2018 Poetry Form Challenge

#13 Sicilian Octave

This is an Italian form that is popular with sonnet writers. Originaly there was no set meter, but using iambic pentameter the suggested pattern is: a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b.
Here is an example.

Lost and Found

I lost my heart to a heart unknown
Hidden deep within my tangled mind
Around which has hard callous grown.
I did not look for love nor expect to find
My mind was set and my heart like stone
And to all temptation I had gone blind.
There is now one that lays claim to me alone
Causing me to leave all my doubts behind.

Ryter Roethicle

Sicilian Octave Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Oh September
Seasons of the Heart
To Everything

Kathy Anderson

Amongst Dead Things
Away with Spring
Cloudy Lake
Seasons in Chaos
Time to Shine
Yes I must

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn in Victoria
Courtly Feeling
Good Night
I Worship
Must I Wait
Non Sequitur
Questions Asked
Return to Normality
Vacuous (Not)
Wings of Love
Zero Promise

Divena Collins

Betane May Blossom
Bermuda Triangle
Cunning Young Fox
If Love Be Blind
Insanity of the Sane
La Musa Artisti
Mists of Time
Natures Survival
One Scattered Seed
Purely Fantasy
Spirits of Devotion
Three Crows
Volcanic Caves

Lorainne Dafney

La Carta Bella

Peggy Nelson

Summertime Blues
Summers Shoreline

Ryter Roethicle

Distance Loving
Hot Summer Nights
Life and Death
Tocchi di Amore
Leny Roovers

Reflections VI
Summers End
Within II

Maryse Achong


Beloved I will never understand
Why I took so much time to recognize
You; when You were right in front of me, and
Were willing me to turn my blinded eyes
On You; but when I took Your outstretched hand
Everything changed; and now I realize
That all else is floating fluff, shifting sand;
A moment that lives fleetingly, then dies.



My phone is dead, it's been that way for days,
The Phone Company said there was a glitch
But who can believe anything it says,
Their drivel's spewed with the flick of a switch.
Ten days passed, but I offered thanks and praise
That I could get 'on line' still, a feat which
They must have overlooked, for they finds ways
To mess things up, 'bad lines' their fav'rite pitch.
Each day they tell me someone will be sent

To check everything out, fat chance of that,
One fellow came and whilst he may have meant
Well, he trekked mud through the house, then he sat
Down, fiddled with the phone; he seemed hell bent
On taking it apart. I take my hat
Off to him; for though the crackling sound went
A deathly silence fell: I still can't chat.
Then yesterday without warning the 'net'

Went 'AWOL.', but they said a technician
Had been assigned to check it, 'not to fret;'
But he's gone 'MIA,' and no one can
Find him; but I would be willing to bet
That both of them have some sinister plan.
When a friend called, thinking that he would get
Me, the phone was answered by a strange man.


Oh September

Come September my heart is always sad
This month has claimed so many I held dear
But truth be told I should hasten to add
The same is so of other months I fear.
But September has also made me glad
So many loved ones birthdays fall in there
And we celebrate every one with mad
Abandon… September you bring good cheer.

We count on your 'petit carem' reprieve
When for a short while the rains cease to fall
And we don't complain when we see them leave
Because by then we've weathered storm and squall.
Although the rain is good you'd best believe,
That after months of wet its charm can pall.
September there is no doubt that you weave
A magic wand that affects one and all.


Seasons of the Heart

"I'm not sure of my season," says the heart
"I never know which period has set in;
Sometimes without warning and with a start
Something happens that sets me in a spin;
Perhaps some mis-aimed love infected dart
From cupid's arrow, much to my chagrin.
I want to rip the stupid thing apart,
But it's firmly imbedded in my skin.

And there are times when I am warm, secure,
Knowing that I am well loved, life is sweet,
But then I fret, demanding something more,
Convinced that I am somehow not complete;
Not a malaise one can eas'ly ignore,
And just as difficult to cure, to treat.
This discontent is painful to the core,
The only option often, to retreat.

But sometimes I'm half dead, no energy
I merely exist, out of whack, askew,
In need of some cardiac therapy,
That is when I call loudly out to You;
For You resuscitate and revive me,
Give added strength so that I feel brand new.
When I'm intact the soul is happy, free
To do the things that souls are meant to do."


To Everything

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace."

I pray that I'll recognize each season
And will accept the things that it demands,
Will not doubt My Lord, demand a reason,
But as they come just place them in His Hands.
For though we may object we cannot shun
Life's events as they move like shifting sands;
There are some things from which we cannot run,
Happy the man who knows and understands.

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Kathy Anderson

Amongst Dead Things

There are flowers beside gravestones and grass
Where the living go to mourn and grasp hands
For amongst the lilies grows also loves mass
Like bunches of daisies waving in stands,
A bit of honey after salty bass
Taking care not to fast, for life demands
Starving out the land or lad as you pass
These bitters are amongst dead things of sands.

Away with Spring

Slowly the sun goes, seasons so follow
Sanguine hours spill, simply the days sway,
Clocks measure all pieces, pastures fallow
Crumbling in brownish leaves, where we'd stay
Heaving sighs as songs. Summers mellow
Hastens from our view, so we keep those days
Memories and watch dancers graying and slow
Match steps in the snows, spring put away.


Cloudy Lake

Ripples, not quite allowing reflections
To be mirrored, making suns light
Dance in heavenly blue-gold profusion
Across the lake, as in a dream of flight,
Winds gently caressing like wing'd visions,
Visible and yet not, like owls of night
Silently seen, eyes glowing emotion
Through a thousand clouds, many tails of kites.


Season in Chaos

Season of chaos now comes to my world
Wandering through dusty days, rainy nights,
Changes from green to gold, quick unfurled
Buds now dropping in death before my sight,
Soon chaos cocoons the earth in it's pearl
Blanket of frozen tears, blindingly light,
Even at dusk all is a twinkle twirl
Delight, for tulips pink await sun's bright.


Time to Shine

Time stands still when you are in my thoughts,
Those that make my heart go a fluttering
Then soar to the mountain top that we've sought,
To find such special peaks, are our gifting.
Upon the steps to Edens doors we wrought
Utterly golden moments of loving,
Unspent dreams tossed like shimmering coins bought
Until the last pleasure dropped, shining.


Yes, I Must

Yes, I must wait to speak of
The eternal love and desire we share
For what is dared and pursued is above
Such a pursuit, nor daring shall I spare.
Showing I care, sure that you do love
Certainly now prayers answered are there,
Past has gone, now we are through the first trove
We're doves alighting upon bright clouds fair.

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Terry Clitheroe

Autumn in Victoria

The northerlies are less frequent now
The bite has gone from the constant sun
Instead the southwesters begin to show
And a little rain, let's hope La Nina's begun.
There's a colour that pervades each bough
The fresh green leaves now are all gone,
It'll be four months before nature will allow
Come September we'll see Winter's done.

Next month, Winter will again turn life sane,
The morbid colours do not attest to death
There will be greenness to the land again
When Nature wakes and takes a breath.
Eucalyptus mist looks for marshes to drain.
The birds are active still in Wattles and Fanteth
Watching me knowing I'll share Piggys grain
Unafraid, now follow me, demanding their tithe.



Its 7.30 am already a big fat bee is busy at work
Each purple flower bouncing as she lands there
Then flouncing once again as she leaves with a jerk
That casts her off with sacred seeds stuck to her.
She seeks not reward but neither would she shirk
The offer of a drop of that hallowed yellow
Juice that's goodness cleans moods of murk
To that of George Shearings mellow.


Courtly Feelings

My love, I want to grow old with you,
But a long life can never be my destiny
Doubtless we both know this to be true.
And when you die I pray it will be me
Waiting at the gate, to meet and guide you
Together we'll turn as one towards eternity
Two souls Kissing as they are want to do.

As spirits, in love again we will ignite
The flame of love, once more together
Ever bound, ever will I be your knight
Devoted to you my sweet Queen forever
Every wish I shall champion with delight
My very soul I offer to loves endeavour
The Holy Grail of love is within my sight
Overcoming all in my path whatever.


Good Night

It is now that special time of night
There is no time or need to think at all
The mood is softened by wine and light
The muse has me and taken o'er control.
She reminds me of the past and loves bite
And at last a love that makes me whole
Knowing thus, gladly will I quit the fight
Now I know well you've touched my soul.

The music is softer now, thinking of you
My eyes are ready to close it's the end of day
Even more the wine has softened my mood
Soon I'll have my love with whom to play
There is just one final act I have to do
Close the lid and put my laptop away
Enough of life today I have viewed
My last thought "I love you" I have to say.


I Worship

I worship what can never be mine,
Nor possibly ever pass for what is a dream,
And so I will wait and bide my time.
For she is real, and all that love may seem.
Love's a silly state, foolishness is not a crime,
But fools are happiest when love's supreme,
And are happier still as their spirits climb,
Even more satisfied seeing their souls gleam.

Souls are easy guided by their lover's eyes,
Those windows betray what beats inside.
For that flash, that sparkle, cannot disguise,
An aftermath of love that cannot be denied.
So in that while there are more permanent ties,
And in that belief, other things are laid aside
With love making us fools are we not as wise
In that foolishness how can love have died?


Non Sequitur

I advise you do not walk behind me
I do not wish to lead and I am not lost
Walk alongside where we both can see.
I wonder how much that bicycle cost?
Do you know how much a respray can be?
I wandered lonely as last nights Frost
Until I realised last week had Saturday
Seeing on my blazer what was embossed.



Sleep gives wings to all hidden dreams
And causes my fantasies to take flight.
In my sleep I dare to imagine schemes
Welcoming my deep desires each night.
Yet swift as rain from thunderous beams
Pours sorrow into my somnambulistic sight
Changing the tempo of passioned screams
Into a painful, and acrimonious plight

What kind of beast dwells so deep within
That lends power and strength to this,
Tearing at my soul leaving me reeling,
What causes lesser harm than fancies kiss?
'Stead sends imagination away, stealing,
Any amorous intent into a black abyss.
Less virtuous lovers live on unfeeling
Whilst I alas gave sleep tonight a miss.


Question Asked

You spoke to me of love, a love extraordinary
And yet we are no different than any other pair
In our love, we know it's what we want to be
We are two lovers that do more than just care
And no less for giving to each other completely
Instead each day our hearts believe what's there
Realising the depth of love twixt you and me
And it is ordained that it should last forever.


Return to Normality

The noisy chatter of early morning rain
And large droplets fall but only offer wetness
Silences the dawn chorus with promises vain
Vague threats of an end to ages of dryness
Dark sonorous clouds have returned again
But will unload at some less needy address
Is nature just a tease where it stays the same
As soil becomes drier leaving a cracked mess.

Dry earth pleads for Mother Nature to share
Once again diamonds splatter on windscreens
Far off flashes and crashes answer the prayer
Giving hope to all, and promises of dreams
The distant thunder rolls warning, "Prepare".
Yet lover look and all is seen is loving beams
But dreams are often dashed to those who care
And just by loving present affectionate scenes.



Sometimes a wanderer may see many things,
And just as often many lessons learns
In apprehension, to the past he clings
Experience found as homeward he turns.
Yet hope still lingers and once again he rings,
Words spoken, promises made, he returns,
Will she be the one who will make his heart sing,
And casts his lot with chance, still fearing burns.

Her smile speaks more than words could say,
And her eyes speak volumes of her intent
She stands with a look that says "Never go away"
One hug, one kiss, says all was said and meant
How can there be doubts, or no desire to stay,
Only his touch will say he is now content
They wine and dine, and meet love all the way
And finally fate gives her willing consent.


Vacuous (Not)

You have become a presence in my mind.
I do not like it, for no longer is my mind free
My thoughts once ccontrolled and simple kind.
Instead, my waking time is taken up with thee
Wandering off in spaces that leave me blind
Thinking of things that I would like to be,
Or the way our souls around each other wind
And of the future, of love and of you and me

In my minds eye I can see you everywhere
Each waking moment into my mind you climb
With thoughts so different to what was there.
Now it is so natural to think that I'm
Thinking about someone for who I care
Someone to me who's made my life sublime
Someone who once again makes me dare
To think that love can last over all of time.


Wings of Love

The breath of a silent night is broken
Unspoken mouthing's of loves vows
And looks speaking, offering a token
Emotions awaken as feelings arouse
Promising a match created in Heaven.
I hear the echo of feelings you espouse
Speaking of love through time unbroken
Like all good things that ages only mellow.

As you wrap your wings around my heart
This way Eternity could never be enough.
Your spirits touch laces me with golden art
Finally my soul is smooth no longer rough
Wings fly us anywhere on Heavens chart
The breath of a silent night, is just a puff
This special love that we have is set apart
From any others, it's made from better stuff.


Zero Promises

The strong hot wind of summer has gone
With its blasts that set half our world alight
Now to some other world has been drawn.
And an early onset of winter we must fight
Each morning to work we face a later dawn
With teasing clouds that bring cold not light
But with their promise of rain withdrawn
A lack of water once again gives us fright.

A winter promise of rain has not been made
Only of Sou-westers bringing icy blasts
And while Antarctica ice expands where laid
We here in her path receive those icy casts
No warm Pacific tides with the surf parade
Whilst up the road snow fields hear forecasts
That speak of what all the skiers have prayed
What is more certain is the promise of droughts.

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Divena Collins

Beltane May Blossom

Come the month of May upon Beltane day
maidens shall dance beneath the bowers
of the may tree blossoms spring time array
belief of the ancient cast mystical powers
pastoral rituals chant on the month of may
for April come`s wilder within her shower.
shalt be then that ancient scripture`s say
ne-er cast thy cloak until May shall flower.


Bermuda Triangle

I see a vision before me cast amast
the ocean waves of a deep blue sea
looked to me like some kind of raft
from an ancient galleon broken free
or an inborn buchaneers handicraft
so endearing as this fantasy may be
only yesterday was that of the past
for he held out kindred hands to me.

Who art thou my kindly seafarer bold
of visions before me I cannot control
the night is dark and the sea is so cold
come now my comrad save not thy soul
fore thy memory remains as blind fold
having crossed the seas magnetic pole
visions before me shall not be untold
shalt fiery passions be cast as whole.

I am Neptune of the deep sea waves
who speaks of danger that lies ahead
beware of the perils of sunken caves
for destiny lies upon the oceans bed
as interest shall open up the graves
cast not an eye upon the living dead
deprived of love which nature craves
of fates unsuspecting victims misled.

Be aware of high winds within motion
that breathe's threats of a wild wind
cast not thy nets upon an angered ocean
for waters shalt convert a human mind
that shows not of natures true devotion
enticed within love of a mermaids kind
but human instincts show no emotion
when they say that loving is truly blind.


Cunning Young Fox

A snow bound fox is a cunning creature
can tell by the slant of his sleekit eyes
dependant upon an instinctive feature
he may or may not reveal his disguise
shall only be of his playful behaviour
for a fox shall be witty crafty and wise
plays a great part upon an inborn nature
yet within his scent he may gain his prize.

Survival of the fittest shall forever be
not dependent upon an animated form
a foxes instincts through cunning is he
within his wisdom he may soon transform
playfully with intent upon tit bits for free
whether it shall be a sand or snow storm
keen within eye he may strive just to see
but O' what fun shall he have to perform.


If Love Be Blind

If love be blind it is I who cannot see
tho' eyes are the windows of my mind
from memories that are ne'er to be free
of sorrow that shall not the past unwind
no matter how painful feelings shall be
consolement of the heart is hard to find
within the near future I shall not foresee
for my eyes within love may e'er be blind.

Honoured love that hath been forasaken
wanton dreams that hath been led astray
for endearing thoughts had been mistaken
and moments have come to throw all away
when the spoils of love shall then awaken
threads of passion woven within disarray
when trusting harmony shall remain shaken
may be much amends with a floral bouquet.


Insanity Of The Sane

Hidden voices within a bewildered mind
images that bare no meaning of wisdom
upon clouds of mist sanity is hard to find
recognition of familiarity may be seldom
jumbled thoughts remain cannot unwind
and frustration pays the price of boredom
demonstrating anger of yet another kind
that may re-occur excessively at random.

There is a thin line twixt sane and insanity
who really knows what our fortune may be
men who have discovered the law of gravity
architects who design great cities by the sea
great artists once sane resign to depravity
for within his wisdom he longed to be free
yet they remain forever within immortality
not one had studied for his masters degree.


La Musa Artisti

Of an artistic stance what shall we chose
may it be left to an imaginative illusion
for some you gain and others you lose
written verse may be just an intrusion
that may not duplicate anothers muse
it shall only end up in much confusion
but a poet may seek in a different view
upon images within a final conclusion.

Composers of music are much the same
musical images of notations and staves
cast together within melodies of fame
creating a muse of rhythmatical waves
but only a musician shall ne-er disclaim
be it a new version or that of a knaves
it is not within worth to take the blame
though popularity she secretly craves.

An author may strive to invent her story
one that has never been written before
craves within her instinct to obtain glory
page after page she may reach her score
chapters ahead comply with her theory
upon volumes never composed before
yet never within her lifetime`s memory
has she been inspired to write no more.

Erato the Muse Of Poetry


Mists Of Time

I saw the mist of time within his eyes
deeply embedded in a wrestless mind
he bore much sorrow and felt the pain
how and when shall he ever unwind
he was a man without future to gain
torment had rendered him as blind
yet within his mind he remains sane
Oh`why must this fate be so unkind.

Cast aside with friendship forbidden
from so called friends that turn away
feelings of hurt shall ever be hidden
that all the heartaches feared to say
what was his life if not just a burden
yet proudly displays on memorial day
of insight that was for ever beholden
as he knelt down upon earth to pray.

Yet he could love truly alike no other
senses grew stronger and so sublime
for inner passions was his to uncover
casting his thoughts to another time
for he never forgot how to be a lover
when he was young and in his prime
but now within age he shall discover
the day he served a victimized crime.


Natures Survival

Wonders that shalt not cease to exist
within earth sea and the sky
of waters free and a heavenly mist
upon rocky mountains high
that towers above the clouds adrift
where the golden eagles fly
within strength and will they persist
eager to hunt, keen of eye.

Cast not a shadow on the land below
within the pastures green
nor a stream where the waters flow
within a meadow serene
nor shade the sky of a carrion crow
that shall not be unseen
may perils of nature never bestow
harm to a natural scene.


One Scattered Seed

A scattered seed that the winds of time blew
seperated entirely from seed pods unknown
within natures universe there was all but few
nothing upon the planet had ever been sown
though earth was young yet not a thing grew
but promise of culture was soon to be shown
not all natures seedlings remains but as true
one little seed lands upon earth unbeknown.

Settled here on earth a seed found her roots
'midst clover and bluebells of woodland scene
alas within strangers she could not commute
tho' shaped like stars she should not have been
she was simply not the same breed of fruit
nothing could they settle that was in between
remaining within stature a weed of ill repute
to communicate with others was so unforseen.

Such is the same as the present human race
though we are all within this planet together
for their is no other humanity within space
yet a similar outlook harshness shall tether
if only 'midst humans we should all embrace
humans may not be birds of the same feather
but surely it is wiser if we should all interlace
then two seeds of life may bloom both together.


Purely Fantasy

Come my love come now close thine eyes
feel the warmth within twixt thee and me
come sleep my love 'fore the sun doth rise
for the gentle calming ripplets of the sea
shall entice a freedom where a lover lies
searching, ever searching,for what may be
a climaxed moon sighs soft upon paradise
where love shall forever be wild and free.

Whisper softly of sweet words thy endow
touch me but gently with thy loving touch
there are the moments love shall bestow
intimacy from a lover may please as much
whilst the sap from natures charisma flows
endearing dreams may be calming as such
when all the time it shall be as love grows
desired dreams that ne-er remain nonsuch.


Spirits Of Devotion

Love is akin to the depth of the ocean
powerless within calm waters serene
to ebb and flow upon a tides emotion
that both lovers shall soon intervene
weakness preys upon lovers devotion
very similar as upon the pastures green
why shall there be as much commotion
within an ocean all may remain unseen.

Washed ashore on a sun baked desert
waves of sunami that cause no shame
for no soul on land had heard the alert
yet only two souls had arisen to fame
of spiritual harmony once more revert
but the ocean beneath them lay tame
as fantasies of the past shall re-assert
predominant proof has none to blame

Still they may haunt forever and after
to arise as spirits that turned the tide
listen to the song of spiritual laughter
for a life after death shall be certified
she was his lady and he was her master
what they had once and now so denied
that shall never be thought of a disaster
they remain as lovers of an ocean wide.


Three Crows

Three crows within thy hook'ed beaks
Pecks upon morsels that death impails
keen of eyes within prey they do seek
within haste and open wound entrails
the scent of death spares ne-er a leak
swooping down upon wings like sails
that strikes upon the timid and meek
'tis loss of blood and breath that fails.

Bleak is the outlook of a victims fate
yet they cast naught of ruffled feather
for crows have a good immortality rate
they shalt survive and perish not ever
'tis the meek that they shalt desecrate
survival of the fittest may perish never
such is the power of a stronger trait
cunning of nature naught shall sever.

Cast not a shadow on earths cold floor
fear yet of natures wicked incarnage
lest thou shalt not come back before
a power of evil may hold thee bondage
within three crows thy shalt be no more
thy spirit form shall be upon a rampage
interred deep within earths final core
nor shalt there be no returned passage.


Volcanic Caves

Such the scarcity of space within land
man may occupy where he sees fit
as livelihood is upon priority demand
for cave men dwelt in a mountain pit
there were no tools then within hand
it was then they had a keen use of wit
which took some years to understand
to discover the invention of a tool kit.

High upon a mountain the eagles soars
over shadowing a valley down below
his keen eyes watch the natives chore
but why should his interest now grow
cant they just fathom of natures floor
tools are but needed thus they know
to measure a cave is but four by four
and a tunnel out back for water flow.

Mortar and bricks may follow on later
much to envision for a primeval man
central heating was not of his stature
inventions then were as time began
that never intended to be a feature
yet he loved his woman within plan
more than any other living creature
that survived within a primeval span.

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Lorainne Dafney

La Carta Bella

I run my hands on it, I will not wait
To express my feelings with form and grace
I can't predict their journey or their fate
All these thoughts are now on a paper chase
To lift someone's spirits they won't be late
Try to imagine the joy on the face
Whispering words of love to celebrate
Thoughts from the heart left for you to embrace

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Peggy Nelson

Summertime Blues

Summertime blues of sun drenched days
Laughter of children playing all around
Grown-ups lazin' in hammocks lost in a dreamy haze
In the mysterious mind of some forbidden playground.
Summer winds bringing monsoons to all time heights,
No longer seeing a soul in sight

Temperatures scorching animals, land and mankind
Summertime blues hitting all time highs
Power outages killing nature and dreamy mind
Electrical demands high; money's burnt time to say bye-bye
Bugs, animals, humans crawling to water their thirst
Another Summer wasted in the sweltering sunrays burst


Summers Shoreline

Walking alone by waters shoreline
Feel softness of silky soft sand
Feel, feelings rush in sublime
Recall loved ones gentle hand
Feeling peaceful and refine
Listen to soft waves musical band
Feel summers touch feel divine
While walking the sandy beach land

Feel the water as it ebbs and flow
Reminisce while gazing in space
Embrace thoughts from moonlights glow
Feel the breeze again touch with grace
Walk in silence, feel loving emotions grow
Relaxing at ones own given pace
Gather serene thoughts to show
and embrace tomorrows chase

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Ryter Roethicle


Because of fate we must live apart
Life has decreed it must be this way
Knowing now what is in my heart
We seize each moment, each new day
Tempering souls whilst separate
With other souls we stop and play
Because of fate we must live apart
Life has decreed it must be this way

Drawing strength, learning the art
Treating life as if we are in a play
Or what lays on the muses chart
Wondering if will we meet today
Bare our soul and offer our heart
Sharing that look that eyes betray.
Because of fate we must live apart
Life has decreed it must be this way.


Distance Loving

Too soon time flies, then lovers part
Then spend their time regretting waste.
Because of other thoughts at the start
Should wasted times together be replaced?
Do you think, you have left your heart
Somewhere where it will be carefully placed,
Lasting promises forever play their part
And although apart is still never a waste.

Consider only that you two were there
As lovers who spent one short while
Sharing and laying your souls out bare.
Where love and honesty is the only style
You finally met someone and truly care.
Although your separated by many a mile
Time will go by and you only need to dare
To wait until once again you see that smile.


Hot Summer Nights

Fireworks thunder way over in the East
Welcoming adventures to this shore,
And while the strangers drink and feast
Hear crackers flash and watch rockets soar.
But here is peace and the noise decreased
And here I write and wax poetic scores,
Reading and drinking good wine at least
With gentle thoughts that are never a bore.

Alone with my thoughts as music plays,
My love lies isolated from these scenes.
Whilst in her garden winter still lays
With gentle thoughts and tiptoe dreams.
Hot summer nights the Cicadas phase
Are stifled by midnight's hot streams
Trembling waves from walls, almost ablaze
And in the distance hear music's screams.

Night quietens now as celebrations close
'Cept occasional planes on finals o’er head
Suddenly from the Port there's a wild noise
And a final cheer before they go home to bed.
The radio is silent with no more applause
The wine and time make my limbs like lead
Deciding it's time now, I'm starting to doze
And have gentle thoughts and dreams I need.


Life and Death

With the start of each and every life,
There must also begin a time to end.
The pain of birth shared by a midwife,
Then we grow up sharing with a friend.
The same with love, as it is with life
We dream of one of whom we blend,
But all too often love turns to strife
What was love we're forced to descend

The pattern starts when strangers meet
Forming its shape with each passing day.
Problems will make love grow or find defeat
With truth and friendship, there can be no decay
And builds something stronger than concrete
Knowing with that person you wish to stay
The end of life is where soul partners greet
Holding hands, walking to the stars for eternity.



I am a nightingale and a singer of the truth
This flower is my symbol and my love.
Each night I sing my praises to her youth
With the coming of dusk I replace her dove.
Lovers walk in dreams listening to my sooth
My songs, and speak of what they dream of.
They know my song will make love smooth
As their dreams and plans forwards move.

But at the end of night I see the dawn and know
The Gods love us and reward us with fresh hope.
I will sleep now, heavenwards my dreams will go
Know what will happen is well within my scope
Fortunately I can sleep whilst the time goes slow
Come the dusk I revive and all I see I can cope
So it has been for ages we all survive somehow
Anyone that disagrees is naught is simply a dope!


Tocchi di amore

I touch you, and as I do I watch your eyes
Your look softening to that of feline glee
At first your taken by a pleasant surprise
Then at last close and ecstasy I can see.
The mirror cannot hide from me any lies
As I feel you relax and surrender to me
As fingers work gently all I hear are sighs
And knots and tension from you now flee.

Leny Roovers


As autumn's early shadows cast their spell,
mid-afternoon sighs lightly with the breeze;
small sparrows' twitter rises to a swell,
while Sun is losing power by degrees.
Most trees still prance like mature autumn belles,
with waving heads they bow- a last reprise.
Clouds filter midday light and spiders dwell
in silken webs they spun between the trees.

The dishwasher downstairs still thrums his tune,
while my computer hums along in key;
all well-known sounds of Sunday afternoon,
now come together in day's symphony.
I smile, because to hear this is a boon,
a different view of life's own potpourri.
With generous moves the Sunday songs are strewn-
and I am grinning at my mental spree.



Earth slowly lifts her face as sunlight fades;
she feels warm fingers linger on her skin
while on the sea long shadows play charades
and with a sigh, the evening breeze sets in.
As spheres are streaked with red in fiery grades,
top heavy rain clouds show a golden chin;
on the horizon gilded ships parade-
their rustling sails are shimmering like tin.

When Sun turns to the west to go to sleep,
the eastern sky is folded in dark shrouds;
along its edges night's gray witches creep-
they pull soft folds of black over day's clouds,
herded together, like a flock of sheep.
Last light retreats beneath the waves, now ploughed
with golden furrows, for tomorrow's reap-
a shining harvest of Sun's seed- now sowed.



In bridal whites young Morning shows her face;
as floating veils trail from her high piled hair,
Sun adds a touch of gold to shining lace
and paints pink ribbons in sky's pale blue air.
As Morning bows her head with solemn grace,
her witnesses fold hands in silent prayer.
When Sun has sent his blessing, warm embrace,
her veils are lifted and day's feast is shared.



The sounds of night are different than by day,
more distinct, in the silence that prevails;
I lie awake and hear geese on their way
to warmer regions, flying head to tails.
On their long flight south, no one goes astray.
Much nearer to my window, magpie tales
are shared, high in the elm-trees, with blue jays,
they chatter loudly over each detail.

Far in the distance on the motorway,
some late-night travelers leave gold-red trails.
Their cars hum softly in night's darkest gray-
in wordless duet with the autumn gales.
Close to my ears, loud purring now betrays
the presence of one of my cats, her tail
touches my cheek in swift caress, she plays
with shadows, lies in wait and then assails.


Reflections VI

I watch white clouds drift south on zephyr's hint,
a solitary gull soars in their wake.
While poplars' topmost leaves compete in sprint,
thin, silver fumes of planes shift into snakes.
As autumn's pale blue brush gives sky new tints,
I see how clouds dissolve in mirrored lake.
Reflections of tall trees in water's print,
end soft rippling, after a final shake.

Inside, all thought-ships harbour in mind's lee-
the inner storm subsided, when observed;
my heart beats strong and slowly, I am free
from strain as inner peace has been preserved.
As sunlight causes shadows of tall trees,
a small dog tries to catch them in swift swerve;
a flock of crows walk stately, they don't flee
for yapping dogs- repose in life conserved.


Summer's end

With russet brush young Autumn paints my trees and berries blush from orange to deep red; birds eat their bellies full, while our last bees search dying summer's last few flowers' spread. Above, in cool blue early morning breeze, geese train their young, while elders take the lead; though flight formation's taught with expertise, the thought they will be leaving, evokes dread. Summer has died, before she came of age, never outgrew her childhood days this year; her life was spent in late spring's blazing rage, when Sun stroke at his fiercest, days were seared. No one could change poor Summer's final stage, she slowly withered, till she disappeared. While hues of Autumn turn a different page, we take our leave of Summer, still so dear.



Within the hidden chambers of my heart,
I feel your presence as I call your name.
Your face is chiseled on my inner chart,
you are the distant goal for which I aim.
I might be frightened when day's lights depart,
but all I have to do is seek your flame;
I fix my eyes on you as you impart
the inner knowledge that I trust, acclaim.

You take me by the hand to bring me home,
my steps soon find the rhythm to match yours;
I'll gladly walk with you, no longer roam-
my world looks brighter as I do day's chores.
One day I'll know the peace within your dome,
When you'll have lead me to your quiet shores.
Inside I hear the praise-filled sound of Om,
I follow each inflection, my soul soars.

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