2018 Poetry Form Challenge

#05 Common and Hymnal Measure

Common Measure

This is a multi stanza form consisting of three rhymes alternating with Iambic Tetrameter, (4 feet) and Iambic Trimeter, (3 feet).
Using the folk song "House of the rising sun it gives a suggested pattern of:

There is a house in New Orleans,
They call the rising sun.
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy,
And God, I know I'm one.

Hymnal Measure

This is a stricter form than the Common, and consists only of two rhymes still alternating with Iambic Tetrameter and Trimeter, using "Amazing Grace", gives a suggested pattern of:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

from John Newton's "Amazing Grace"

Common and Hymnal Measure Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

A Big Puzzle
Dream Breakers

Kathy Anderson

Breath of Sunshine
Empty Hands
Pains Race

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Striptease
Before she fully wakes
Foreigner in my Own Land
Golden Dragons
Hidden Images
Just a Short While
Kilroys Puzzle
No Choice
Out of a Void
Travel With Me
Zus Sprch Liebe

Divena Collins

Dawns Awakening
Eternal Flame
From Russia With Love
George Verses Fred
Golden Thoughts
Hearty Shipmaytes
John Barleycorn
Lancelot and Guinevere
Maid of the Past
Northern Winds Blow
Poetic Muse
Reaching Out
Rainbow Wizard
Swamp Thing

Lorainne Dafney


Jez Farmer

Catkins Dance
Hymn to Beauty
To Vegetarianism
Voice of Someone
Windswept Snow

Peggy Nelson

Life Changes

Leny Roovers


Dinah Serritelli


Maryse Achong

A Big Puzzle (HM)

A little piece of paradise
Is what here used to be
Where life was sweet; to be precise
We called it 'God's country.'

What could have made the people change,
Filling them with this greed,
And although you may find this strange
Some claim 'wealth', some say 'need.'

The boom days are here once again
And for some all is well,
But many still sing the refrain,
That 'poverty is hell!'

Some feel the drug trade is to blame,
It's every where you turn;
It starts at home, yet others claim,
Both cause for grave concern.

One generation has been lost,
And one is in distress,
'Progress' came at too high a cost,
And now we're in a mess.


Dream Breakers (CM)

Myriad thoughts assail my mind
Breaking my reverie,
Without even a 'by your leave'
They take this liberty.

Like angry bees some buzz around
Stinging repeatedly,
Whilst others like butterflies float
And then alight gently.

Questions and answers do a dance
That leaves me quite dizzy
Until at last I say "Enough!"
Causing them all to flee..


Games (CM)

Some puzzles can be lots of fun
Intriguing 'til the end,
Whilst others are so nerve wracking
They drive you 'round the bend!'

No cat and mouse games for me please,
And no more 'Hide and Seek,'
For often times those childish games
Can cause a fit of pique.

I've tired of 'Riddle a Ree,'
And Blind Man's Bluff's okay,
But if given my choice of game,
Scrabble is what I play


Life (CM)

A stream of 'hellos' and 'goodbyes'
Sometimes too much to take,
And I wonder where the time flies,
It takes my breath away.

Yet how I cherish those old ties
Each one for its own sake;
And 'til one or the other dies,
Those bonds are here to stay.


Words (HM)

At times I think that you are near,
Am sure I hear you speak
My name out loud and I can swear
I feel you touch my cheek.

Sometimes I play a song and sense
That you are there; and I
Am overcome by an immense
Feeling of joy, I cry.

And though so many years have gone
Since we were made to part,
The words you wrote to me live on
Imprinted on my heart.

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Kathy Anderson

Breath of Sunshine

Sunshine in a bottle of dreams,
That's what is needed most,
Like air beneath wings of sure schemes,
Breathe in me so I won't get lost.


The Eyes

It all gets explained with two eyes,
All the reasons we give with words
Cannot fathom the depth not highs,
The whys and passions so expressed.

Some are blue, some are green or brown,
They share so much, rest assured,
Having it all, yet still they frown
With whys and passions so expressed.

The look of you is more than shared,
It is a puzzle that's explained
When you see into pools of care,
The whys and passions so expressed.


Pains Race

I want to pick up this pen now
And throw it at the face
That only gives me looks of how
Much hate it has, no more grace,

No more than contempt will allow.
Nothing but hurt wins aces,
Love finds no peace nor place right now,
Pain wins all the places.

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Terry Clitheroe

Autumns Striptease CM

Now that summer's almost over
Autumn's striptease begins
But not lush verdant growth, rather
Water starved urchins.

It seems like rain has gone forever
Poor nature's children's sins
Are only those of loss of water
And pray that soon it rains.

What was green is browny cover
Burnt by days constant suns
Rain will cleanse and make green ever
Eventually nature wins.


Before she fully wakes CM

Early morning light plays gently
On her sleeping form
And the morning sun's golden rays
Are pleased to keep her warm.

The warmth of suns embrace, bless her
In the early hours of dawn
The sound of the morning chorus
Is heralding her alone.

With a happy smile and a stretch
She's embracing the morn
The whole world is so happy now
This day has now been born.


Corruption CM

The black trees in my minds corner
Grow rancid with death's fruit.
Corruption and the smell of sulphur
As my body takes root

Decaying stench forms on my breath.
The worms tear and butcher
My flesh again to the earth restoreth
The soil takes me to her

Finally earth becomes one with flesh
Time erases my crypt
My soul rests again in Asgoreth
Soon life'll write another script.


Foreigner in my Own Land (HM)

The people down here for breakfast
Mostly Korea or Japan
Smiling, chatting in their tongue
Things I don't understan'.

Most of my friends have gone away
To their families and homes.
Save for my students who're waiting
I find myself quite alone.

In the taxi that takes me to work
Struggling with what I say
An Indian that's been here six months
I've to show him the way.

We travel to work, me leading
Midst flashing lights and horns
I climb out the car hard breathing
Happy to find I'm alone.


Golden Dragon (CM)

The golden beast wheeled, circled
Aloft in the des'rt sun.
As old as time, born before man
And history had begun.

The sand below hazy, shimmered
In early morning heat
Spiralling thermals shooting upwards
Joined with lazy wing'd beat.

And as he glided and spiralled
Flying as if in a trance
Seeming to the watchers below
Just like a merry dance.

But as he flew he was listening
To the heavens above;
Until suddenly he heard her
The sound of his true love.

The gold on his scales was flashing
Blinding watchers on Earth,
Shooting upwards and heaven bound
To where dragons give birth.

For Dragons aren't Earthly creatures
They're creatures gifted by Gods
Not evil and never malicious
Mans greed put them at odds.

The Gods loved these gentle creatures
Gave scales of purest gold
Man, ever greedy and cunning
His own evil he told.

Always blaming it on dragons
His own murderous needs
Thanking George and more like him
With sainthood's for their deeds.

The dragon flew towards the sun
Up to his wife and child.
His wings beating in fervent haste
Heart beating, oh so wild!!


Hidden Images (CM)

It's good to hear the birds again
The heat's gone for a while
I hear them almost before dawn
Their chatter makes me smile.

I heard them then, but not in the heat
They had found somewhere cool
They did not chat, they did not fly
And those that did are fools.

The sky was blue, no birds were seen
Only man was out that day
Complaining about the bloody heat
And again, that's his way.

Listen take a lesson from the birds
And stay out of the heat
Stay cool and drink lots of water
That way, just can't be beat.


Hopeful Heart (CM)

Tread soft my dreams are at your feet,
Take care else you step on them
Don't treat them light, they're all I have
Please don't laugh or condemn.

That look you gave made me complete,
Transformed me again.
Our lives now slowly interweave
You're the rose, I'm the stem.


Just a Short While (CM)

For just a short while she dreamed
Whilst moons shone on oceans.
Her dreams were of previous scenes
Memories living emotions.

Times of love that she would repeat
again, not just memories.
Creating a future full of recall
Times and loves certainties.

She smiled, again remembering
On the beach in the rain.
But now they were so much older,
And no longer refrain.

But in truth what e're teens begin,
With chagrin must maintain
Then because of that each loving,
Will never be the same.


Kilroys Puzzle HM

Moonlight creates a silver land
A land of beauty forever
In lovers hearts and revelries
Sure it will endeavour.

No matter how lovely or grand
Lovers sometimes sever
And with the dawn those memories
Makes a puzzle ever.

With the night what ere is planned
Enhanced by whatever
Will last as long as fate decrees
And guarantee it never.


Midnight (CM)

You hear the church bells ring midnight
Suddenly blood runs cold
Thirteen is the number counted
Thirteen is what was toll'd.

You feel it rather than hear it
Soft padding canine feet.
Stop, listen now more closely
Hear it! Not your heartbeat

The steady patter over yonder
A lupine leap away
You loose your sword, check your pistol
Now's the time, learn to pray.

"My God" you say and plead, "help me"
God cannot hear tonight
A million souls are praying
All threaten'd by Hells might.

Then you smell its hellish odour
Sulphur with death and blood
You hear the beast's heavy breathing
The horse you ride gone wood.

Try as you may you cannot move it
The beast, fixed to t'ground
Your spurs dig in and sorely hurt it
Blood is running from t'wound.

The hellish creature sniffs the air
The scent of fear and blood
Nectar to all Satan's creature's
It's Ambrosia, its staple food.

You draw your pistol from the holster.
Drawing comfort from its touch
Drawing back the pistols hammer
Feeling now you are its match

Seeing its leaping straight at you
Hitting in heart and head.
Not one moment has it faltered
It can't be killed with lead.

Silver bullets, kill a werewolf
Realising where you lie
Feeling the creature rip you open
Hear screaming as you die.

So take warning on all Hallows
At night in bed you lie,
Keep silver bullets in your pistol,
Always keep your powder dry.


No Choice

Between any day and any night
You have a different sound.
There is no difference how I feel
I'm happy your around.

Then in the sparkle of your eyes
I learn how love was found,
And in the shelter of my arms
I'm happy your around.

You mould me just like potters clay
Just feeling you around
Love's put my mind in disarray
I'm happy your around.

I look up at the clear night sky
Seeing twinkles abound
Because of you, love cannot die
It's happy your around.


Out of a Void (HM)

Out of a void our love has grown
The smallest speck of grain
Out of nothing a seed was sown
Creating this love domain.

Built not of wood, steel, brick or stone
With no shelter from rain
A pulsing heart, in flesh and bone
Made of love, that'll remain.

You've won my soul, we're not alone
I promise times again
Two separate beings are now one
Others seek to attain.


Problem (CM)

Why should I forgo a glass of wine
Or even two perhaps.
It relax's my poor stress'd out mind
Returning thoughts from scraps.

Some say that drinking is a Sin
But often Christ drank wine.
He turn'd water to wine one day
And it tasted sublime.

Some doctors say it's good for you
And drinking red is good.
Mine likes a glass of Chardonnay
That's been well ag'd in wood.

One should drink wine with every meal
Not beer, spirits, or pop.
It aids digestion, how you feel
And no way should you stop.


Travel With Me (HM)

Travel with me along life's path
I know you have before.
Travel with me as my partner
We'll share what is in store.

Travel with me and I'll promise
To care for you everyway
Travel with me as your lover
We'll be happy every day.

Travel with me in summer's heat
I'll save you from any storm
Travel with me through the snow
I'll always keep you warm.

We will travel until times end
Sit on this star with me
We'll watch as worlds disappear
Together for Eternity.


Zus Sprach Liebe HM

Sadness filters deeply through me
Sitting listening and I feel
Somehow you are where I should be
Yet everything about is real.

Together, that is how we should be
Sharing everything we do.
I am happy you feel part of me
Realise that I'm part of you

Tell me again that it is real
Assure me it can be
Recall the eternities we feel
It's so easy for me.

I need to ask 'bout how you feel
Without love I can't be
Please, please tell me your love is real
Speak your feelings for me

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Divena Collins

Dawns Awakening (HM)

Now shall I arise at the breaking of dawn
At the start of summer days
While the dews is still wet upon the lawn
Before the hottest suns rays.

I may watch the geese fly in formation
A beautiful graceful flight
Borne of natures most finest creations
With a most spectacular sight

For I shall hear the first song of the lark
Of the cuckoo and the dove
And a woodpecker tapping off the bark
From the trunk of a tree above

To the calling of a distant vixens bay
The start of a sunlit morn
Informing all who have passed this way
Her cubs have just been born.

It was never my time to remain in bed
For the arising of the dawn
I would rather be out and about instead
To run with the deer and fawn.


Eternal Flame (HM)

Oh youth sweetest youth whether art thy now
Who skipped in golden fields
Devoid of deep furrow'd lines upon thy brow
When a harsh winter yields.

Oh joyous days 'neath a warm summer sky
Upon water his image she admires
As dreams of a lover's embrace is nigh
It shall be she that he inspires .

His tender words and soft caress sublime
Shall melt an unexpected heart
That guides a dream towards love divine
'Midst sweet fantasies of art.

So many full moons since then hath departed
Yet spirits remain the same
There shall be no end to what they started
Deep within an eternal flame.


From Russia With Love (HM)

Snow upon snowdrifts of star shaped flakes
Showers all from a heavy sky
From Russia with love Oh! for heavens sakes
If it's a gift I wonder why.

Though it looks pretty from a window pane
When warm inside I shall stay
And I think I would rather snow than rain
It's just what I think anyway.

If we just imagine how lucky we all are
From Russia! what a surprise
All that was shared from a place so far
Proof is here before our eyes.

If I were to live in an igloo of ice
Fish in a hole of the sea
Well there may be summat innit thats nice
That shall eventually find me.

I shall clothe in feathers from head to toe
Just like a fluffy white duck
From Russia with love is how I shall go
It is they shall have the luck.


George Versus Fred (CM)

George and Fred were neighbours
And liked to grow some veg
They secretely spied on each other
Through a hole in the hedge.

Their goal was to grow cucumber
For a village garden show
Where a prize was for the largest
They just had to have a go.

George looked thro`the peephole
Said to his wife look at this
My cucumber is a fair good size
But it's never as big as his.

Fred's cucumber was the biggest
His wife just had to agree
I wonder what ever he feeds it
Looks like he'll win to me.

George had used his watering can
With liquid manure inside
Then covered it over with a sack
From Fred in case he spied.

The evening afore the garden show
All they could see was frost
Poor old Freds prize cucumber was
Frost bitten badly and soft.

But George then had seen his chance
That maybe now he could win
So he sought out his wheelbarrow
To wheel his cucumber in.

Then he slipped upon a banana skin
Lost cucumber down the road
Last he saw it was all squashed up
Under a truck with heavy load.

So that was the end of the contest
Twixt poor old George and Fred
But next year they are going to try
To grow prize flowers instead.


Golden Thoughts (HM)

Precious are her thoughts of eternal love
That lingers within her heart
Within a lonely spot `neath the sun above
Why then must lovers depart.

May the fantasy of togetherness fulfil
The tenderness they reveal
Deeper in her thoughts she loves him still
Sweet are the kisses they seal.

Memories that pass she shall not forget
Is it he that feels the same
Within this passion there was no regret
Not a thing but love to blame.

Hark I hear a footstep shall that be he
Oh if only this were as true
To complete my dreams of he and me
Oh my true love was that you?.

A Golden Day - Solitairemiles


Heartie Shipmaytes (HM)

Aharr!! me hearties where bee it bee
I searched the ship all o`er
I have me here an 'olde map ye see
If I find it I bee in clover.

It be a chart O`long lost treasure
Rolled in yon bottle O`rum
Wee three had thee last measure
Aye me, shypmayte an'sun.

Thee sea was ruff an`wee was too
We couldna see fer tryen'
O'er the edge we three did spew
Awile kippers were afryen.

Now all thee wile wee slept belowe
Thee ship docked ashore
We wokened to the pirates showe
An' sweard to live no more.

Aharr!! I sayed nowe who bee yee
An' will ye soone be leaven
He blinket an eye ande sayed to me
Wee pirates O'Carribean.

Nowe I had heard a thynge or two
Boute syche pirates as they
Was muche more theyr than a fewe
That robbed us off oure paye.

Soe off wee sayled homeward bounde
Wyth tailes betwixt sea leggs
Unless thee fortune map gets found
Thee morrow itt iss we beggs.


John Barleycorn (HM)

An ancient myth lives on and on
From bygone days of olde
The fate of old John Barleycorn
Has oftimes now been told.

They knew only of whiskey and rye
When ale sustaineth man
Such was Barleycorn soon to die
Before his full life span.

For John was once an effigy made
From the barley and corn
But ancient myths shall never fade
From the time life was born.

Fierce the blade that reduced him
When he had lost his mask
Then they said his name was Jim
Why ever didnt they ask.

Whether he shall be Jim or John
He may return once more
Seedlings scatter the land upon
Just like they did before.

So to this day a man shall toast
Cheers to the barley corn
Whether he be alive or a ghost
Bless this day he was born.


Lancelot and Guinevere (HM)

Such was the grievance within her heart
The sorrow she was to yield
Adored him only as a loved one should
But all he left was his shield.

His sword and shield graced castle walls
With sad tears that flow of grief
He shall be forever within her thoughts
For he was loved beyond belief.

His name shall forever remain within lore
With never a cruel words spoken
No braver a knight that trials endured
Nor sadness of hearts broken.

Art by Eleanor Fortiscue Brickdale


Maid of the Past (HM)

Once upon a mountain top she rose
A maid borne of the vales
Within tranquil thoughts she chose
Deep within celtic tales.

She who walked those paths of old
Where ancient feet had trod
Amidst the fragrant bloom of gold
Bless'd by the hand of God.

Lost within her dream of the past
Of how it was back then
Through the past when future cast
As the celts return again.


Northern Winds Blow

One day a northern wind shall blow
From the land I was born
Calling me back to the land I know
Of wheat barley and corn.

I shall fly high upon an eagles wing
To the place I belong
And ancient celtic voices shall sing
A nations anthem song .

Proud to be a part of this nation
Tho' I oftimes walk alone
My birth was not of their relation
It was all I had known.

An outcast to all but yet I thrive
Though not of wealth
But all I shall have to keep me alive
Shall be but my health

Remain with me now 'til all else fails
It is then you shall find
When northern winds of time prevails
There is more of my kind.


Poetic Muse (CM)

The poet shall compose of so many things
That might quench his desire
Of ribbons and bow`s and puppet strings
But his muse shall not expire.

He speaks of a love from deep within
With feelings of devotion
Entices an eternity of prose to begin
Within this deep emotion.

Of natures wonders upon land and sea
He dreams within passion
Upon images of an art only he can see
That speaks of compassion.

He harkens to the rhythm of his soul
The song of a woodland lark
For a muse to once more become whole
It may only just need a spark.


Reaching Out (HM)

There shall be no joy upon greed or wealth
That corrupts a heedless mind
Shall it be Earth that provides good health
Which shall nurture all mankind.

So wealthy the golden rays of sunlight
A great treasure to behold
To reach out and touch a future bright
May be worth more than gold.

Be aware that earth shall prosper in time
For time is our only life giver
Listen to forests that burst into rhyme
Within the flow of a river

For as long as our earth shall ever spin
Like us the core is her heart.
So respect mother earth and all within
Be grateful to be a part.


Rainbow Wizard (CM)

Beyond a hill, beneath pink cotton clouds
Stood a wizards magic castle
Officials called to collect council tax
Proved to be much hastle.

Alas Mister Wizard he could not pay up
And was all out of magic spells
So council officials had taken him away
To spend time in prison cells.

A heart broken wizard had shed sad tears
Of red and amber and green
His jailer just could not believe his eyes
So called the head supreme.

For our wizard had but three shaded eyes
Of red amber and of green
Which caused such a stir in the court house
Phenominal proof to be seen.

The judges decision was very hard to make
Excused the court out for lunch
To return again with an agreed verdict
Mr Wizard stood for the 'crunch'.

He decided upon a community service
And thought it was only right
Mr Wizard to stand amidst busy traffic
His eyes used for traffic lights.

If ever you are stuck in a traffic jam
When lights are slow to change
Please do remember our poor Mr Wizard
For his new job feels strange.


Swamp Thing (HM)

From out of a swamp a face appears
Through murky waters deep
A face of horror stained with tears
Arose from a wrestless sleep.

A putrid stench from the depth within
That could only release an evil
In the way that victims shall never win
No matter what they never will.

To lure and entice victims as prey
An inquisitive mind shall frame
There is nothing they can do or say
Only have themselves to blame.

So eerie the mists that gather around
Where never a mortal shall sing
For deep within there is only one sound
A forked tongued swamp thing.

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Lorainne Dafney


A beautiful parrot once told me
Look me straight in the eye
So I did, but I could not see
'Twas his desire to fly

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Jem Farmer

Catkins Dance (HM)

I pray the goddess dwells in me
While kindling fire at dawn;
In flames I see her burning love
As she returns this morn.

I listen now for birds of spring
Entwining twigs; a nest,
The warmer days are coming forth
As darkness takes its rest.

The earth is waking from its dream
The winter slumber done;
And catkins dance upon the breeze
In warming rays of sun.

My Lady walks upon the ground,
Her footsteps soft and kind;
The frosty days are fading fast
Now winter’s left behind.


Hymn to Beauty (HM)

It is an art this kissing thing,
A portrait drawn by love;
When lips embrace the heart shall sing
And speak desire thereof.

A pencil cannot trace your smile
As can my fingertip;
For graphite has not passion's style
That lies upon your lip.

No paint can catch the vibrant hue
That shines within your eyes;
For beauty calls from within you
To catch my breath of sighs.



I should regret shadows of grey
The years of wasted time
When colours failed to catch my eye
And living seemed a crime.

In dreamless thoughts there is no pain
As life requires no joy
Until I saw her gentle smile
That left my heart all coy.

My eyes could not resist a peek
A look beyond a glance
As sorrow left the dreams returned
And so begun romance.

The grief that held my heart so still
At last has set me free
And now I learn to love again
For love is: you and me!

Artwork Brenden Sanborn



As dawn is breaking bells ring out
Across the frosty dew;
The whistling birds then sing and shout
To bid the night adieu.

The early sun so softly glows
Against brisk winter wind;
My stream babbles as it flows
And dreamy thoughts rescind.

The clamour of the city streets
Echoes the shrill alarm;
And early morning market treats
Return a sense of calm.


To Vegetarianism (CM)

No one gets fat eating lettuce
It must be the mayo;
A diet of salad and leaves
Is dull, boringly so!

I'd rather pour thick double cream
Over my choccy cake;
For low fat is lower in taste
And makes my poor head ache.

I will not eat bloody tofu,
My steak; I like it rare;
With cauliflower in cheesy sauce
A simple meal to share.

I'd sooner die of starvation
Than let you whingers win
So take that plate of old salad
And throw it in the bin.


Voice of Someone (CM)

The long back alleys fade in dusk
The footsteps silent now;
As daily living floats like musk
It's lost in old time's flow.

The sun fades like dying flames
As moonlit shadows wait
Side-lined by omnipotent names
The night is at the gate.

The distant voice of a someone
It calls out from the dark;
Or is it laughing making fun
Undistinguished its mark.

The night lights flicker polka dots
Against a velvet black
And stars awake forgotten spots
On the moon's cyclic track.

Behind shiny glass curtains draw
Denying the coming night
And boxes glare as Newsnight roars
Revealing the world's plight.

And a book falls onto my lap
Its story yet untold
And tired eyes close into a nap
So new dreams may unfold.


Windswept Snow (HM)

Tonight the wind is howling strong
And loud amid the snow;
The window rattles frost along
Until the dawn can show.

Sunlight to make the morning sweet
Outside the cottage door;
The beauty left by nightfall's sleet
Of winter's whitened floor.

Around the hills are dressed in white
In curves of windswept drifts;
The kettle boils in its delight
And time seems slow to shift.

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Peggy Nelson

Life Changes

Crimes like we've never heard, flock
Polluted covered skies
What do you know of oceans shock!
If truth be told…death cries

They say there is no known reason
To get involved to clean
expanding problems and treason
No one seems to be keen!

Recession seems to be rising
Will we awake to late?
It'll be dreadfully surprising
Something you'll truly hate!

Will you survive this uprising
What will this puzzle bring?
A change in life brings revising
Our life will mean…nothing!

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Leny Roovers

You (HM)

I know you're present in each stone,
in every flower too;
you're in the marrow of my bones
and in all shades of blue.

You are the sparkle in each star,
the warmth in every smile;
your name brings close what first seemed far,
builds bridges between isles.

I feel you close when I reflect,
look deep into my soul.
In meditation we connect,
your presence makes me whole.

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Dinah Serritelli


I like to write and replies read
Yet one word I would cut,
And so in honesty I plead
Please don't enhance with 'BUT'.

I have no problem making mock,
Or putting myself down
I am just simply common stock,
Not Counsel to the Crown.

My thoughts I will not rearrange,
Maybe I am a nut,
But nought you say will make me change
From abhoring that word 'BUT'.

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