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19 New Zealand Sonnet

Marked by its isolation from the two major sonnet sources, the New Zealand sonnet is a hybrid of Italian, English with the French influence of interlocking the quatrains; remembering that although a former English colony a few islands in the Pacific are French speaking.

Here is the rhyme scheme;
a. b. a. b. . . b. b. c. c. . . c. d. c. d. . . e. e.
Here is an example.


Your supine body opens to each sense,
inviting to be loved, caressed by eyes;
inviolable, you don't need defence -
your body speaks of beauty, not of lies.
In full surrender you are sculptor's prize,
his passion spent creating your surprise.
Tall trees stand guard around your naked form
while summer's breeze will keep your body warm.
In your still presence abates life's strong storm
till love flows freely in each conscious mind.
Just by your presence you exceed each norm,
as ecstasy empowers and combines.
Your perfect body we behold in awe -
complete abandonment without a flaw.

Leny Roovers

New Zealand Sonnet Challenge

Terry Clitheroe

Beach Dreaming
Celestial Thoughts
Ebb and Flow
El Mar yEl Sol
Fresh Winds
Good Night
Hold My Hand
Jupiter and Uranus
Kindred Spirits
One Fine Day
Vindaloo Dreams
When You Have Kissed Death
Zen Conversation
Zestful Musings

Terry Clitheroe

Beach Dreaming

A rising gentle sea-breeze blows, sooths my mind
There is a welcome change from the hot north now
And in that cool welcome breeze peace is found
Whilst birds become more alive up in the boughs
Savouring wine, coolness, and what music allows.
Somehow clears away all from this sweated brow
as the day's heat has moved away from the bay
I sit here now with my glass of cold Chardonnay
And lean back whilst contemplating a line to say
Feeling the cooling change, I change my mind
Peaceful music now is the reward, in late day.
Late summer has its own rewards I often find
The schools are back and all the kids are gone
A gentle wind blows, my mind and soul are one.


Celestial Thoughts

And what of stars, are they so far away
Under them we make plans, hopes and dreams,
We know in time, like us they will decay
And as they cease to shine so do our schemes.
In youth what stars do shine gleam by gleam
Wild things we do and say it would seem.
Too late sometimes and one more star blinks out
But such is youth we will ignore the loudest shout.
We survive the day and in ages mature bout
We look up and see the sky, some stars are gone
Vanished just like some dreams no doubt
Having survived all that we now only look on.
Although I would much rather see a fuller sky
Sooner than the culling, where mates have to die.


Ebb and Flow

Do not walk behind please let me look
Rather walk alongside me holding my hand
Walking slowly, sharing each other's outlook
Let us blaze a path that's shared but unplanned.
There's no single point which is not so grand
As sand and sea constantly change their strand.
There is no separation between land and skies
Instead they share a union as their time flies
So should it be with you that I have these ties
Curious do you value me enough to ask me this
A simple question looking straight into my eyes
Allow me to help in creating this time of bliss
Are you prepared to follow my way or not
Walk with me, and we'll find our eternal lot.


El Mar y El Sol

I know I stared at the sea too long today,
A gentle wave made a half hearted attack
Leaving patterns in the swells as if to say
There's no need for fear, for I'll be back.
The sun stood still awhile never looking back
Then suddenly everything around went black
Finally committing itself to its nightly fate.
For night had begun and for a while we wait.
The sea seems to be gently washing to and fro
As if she too slumbered in the cooler salty air
With the everlasting sound of the ebb and flow
Of the ever sea and suns clandestine affair.
The Suns rest is o'er and again she must resume
First task to kiss the sea and remove the gloom.


Fresh Winds

Things we see around are images, no more
Fresh winds and good fortune beckons us all
The relentless sea a mere drop upon the shore.
When love in her glory finally makes her call.
A soul is the vessel with which love doth haul
Sailing on the seas which life has constant call
Fresh winds like storm, or calm, are other doors
Doors which once opened may give favours.
We make each life, each love a port of call
Not just a journey in life, but a reason to explore
A constant search each life in fates dark hall
Meeting for a long time, always wishing more.
Sometimes like this one our time will be so short
Together for Eternity when comes to the final port.


Good Night

It is now that special time of night
There is no time or need to think at all
The mood is softened by wine and light
The muse has me and taken o'er control
Finding at last a love that makes me whole
One I know too well has touched my soul.
She reminds me of the past and loves lost
Knowing thus, gladly will I meet the cost
The music is softer now, thinking of you
Even more the wine has softened the mood
There is just one final act I have to do
Enough of life today I have viewed.
My eyes are ready to close it's the end of day
My last thought "I love you" I have to say.

Starry Night - Van Gogh


Hold My Hand

Hold my hand for a little while longer
My love for you makes me bid you stay.
They say absence makes love grow stronger
But lovers shouldn't have to go away?
Having seen sunshine turn to dullest day.
Then watched the best part carried away,
Have they ever felt they were torn in two,
Because rain clouds replaced a sky of blue?
'Til then patience's is only what's saving you
No hope or prayer can ever ease that pain
When that time together you will renew
Or speed up time should they return again .
That will tear the gloom from leaded heart
And your living once again can start.


Jupiter and Uranus

The cold sky in my mind is a golden hue,
With sights of mountains rising not so afar,
Skies in various shades of white and blue
As night descended to views of one star.
Now the sky in my mind is full of stars,
See the Moon and to her right is Mars
Jupiter and Uranus left above and bright
Had swapped positions from last night.
Somehow the night has become alight
Yet I know that most are now fast asleep
One view I know their love would relight
If only they knew I'm sure they'd love a peep
On the second night Venus had also been there
As I look at my lover how could I not care?


Kindred Spirits

Between you and I there can be no farewell,
And goodbyes are merely to be spaces in time,
For a while in different places we will dwell
Good partings can't remove what was sublime.
With tears washing away the dross of time
Then we meet again removing all that grime
We know that time has no meaning for our love
Two souls meet and together fit just like a glove.
Now we realise that time has a meaning kind of.
Through circumstances the bodies must part,
There's no immeasurable distances thereof
For together we are joined by souls and heart
Time and fate will conspire and even help cement
The sun and moon and stars will nod their consent.


One Fine Day

One fine day my dreams will come true
As my lover walks to me out of the mist,
From that moment I will never again be blue
And heaven will resound once we have kissed.
Once in my arms we will love forever more
Two united souls, with eternity to explore
With only each other's needs to consider
No haste now we have time to wander.
Just two mature lovers wanting more
No heaven nor Earth just that one view
Each room with a window has a door And what we seek is nothing really new.
I will know this once we have kissed
Then together we'll walk into our mist.


Vindaloo Dreams

There is flavour in the bite of the lamb
My palate opens as I savour the tastes.
Eating slowly, enjoying, never do I cram
To rush my food creates worthless wastes.
Once again its warmth floods my body
The chef, the artist has never produced shoddy,
Rather works of art live within his food
With the food and music creating a mood
It has transported me and I have viewed
A palace with cushions and black eyed,
Indian ladies, dancing so that I am glued
I am the Raj and this is my dream, I smiled.
There is a lingering taste long after the meal,
I can't tell you, how pleased it makes me feel.


When You Have Kissed Death

Only when you have kissed Death are you aware
'Til then there was uncertainty, and ambivalence!
Seeing the reaper, sweeping you with his glare
Hearing the wailing of Death as she starts to prance.
Seeing her as she points to you and begins to advance
Calling you to her side you begin your last dance
Clad in white gossamer with her arms extended
It's then you'll know your life has just ended.
Then you will see white wings of Death outspread
Cognizant what was stolen long ago is there
And life only starts when you accept your dead.
Then to have life given back you really care.
You wake you and your soul to life once again
Now knowing that your life can never be the same.


Zen Conversation

The dark abyss of a soul is not empty
Just undiscovered waiting through eons
For the hidden secrets waiting aplenty
Secrets that play with our emotions
Causing problems created by assumptions
Yet our mind is responsible all our notions
Assuming we're correct become a suitor
Alarmingly we then commence the future
Mostly ignoring an experienced tutor
The truths are found by a searching mind
Listening with ears that hear in the silence
Looking with eyes that see even when blind
Questioning whether to wade into the water
But also afraid that there may be sharks.


Zestful Musings

I tried to capture certain feelings today,
They fluttered away on butterfly wings.
Onto a nearby flower see how it clings,
Never to disturb these things of beauty.
I tried to capture someone's soul today,
She evaded my words, ignoring such things
And waved her hands showing her rings
Then she hid not willing to hurt me this way.
I tried to catch all my wild thoughts today
And tried to corral this herd of emotions.
Exhausted, I rested and watched them stray,
Wandering off on hair brained notions.
They slowly returned their own sweet way,
Once again causing my pen its motions.

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