted with our love
Yet you are not there and still the windows mist up
Then I realise that the mist is in my eyes
Salty tears reminding me of days and nights
Spent laughing and happily fogging windows

I know reading this your windows will mist also
Eyes already wet will fog in absence
The time will go slowly, each minute an hour
And when we meet again the time will fly to fast
So fast that each hour will pass like a minute
As if to make up for the time lost whilst apart
And once again look out through foggy windows.



It begins when two lovers meet
past words spoken,
everything else is put aside
and weighed and called experience.
why should we not forget??

Unless you have been there,
you cannot judge
I have been there,
then and now,
how they have changed
my experience of the past
rules my life
present and future.

Were you not there so long ago?
I do know now
you will be with me forever



Have you ever seen a ghost?
If I were to say I have,
Would you think me mad?
I'm not mad nor do I deny
I have seen my share.

My uncles Alf and Bob
Have shown themselves
I knew them, could have touched
And for a while we talked
There is no madness here

I saw my Nan, there!
As plain as day in her chair
Looking after me as she did
That scene is still in my mind
And always will.

And just for a little while
Another ghost was with me
Speaking for a short while
She has given me closure
Telling me to move on.


Ghost Story

He watches her in anticipation
Sitting in the chair by the window
Their yearly ritual of love
Wandering thought the garden
Her long white flimsy gown
trailing after her like pennants
Soft footfalls on the dewy grass
As she heads towards their room

A gust of night wind as she enters
The candles flicker and flair
Almost as if they were waving
Saluting her presence
Then once more the flames steady
Heat pointing up flames erect.

Only this one special night
When spirit can become flesh
Can they be together once again
Kiss meets kiss, touch matching touch
Tenderly at first, shy apprehensive
Then with realisation comes desire
Flesh meeting flesh, heat meeting heat.

Lovers separated, too long denied
Trying to savour in one night
The passion and love of a year
Murmuring his love as he caresses
She responding to his touch
Replying with touches of her own
Learning each other's bodies again.

So much to say, so much to do
So many kisses, so little time.
The longest night ends to soon.
The final cry, no time for tears now.
The final kisses, the final touch.
The final statement I love you.
As once again flesh becomes spirit.
Vanishing with dawns first light.



Sitting here by the water's edge,
watching a hawk soar
flight feathers extended
as she hovers in all her majesty.
Every now and then,
you can see her trim her feathers
keeping her stationary,
balancing on that thin edge of warm rising air.
Dipping and rising on the thermals from below.
Then, suddenly, her wings close
and she plummets to the earth.
Rising again,
all that can be heard is her victims dying sound.



Two lovers meet each day
at dusk and dawn
for just a wee while.
yet it has been an eternal meet
together for so short a time.
sometimes mother Earth steps in
and they can be together longer
with storms and other darknesses

With day it cannot be longer
he is too impatient
and selfish
he always wants her

Thank the Gods
and when they reach that place
where today lasts a day longer.

A whole day
they can make love

Then again they move on
loving each other more
each day shorter

Then one day
it grows longer
once again
they meet and as usual
time flies.



If we had wings and could fly like birds
Would we be humans or birds or what?
Would we be half creatures or mutants.
Or a fully evolved species and accepted.
The point is, would we be accepted
Or hunted down as an exotic food.

If life gave us all the answers
And didn't offer us any challenges,
Would life be worth living?
If everything was harmless and perfect
Would there be sadness or happiness
Would contentment be worth living?


Image of Eternity

Looking at you
Makes me think of eternity
And that is carried forwards to my dreams.

I dream of looking at the stars
Then I realise I'm looking into your eyes.
The smile on your lips is as bright as the sun
But there is no glare to stop my looking.

That brightness warms my soul
Then I know what eternity means.

Eternity with you is an endless period of time
A time where love will expand
We will see the stars come and go
But none will exceed the light in your eyes.

Nor will we ever deny our future dreams
Love will be with us throughout eternity
Just by looking at you.



Were you the missing piece to my life
That in my enthusiasm to complete this riddle
I drove away and now I am left here,

You showed your patience
And we completed all the basic moves
But I stopped paying attention

You were the centre of this puzzle
And fitted everything so perfectly
My enthusiasm overcame my brain

Now I must pack away the pieces
To stack amongst the other incompletes
Starting my journey in life again


Just a little

please be a little patient with me.
I'm a little sad and lonely.
Deep within I feel a little too quiet
the empty stillness is the thing
with memories of summer
and days long past

when life was full
the possibilities
of things to be discovered
and of all the joys to be unleashed
but some of us do fall away
sometimes it's a little dark
when all that's left is Winter.


Kindred Spirits

Everyone is on a journey
Traveling through life
We choose our fellow travelers
Our companions on the way
Seeking solace in our caravan

A friend says to a friend
Share your way with me
So a friend becomes a lover
And the shared gift grows
Because of giving.

Be my friend and share
Be my lover
Let the seeds of love grow
Continuing through Eternity
Sharing and growing and loving.


Le Chiamate di Notte il Vento

Were you the missing piece to my life
That in my enthusiasm to complete this riddle
I drove away and now I am left here,

You showed your patience
And we completed all the basic moves
But I stopped paying attention

You were the centre of this puzzle
And fitted everything so perfectly
My enthusiasm overcame my brain

Now I must pack away the pieces
To stack amongst the other incompletes
Starting my journey in life again


Murphys Law

Up until now, it's been a nice day
now as soon as I got out for my walk,
the clouds clear up and it's gone bloody hotter.
Nature really lives by Murphy's Law.

Anyway in spite of it all, I got to Central
and it's gone bloody hotter out there.
Nature really lives by Murphy's Law.

So now I'm inside there
and it's lovely and cool here.
I've ordered my cappuccino and biscuits
I'm comfortable and Murphy is no bother
any more.


No Internet

What can I do?
The fires have burnt the poles.
For some it means no power,
in my case there is no internet,
just when I thought everything was OK.
Then the rains came -
now in some places there is no power or internet.
They are now trying to fix things,
while they do this all have power
but none have internet.

To write this I am in a store
and making matters worse is this coffee.
It tastes YUKK.


Pavey Ark (Memories)

After the blue of Stickle Tarn
The green grass
Is replaced by stones
Ancient stones mixed with new
Scree leading up to the vertical rock
The face of Pavey Ark.

There is a scar in its face
Jakes Rake
Starting at the Eastern end
It climbs westwards
Right across its face.

I have never ascended by Jake
But have descended many times
After ascending via the climbs.

On Pavey Ark's face.
I have introduced people to rock climbing
Via Gwynne's chimney
And ascended many climbs
Testing myself on the traverse
Soloing across the whole face.

The picture in my mind
Is naught but a memory now.
It is on the opposite side of the world
And almost half a century ago.

I also remember half running
With my mates
Down the path to the New Dungeon Ghyll
Where pint glasses of Guinness were drunk
In celebration of a good days climbing.

I raise my glass now,
Thankful for those memories.



The conductor takes his place
his baton poised ready.
The solo performer looking,
instrument in hand waiting.
Putting it to her soft red lips
the soft strains of the concerto
filling the room, Allegro aperto.

Her hands move along the instrument,
her mouth working the soft sounds.
The conductors, eyes close
as her music flows through him.
The music changes slightly
and the rhythm picks up.

The soloist smiles as she plays
adagio ma non troppo,
then Rondo allegretto.
The soloist is more intent now
her hands and mouth working,
Suddenly, the Crescendo.


The conductors eyes open.
He smiles at the soloist.
She kisses her instrument,
then blows him a kiss.



Why do I love Autumn so much?
Is it the light, or the colours or the sounds
There is no blazing heat from the sun anymore
And the storms have ceased
We only get rain.

Birds nests are no longer crowded
The chooks have grown and moved on
They are in the teenage of all avian life
Like all teenagers they make a lot of noise,
And like all teenagers they know everything.

Come next spring they will have survived
And in turn built their own nests
It is now their turn to procreate.
The apples are now ready
Attracting a look and a pick
And an enjoyment of the taste.

See the leaves have lost their luster
As all plants begin to move from summer
And transition through Autumn
Where they become barren for a while
As they take their yearly vacation.


Return to Earth

Do you know what a bullet hitting flesh sounds like?
It's a slapping sound you hear,
Like hitting a lump of meat with a mallet.
If it kills you, you do not hear it,
All you feel is a terrible pain
Then you fall to the ground.

As I lie here I hear the sounds
The battle moving away.
I can see far better than I ever could
I can move, not far yet
I just feel so tired.
Must catch my breath,
Please be patient.
I look down and see myself
I'm lying there, eyes closed
It just looks as if I've gone to sleep.

The night is starting to fall now
And a mist is forming and with it the cold.
But I don't feel it now,
It's almost as if I'm dreaming.
I can see the night creatures coming out,
Cautiously, moving up and sniffing me.
The insects of course are still around
Bloody mosquitoes!!!
No longer do I need to swat them away
Damn that irritating sound.

I can feel some of them now,
Some sort of residual memory.
The dawn breaks and with it the change of animals.
The ants of course are still here
They found me first.
I can feel them climbing over my face.
Crawling into eyes, my ears,
Filing in line in my nose and my mouth.
With their other comrades who are laying their eggs.

They create their information path for their source of food.
I can feel the plaque on my teeth being eaten.
The buzz in my ears as their teeth eat away at my wax.

Then I see it, a solitary crow,
I can hear it's harsh cawing message to it's clan.
I can almost feel the sharp piercing stab
As its beak rips out my eye.
I can hear the beat of it's wings
And hear it's victory caw, caw,
As it flies away with it's trophy.

I can feel the nips from little creatures
As they gather, gorging themselves.

My body is starting to swell now
As the heat from the sun expands the gasses.
With time a creature will puncture the balloon
The dogs will love the gas
And the smell of rotting flesh
I can almost feel myself cracking
As the sun begins to dry out my flesh.

Other creatures come and go
My uniform moving in obscene gestures
As they steal from me

The night falls again
The mist follows creating a blanket for me
A blanket I will never need again
The animals don't seem interested tonight
But the ants still form their moving line
Remorselessly gnawing away.

With morning the crows return
Tearing away what is left
With a little ant marinade for flavour
The wild dogs of course drive them away
Everything that is except the ants
Now that I'm a little ripe
The meal is more to their palate
And I see them lick themselves with glee
They will stay by me I know
The dogs and the ants.

Then there is only the ants
And then they go
Finally I find peace.
It is the Earths turn now
I can feel the grass
Covering me
Hiding me.
My bones becoming brittle,
The marrow fertilising my resting place.
Slowly, willingly, I become one with the soil.
Then once again I return to earth.


Saturday Walk

Sitting here on the banks of the Marybirnong
just relaxing after my Saturday walk
watching the myriads of people as they go by.
Some are running, some like I was walking.
Then of course there is the inevitable person
walking but only paying attention to their phone.
I will admit that whilst I was walking
I was listening to my favorite music program.

The dog walkers seem to be the happiest,
smiling and talking to pooch.
Then suddenly jerking to a full stop
as doggy decides to have a sniff
and blesses the subject one way or another.
The owner quite happily plastic bagging it,
either way on completion they are off again.

Lastly there are the others, looking ever so supercilious,
attired like they are posing for a fashion mag.
But it's time to move on again, so I head back to the car.
On the way home I'll get my Tattslotto tickets
and a cask of port. My barrel needs topping up.


The Night Gently Weeps

The moons soft silvery light filters into the room
Casting long white patches and long shadows

Outside the night wind begins its call
Causing dust weevils and brown leaves to dance
Spiralling slowly in a slow waltz time.
An old, silver birch softly tap taps on the window
In rhythm to the winds dirge.

Inside the maid lies on her bed
Dark red hair cascading, contrasting against the pillows
Her pale face hidden in white
Save for the blood red lips and deep, sunken, black eyes
Frail from pain, wracked by loss of love

A shadowy figure appears at her bedside
Takes her hand and bows and kisses her
Slowly covering her in a shadowy blanket
Finally she smiles a wan smile
And joins her lover forever

And the nig> ht gently weeps.


Ti Guardo

I look at you
And my heart swells
I feel the beat like a hammer
You smile and I feel it burst
But your look tells me everything's OK.

You are holding my heart
It had not burst, it had gone to you
And I know now it is forever safe
What better place than with its soul
A soul that we will now forever share.

How can you take my hand
When you are holding my heart?
Then I realise we are only spirits for now
In my day I am protecting you
And in your day you protect me.

When we are together and asleep
Our spirits look after us
When we wake we need not fear
Because Fate will look after us
Until that final moment.



I look across the river from my chair
As the sun settles
You raise your wine glass to your lips and smile
We are content.
With it the setting sun takes the days heat
Without regrets.
Casually our feet reach out and contact
Without intention
The sun's set,
Yet the red sky refuses to die
It's paid it's dues,
But naught is due except to see the fruits
Of this evening.
The sun has seen so much love in it's time
But none so much as with you and I.


Visiting the Docs

I was walking to my doctors.
Suddenly a flight of large white butterflies cross my path
and fly off down the road.
Suddenly a flock of birds who must have seen them
raced overhead in formation after them.

Surprisingly, another flight of larger birds flew past.
probably as hungry as the first flock.
We've had a dry Winter and Spring,
but they promise us that there will be plenty of rain
next weekend.

I'll believe that when I see it!
But then I might also see pigs flying also.



Why do I run?
Why do I fight?
I must give in
To the inevitable
Eros has fired his arrow
And he never misses his target.

No longer can I deny you

Or will ever want to
You are now a part of me
I was lost in you.
And so I must ask
Why should I run?
Why should I fight?


Xmas on the Somme

The purging of the day is past
Resting in the muddy trench at last.
You light a smoke and grab a bite
Softly humming "Silent Night"
Your trench mates pick up the mood
Bully beef and biscuits, your Xmas food.
Across no-mans land you hear it ring
And everyone joins you as you sing

"Silent night, Holy night" you all say
Shaking hands with your enemy of the day.
Carols by Flares are sung tonight
Sharing wine and Snapps, as is right
And for a while warriors were at peace
The Christmas mood brought release
But all to soon this mood must finish
And into the mist warriors vanish.

How do you look a hero in the eye
Knowing that you are all going to die
The night before was Christmas Eve
You sang and drank then took your leave
Today you gather, ready in the mud
That will soon be running red with blood.
That "Silent Night" you sang so well
Will be drowned out by the sounds of Hell.

The flares go up, and the whistles blow
And o'er the top, line abreast you go.
The enemy machine guns open fire
And shot and shell and barbed wire
Soon collect you and all your mates
And you all parade at the Pearly Gates.
Satan collects none and storms away
For only Saints and Heroes died today.


Zilch Inspiration

My words fall dead upon the floor.
Bugger them, they were useless anyway!
Another syllable, statement, stanza,
destroyed by an overworked mind,
then lined up against the killing wall.

There was no blindfolds offered,
we all took aim and fired at will.
Another senseless act of violence,
wreaked upon the English language.

The eulogy was just another volley,
of bullets, aimed and hitting the target.
and when that carnage finally ended,
another battalion of words stepped up,
for their impending execution.

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