2019 Poetry Form Challenge

14 Sicilian Quintain

The original form had no set form or meter, but later it was formalised into Iambic Pentameter with a rhyme sequence of, a. b. a. b. a.. This form has been used by many great poets and like the Tanka it is a valid and wonderful poetry form in it's own write.

Lets look at an example of the form

And on and on it goes, on through endless time
Never letting go of the person we love.
Two souls always searching for a path sublime
Connected yet apart, always cognizant of
That to others we will always be, a paradigm.

Ryter Roethicle

Sicilian Quintain Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Too Many Goodbyes
Weather Changes

Kathy Anderson

There is a Way

Terry Clitheroe

Adoro che cosa puo mai essere mine
Consiglio Su Amore
Dios Esta Dentro De Nosotros
Dreams Give Wings
Heavenly Spiral
Endless Time
Heavenly Spiral
In My Dreams
Irony's Innocence
Just Goodnight
Kiss Flavoured Winds
Kiss the Start
Life's Circles
Out of a Void
Presence in my mind
Regalo di Amore
Surfing Time
Silent Words
Useful Advice
X The Secret Ingredient
Your Heart Your Guidec

Divena Collins

Desires of Love
Ladies Rights
Lady of Substance
Loves Lament
Of Passion
Perfumed Garden
Sacred Tree
Silent Words
Some Day
Starry Night
Tears ofLove
True Fantasy
Unbetable Quest

Jem Farmer

Dreams in the Dark
Enchanted Murder
Forever and a Day
Gods and Demons
Homeward Bound
Imsomniacs Prayer
Mortal Breath
My Little Bird
New Romance
Positive Thinking
Sparks Fly
Tiny Flower
Waiting Game
Vampyric Love

Maryse Achong

Too Many Goodbyes

For weeks we have been in distress
As death came to our family,
And events rocked us to the core
Whilst we looked on shocked, helplessly.

From every side the bad news came,
No respite to recuperate,
Tragedy struck a cutting blow
Leaving us in an awful state.

A darkness overshadowed me
I searched but could not find the light,
Just so much sadness everywhere
Joy it would seem had taken flight.

Yet life goes on despite the pain,
We're born, we live and then we die,
But no matter how many times
It's always hard to say 'good bye.'


Weather Changes

When sunny skies change into cloudy days
And cheery smiles are replaced by hot tears
When it seems that even the brightest rays
Can't penetrate the gloom nor soothe our fears
No choice but to wait out this passing phase.

Maybe it's just the moon up to old tricks
Perhaps it's Mother Nature with a clue
That although we are warned that stones and sticks
May hurt us, words can pierce us through and through.
Whichever way look out for falling bricks.

When rainy days turn into sunlit skies
And saddened hearts are uplifted with joy
When there is not a tear in smiling eyes
And it would seem that nothing can destroy
Our peace... then give thanks for that priceless prize.

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Kathy Anderson

There is a Way

Where there is a will there's a way to stay,
To stay together as long as it takes,
To take steps one at a time paves the way
The best way to let love grow as it wakes
Awake to desiring as flames light sways.

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Terry Clitheroe

Adoro che cosa puo mai essere mine

I worship what can never be mine,
Nor possibly ever pass for what is a dream,
But I believe that love is a gift divine
And not some silly little archers scheme.
Thus we will wait and bide our time.

Love is a silly state, that makes a fool of us all,
But fools are happiest in that state,
Ever satisfied whilst they hear souls call
And happier still when believed led by fate
Believing it was inevitable what will befall.

Souls are easy guided by their lover's eyes,
Those windows betray what beats inside.
For that flash, that sparkle, cannot disguise,
An aftermath of love that cannot be denied.
So for a while there are just temporary ties.


Consiglio Su Amore

Speak, your heart will guide your tongue what to say.
Then you'll find your words will with love ignite
Come dawn in sweet repose side by side you will lay
Your words of love be no longer fearful of the light
And smile together still as united you greet the day.

From that time your eyes will speak your words
And needing confirmation with a kiss or two
Will be all that's needed and is most preferred
A wealth of kissing is indeed a most heady brew
Then it will be diagnosed that love has occurred.

All days will pass very fast, a sure sign of true love
But the nights will be warm and full of moonlight
And waking will be all that you ever dreamed of.
There will be times of stress, but that to is alright
Just don't go to bed without recovering the above.


Dios Esta Dentro De Nosotros (God is within us)

Each day each thing on Earth asks a question.
The question is, "How shall I shape what I ask?"
Each mortal asks the same I should mention
But in reality only wears a different mask
Thinking he's unique, the world his possession.

The humble bee as she kisses each flower in turn
Pollinating, and ensuring the spread of beauty
Is beautiful within herself having no concern
Her only concern is of the nest and her duty
She works; she cares so well that we must learn.

The lark as she ascends each morn asks herself,
"How loud can I sing what joy below can I bring?"
Her song feeds our senses thinking only of self,
What would happen if in return you should sing
And the only return would be oneself?


Dreams Give Wings

Dreams give wings to my hidden hopes
Causing all my fantasies to take flight.
In my sleep I dare to dream not mope
And bring my deepest desires to site.
Life might be an ever upwards slope.

Yet swift as rain from thunderous skies
Pours sorrow into my proffered heart.
Seeing passion and wanting compromise
Hopeful that something may finally start
And in acceptance find a pleasant surprise.

Fancies give power and strength to all feeling.
My frail imagination reigns suddenly dances,
My mind amazed and my senses reeling
Your look's told me I've more than chances
So I'll take my chances into your hearts stealing.


Endless Time

On and on it goes, on through endless time
Never ever letting go of the person we love.
Two souls are searching for the path sublime
Connected yet apart, and always cognisant of
That to others they will always be, a paradigm.

They do not challenge love, they merely live it
Awake to each others ways and sharing joys
Welcoming changes never fearing to commit
Knowing that secrets in love, always destroys
Smiling as at the end of time Heaven admits.


Heavenly Spiral

That spiral staircase climbing upwards
Was built by love and experience bought,
And then latched aloft by unseen cords
Woven by heavenly thermals of thought
Until finally blessed by two lovers words.


In My Dreams

In my dreams each night, I dream of you
Of perfect love and forever golden days
You stay with me the whole night through
So familiar are you and your loving ways
So perfect are you and the thing you do.

In my dreams I see us walking on a beach
The starry night replaced by days blue sky
And you and I are heavens perfect match.
Then to see that starry twinkle in your eye
It tells me you will ever be in my reach.

Then with the dawn my dreams begin again
A walking dream forever in my thoughts
Some jealous fool would consider me insane
But even though this loves so easily bought
My heart and soul now dwell within my brain.


Irony's Innocence

The cold night wind has settled down now.
Outside winters darkness sends out white breath
Inside no warmer, the war of bitter words grow
And a seeming friendship welcomes sickled death
Who's to care, only two former friends will know?

From one, all that's heard is angry words, now more
For irony's innocence will not pay the cost owed
Good intentions merely adding points to the score
No one can win, and friendship stands back cowed
And saying more just adds fuel to make the fire roar.



Dreams are kept in bidons of water
Satisfying a riders needs, then thrown away
Picked up by a friend and returned later
Or a passing stranger who feels it passe
And exchanges it in market barter.

A breath away to where you where
Yet a life and world away from you
The past has gone, the future I despair
Shared moments past, a promised view
With a future hope that you will care.


Just Goodnight

There is no time or need to think at all
The mood is softened by wine and light
I've seen the afternoon's colours fall
Driving home against the sun so bright
My muse has me now, taken o'er control.

She reminds me of the past and loves lost
And at last a love that makes me whole
Knowing thus, gladly will I meet the cost
One I know too well has touched my soul
Looking out I see the moon smiling over all.

The music and wine has softened the mood
My eyes are ready to close it's the end of day
There is just one final act I have to do
Enough of life today I have viewed
My last thought "I love you" I have to say..


Kiss Flavoured Winds

Kiss flavoured winds are my thoughts
Flesh draped so subtle yet so easy I find
Over mounds of passion richly bought
Lips brushing skin, naked in my mind
Giving flesh form in pastel strokes.

Wind off an ocean whispers and calls
Matching heartbeats with sensing ends,
Guitar strum sounds echoes from walls
Embracing thighs whilst making friends
Movement, touch and sounds enthrals.

Embrace, touch light much loving brought
Wishing to linger in loves hallowed halls
Another kiss and finding I am now caught.
Wind off an ocean whispers and calls
Kiss flavoured winds are my thoughts.


Kiss, The Start

It started with a kiss, two pairs of lips
Eyes shining, looking into each other
Two sets of hands reaching out fingertips
Knowing now there can't be another
All other loves you now eclipse

Together through eternity your soul trips
Reborn, certain as in loves cup you drink
A never ending series of relationships
In the dusk of time you lie back and think
It started with a kiss, two pairs of lips.


Life's Circles

Time grows in rippled rings, spreading out,
Circling round the things that you first did
Sharing something you cannot be without
Words and music your mind can never rid
It is now part of your soul, there is no doubt.

The food, the places you dined are all there
That first night, and the splash you created
Are those ripples of love formed with care
And all that is your love can never be dated
These memories are there for you to share.

As time goes on, those ripples spread more
Events happen, the memories accumulate
Then one day you cease to count the score
Happiness surrounds you and you mate
Smiling, as together you close life's door.



No more the time of magic, it's now that of man
Merlin and his kin have left the stage and sleep
Slumbering in their caves awaiting until when
Once more they must emerge from sleep so deep
Working spells, until once again magic governs

And once again in battle we will see the way
Strength of arm with sword, or axe and shield,
The mighty kings must field and fight the fey
With blow for blow, or spell for spell, or yield
And in the end, weaker magic will lose the day.


Out of a Void

No more the time of magic, it's now that of man
Merlin and his kin have left the stage and sleep
Slumbering in their caves awaiting until when
Once more they must emerge from sleep so deep
Working spells, until once again magic governs

And once again in battle we will see the way
Strength of arm with sword, or axe and shield,
The mighty kings must field and fight the fey
With blow for blow, or spell for spell, or yield
And in the end, weaker magic will lose the day.


Presence in my Mind

You have become a presence in my mind.
I do not like it, for no longer is it free
My thoughts once controlled and simple kind
Now wander off in space and back to thee
And the way our souls around each other wind.

Each waking moment steals my time
In thoughts so different to what was there
Now so natural now to think that I'm
Thinking about someone for who I care
Someone to me who's become sublime.


Regalo di amore, (Gift of love)

Given to the light, is a gift of love
I search the heavens to thank the stars
But all I see are reflections from above
That tells me that this gift alone is ours
What is love but wealth undreamed of.

I see a flight of angels delivering this gift
One who has oft-times drawn his bow
And rarely has his arrow flown adrift.
His victims all possess that special glow
Gained sometimes sneaky, oft-times swift.

I do not question anything about you
You offered your love, I willingly took
If I'd my druthers, I wouldn't change my view
Nor would I ever need a second look
You are the lover that I always knew.


Surfing Time

On the seas of time we will always be,
Board bound to the tides of thought
Awaiting the wave for you, and for me
This board, experience's dearly bought
Those waves of time surfing for eternity.


Units of Love

Heaven is the kiss that never dies
Sadness is a dream that doesn't live
Worst is the feeling of loves demise
Pleasure is the feeling when you give
Your heart, knowing how well it flies.

Music is the joined beating of two hearts
Sometimes a fast dance, more often slow
Then there is a dirge when lovers part
The longing the feeling, that all lovers know
Not long the message wished to impart.

Fingers are movements down your spine
Happiness your touch discovering my face
Possession is three words, "You are mine"
Contentment is the long arms that embrace
And hearing quiet whispers "I am thine".


X The Secret Ingredient

I have lived a long and full life
I'll tell you what I've learned.
There are many days I've faced strife
Every scar I bear I have truly earned
Fate is ever a two edged knife.

One thing I learned was to smile
In spite of all the overwhelming odds
Giving you the edge, things pause a while
Sometimes putting twilight to the sods
It's like an antidote to all the bile.

Happy is the only way to live
It's so much easier being this way
You always receive more than you give
Feeling blessed at the end of each day
Falling asleep with nothing to forgive.

Here's my well known, well proven tip
Wear a smile as you walk out each day
Make sure on your shoulder there's no chip.
Perhaps even hum a tune whilst on your way
And pain and misery you'll easily outstrip.


Your Heart, Your Guide

Speak, your heart will guide your tongue what to say.
Then you'll find your words will with love ignite
Come dawn in sweet repose side by side you will lay
Your words of love be no longer fearful of the light
And smile together still as united you greet the day.

From that time your eyes will speak your words
And needing confirmation with a kiss or two
Will be all that's needed and is most preferred
A wealth of kissing is indeed a most heady brew
Then it will be diagnosed that love has occurred.


Zeberucht...(Eternal Flame)

Tonight as the music plays I remember
Later I will sleep and perhaps dream
Thinking about what lit this fiery ember
That heats my soul to hot extremes
I wonder tonight if you will remember.

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Divena Collins

Desires of Love

I cannot see the sunlight upon thy face
Nor feel a touch of the warmth therein
I cannot listen for there is but no trace
Blind the silent vision hides deep within
Yet believe that loving spirits embrace.

Nigh unto the night when shadows fall
Unforgotten thrills of passions regain
Within pleasure I heard a voice recall
Words of desire that can never restrain
Oh how true loves pleasures enthralls.

Why then must love only be in dreams
No feeling nothing real, only in fantasy
Love has been held within high esteem
Can it be addiction or that of fallacy
I confess to know love is all it seems.


Ladies Rights

So many faces hath a Lady so fair
Expressions to match their mood
And many ways to tie up their hair
But its all for their very own good.
For the essentials of bodily care.

A genteel maid is dressed demure
With locks tied back from her face
Skin is pale unblemished and pure
While adorned in her silk and lace.
Within such grace her suiters lure.

The working lass dressed in sedge
A toughened grey apron clad dress.
To clean and sew and to air the bed
And to mop up their masters mess.
Wherever riding boots might tread.

Cook is plump in her aprons of white
A white cap placed upon her head,
Prepairing meals from morn`til night
Then retires and takes to her bed.
Awaiting to arise`fore dawns pale light.

The Governess taught children grace
And how to survive within this world
For they should be kept in their place
So the upper class remain unfurled.
As they preen in their swathes of lace.

Times have changed it`s not the same
These wives are now equal to rights
And never a man can point the blame
Now their women can get up and fight.
For a ladies vote shall bear no shame.


Lady Of Substance

A Lady she is of much fun and Jollity
Who shall also be modestly demure
A Lady of substance of equal quality
That gentlemen think her as pure
But deeply within crave`s frivolity.

A Lady can use what ever desires
To entice her lover within reasons
To fill her needs she does conspire
For Gentlemen are in for this season
That her fashionable instincts require.

Changing her moods like buying a hat
She just has to look perfectly unique
But deep inside she`s a spoiled brat
It has to be an expensive boutique
For a lady of substance and all that.


Love's Lament

Upon the times I have sat and cried
I had never known what it was about
Love was with me 'twas then I tried
But how shall I begin to do without
When the blessing of love had died.

Memories dwelt within my thought
Of the times we had spent together
But when I feel that he loves me not
And our ways shall part then forever
Though I knew I had loved him a lot.

Why does love have to hurt as such
Why does this sorrow have to be
Shall I never feel his loving touch
What is it that's so wrong with me
Maybe 'twas I who loved too much.


Perfumed Garden

We hath slept the sleep, of a thousand years
Opened wide our eyes upon a sunlit day
Upon a stranger world yet we bore no fear
This land before us, from a distance away
The beauty within had touched us so dear.

A perfumed Garden sweet blossom array
The heavenly scent had tempteth us near
To kneel with angels for e`er we shalt stay
Unto loves paradise there shalt be no tear
For the winds of change stay calm this day.

We opened our eyes to a paradise of love
A beauty within that only lovers shall see
Showers of rainbows that arch up above
Within this beautiful garden of eternity
A divinity we cherished forever thereof.


Sacred Tree

Oh sacred tree where natures treasures lie
So sweet the golden sap that flows therein
Thou gnarled tangled boughs shall never die
Of ancient mystic charms that dwell within
Ever protected from the bleak winter sky.

What magical fantasies might thy now tell
Of dryads and faeries throughout the glade
Of maidens enchanted by their magic spells
That bades the bleak winter solstice to fade
Thy prophesy cast where wise wizards dwell.


Silent Words

Within fragments of my mind I shant despair
The silent words of passion when your near
For thoughts within thy mind I bid thee share
This silent tongue that sheds relentless tears
When soft gentle whispers portray thou care.

Warm the glow of candles reflect thine eyes
That showeth the warmth of love deep within
I hear tender emotions of loves soft sighs
And know within my heart shalt be no sin
For to ignore thy passion would be unwise.

There is a pleasure within thy tender touch
Of restless passions with a need to explore
To submit to feelings that possess so much
That loving hearts shalt forever want more
For silence of words are golden as such.

Artwork by John Waterhouse


Some Day

Some day Aurora`s shall form across the sky
Then we shall learn the secret of the universe
When angels of mercy spreads wings to fly
Their voices thro` winds taught to converse
Soft words to encourage tears not to cry.

Some day soon lovers shall unite together
Their love shall bloom within every season
Then this universal globe shall unite forever
For seasons may glow within loves reason
And intellectual minds shall not fade ever.

But some day when affections seem bolder
All they have learned this day remains fresh
Though memories fade as they grow older
Still shall remain the passions of the flesh
True spirits of love shall ne-er grow colder.


Starry Night

Hail all hail for thou great master of art
That nurtures thy wondrous images true
Painting fine portraits from within thy heart
Or to capture a landscapes sunlit hue
That shalt seek only truth from false apart.

Thy blends perfection with pallette of oils
Oh what pleasures thou portray to the eye
Thy graphic imgination so vividly recoils
Of oceanic waters that blend with the sky
As faded wild flowers contrasts with soil.

Of fields once green now changed unto gold
Bold autumn shades thou produce with flair
Delightful images of the young and old
Works of a genius with precision and care
How joyous to cherish thy treasures behold.

What merits this final artistic achievment
Deep in thy thoughts thou remain resigned
Within artistry thou hath found content
Of natures wonders in abstract design
Thy etchings hath become of heaven sent.

Starry Night. By Vincent Van Gogh


Tears of Love

They cannot see nor shall not hear
Of Inner feelings that hurt prevails
Hide deep inside with silent tears
When gentle words of comfort fails
Upon misted eyes that cannot clear.

Oh why does this love hurt so much
Why must it now cause all this pain
When lovers feel the same as such
Then what have both hearts to gain
Forgiveness with soft tender touch.

Love they say shall not ever run true
How can this be when love is strong
Maybe they both should start anew
Knowing together they now belong
If to share the same point of view.



The silken robe she wore hung loosely bound
Neath` glowing silvery stars upon bales of hay
Silenced the green meadows of natures sound
Patiently waiting for her lover to pass this way
Whereby pleasure and lust shalt be unwound.

How envious of passion the stars shine upon
Of heavenly spirits that bathe upon this night
The Joys that follow love shall soon be gone
When dawn enters forth t`wards morning light
Blessing loves temptation the moon shone on.

Through the haze of a celestial morning dew
The silken robe she wore was then cast aside
Two swans from within bales of hay then flew
Let not their temptations ever be denied
Nor poisons of envious thoughts construe.


True Fantasy

Clear yet deep within my memories eye
I percieve when this planet had first spun
For I watched from the mists thro`the sky
The various countries placed one by one
Of lands and seas and of mountains high.

How beautiful this planet was going to be
With oceans of blue and mountains green
There was nothing like it within the galaxy
The creator invisioned a perfect scene
From a masterful dreamland of fantasy.

Wild the beasts had taken over this land
Of various breeds within land and the sea
Dinosaurs and Mammoths were planned
To roam this new wilderness wild and free
Centuries before this planet was manned.

Down came heavens within torrents of floods
And changed the sea and landscapes anew
An ark was constructed to save their brood
For all the animals to enter two by two
Of healthiest dams with the strongest studs.

I have watched from the mists thro`the sky
Through the good and bad times thats past
I can see into the future with my minds eye
It is time for me to be reborne at last
And now I shall as a Phoenix learn to fly.


Unbeatable Quest

I focus my mind upon dreams that I had
Of places that had once been forgotten
Although my memory is fading so bad
Where remnants of past are begotten.
Whether they were happier times or sad.

Photographs of places I had never been
Within an album with the date unknown
Faces of relatives that I had never seen
Yet I felt they were once to be my own
But within dreams how could I intervene.

I had relatives that never knew I existed
From page after page I scanned through
No names of them ever had been listed
Within faces their images were but few
Yet all of my life the haunting persisted.

How can I know of my relatives bereft
When dreams are fragments of thought
How do I know when theres only me left
Of my lost relatives that I have not got
When dreams left an unbeatable Quest.

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Jem Farmer

Dreams In the Dark

A dream within a dream that calls my name,
And echoes through the night while sleeping still,
That voice that never seems to sound the same,
Yet comes from deep within against my will,
And in that dream, my senses know no shame.

O darker side of love within me dwell,
Possession, obsession familiar traits,
The darkness I have come to know so well,
The baited breath that now investigates,
Unnerving words my dreams cannot repel.


Enchanted Murder

A beauty danced beneath pale moonlight,
While hypnotic song flurried on the breeze,
Distant, the voices tell of magic's flight,
A heart is caught with such apparent ease,
And leads the self into its deathly plight.

A soul lies dying within grasping flame,
Confusion's white heat burning at nerve tips,
Invisible fires bring the pain just the same,
The murderous hold a vice like grip,
And jealousy is her invidious name.


Forever and a Day

Each February brings that special chance,
One day a year to say the words of love,
Without a love to share the wined romance,
Instead I look up to the stars above,
While remembering days when we would dance.

Those nights I held you close, so close to me,
Or held your hand while walking by the shore,
Those times we were young and loving free,
Yet now each day means that I miss you more,
But when I close my eyes you're all I see.

No day goes by without a thought of you,
Each morning brings that now familiar ache,
And skies never seem to be quite as blue,
For you, my heart, I can never forsake,
You are my words and ev'rything I do .

Each February brings that special chance,
One day a year to say the words of love,
I have a love to share divine romance,
When e'er I look up to the stars above,
And remember the time you and I danced.


Gods and Demons

A world of wonder dwells inside of me,
Both gods and demons playing their own part,
My spirit journeys time and space to see,
The greatest truth that echoes in my heart,
As on the wind, I seek my destiny.

In Nature's love, I know I'm truly blessed,
Through all life's pain and strife that I must bear,
And through the joys and love that fill my breast,
I feel the tenderness of Nature's care,
Until, at last, I meet final request.


Homeward Bound

The runic pattern cast upon the ground,
That calls wandering Celt to journey home,
To sacred lands where mighty kings were crowned,
And there hearts dwell while the feet may roam,
Ancient songs of Mystery once more found.

O Celt, now sing the song within your heart,
And love the fertile lands of Mother Earth,
But leave no lasting scars as you depart,
Protect her well for future love and mirth,
Respect her mortal realms of divine art.


Insomniac's Prayer

My eyes blink open as the sun retires,
Another day, another waking night,
A mirrored moon far brighter than sun fires,
The silver beams fill my soul with inner light,
Another night given to her desires.

Yet tears flow easy each night as I weep,
My dream to live my life the right way round,
I fear this climb back is the one too steep,
While lying here and counting sheep confounds,
When all I want to do is simply sleep.


Mortal Breath

The final mortal breath, his love and kiss,
So familiar in an unknown word,
He waits in shadows at the great abyss,
The moment when all can be clearly heard,
He brings certainty to end all of this.

Here or there, no matter where we may roam,
He is the endless veil, the last good night,
He is the laughter as earthy as loam,
His the power that claims the final rite,
Gwynn Ap Nudd escorts our souls safely home.


My Little Bird

I heard my little bird singing the breeze,
I heard her singing on a breath of air,
The air that slowly moves through forest trees,
The old, oak trees where initials declare,
Declarations made upon love's high trapeze.

Old memories recalled again today,
Another day, another time, we knew,
I knew that bird song would echo my way,
The way a joyful song reminds of you,
The you that I hold dear in my heart to stay.


A New Romance

A tune of sorrow played on fiddle strings,
Unanswered questions haunting midnight's hour,
The voice of melancholy softly sings,
Beneath the stars that light the lunar bow'r,
All waiting here for warmth that sunrise brings.

With dawn, the fluffy clouds begin their dance,
While chasing rainbows across the blue sky,
The breeze of early spring now takes its chance,
Just flirting with the budding twigs on high,
The coming of life that sings a new romance.


Positive Thinking

I will think positive so I can be,
To think of defeat means only to lose,
So I shall think of how winning suits me,
And how I will live my life as I choose,
It's all in my mind and my mind thinks free.

The power of thought, a wonderful thing,
My philosophy that lifts my heart high,
I believe in rainbows where bluebirds sing,
And if I want to, I can kiss the sky,
And it doesn't matter what dark clouds bring.


Sparks Fly

Can science explain love, feelings and that?
A mass of theory and odd conjecture,
Of nuclear fusion and milk low in fat,
Should love become just another lecture?
More scientific facts students learn off pat.

Romantic chemistry in a test tube,
Reactions noted of two things in one,
With physics is it mass squared or force cubed,
Can passion be measured by metric ton?
All I know is sparks fly when touching boob!


A Tiny Flower

O sweet white bloom blushing through snow,
You gently kiss the north winds as they pass,
Whispering to winter 'it's time to go',
From your bluey-green leaves like blades of grass,
Sweet drooping bells that mark the seasons flow.

A tiny flower sets the world alight,
And fills a wintered heart with deepest joy,
New life from bleakest days and long icy nights,
Through woods and fields, her bloom Brigid's envoi,
As spring returns into our mortal sight.


The Waiting Game

Beyond these realms, there is no sense of fear,
Mystery reveals a different breath,
A warm embrace to hold the soul so dear,
While in her loving arms we wait for death,
And see her smile, at last she’s standing near.

The end is nothing, let her come tonight,
For death is merely beginning anew,
Thus trust the soul to know the time is right,
As it discards the dismal mortal view,
And leaves to dance within her sacred light.


Vampyric Love

Each night I see her beauty standing there,
My sweet angel of purity and light,
And thus, I know love and want her care,
My broken heart again must turn to night,
And leave behind the dreams of beauty fair.

I am the darkness, she is innocent,
She drinks the fine wine as I sup on blood,
Her human heart could only be misspent,
As I crush her like some flowering bud,
Thus, I suffice on the hint of her scent.

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