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2017 Poetry Form Challenge

#07 Redondilla
(Spanish Quatrain)

This form has a variety of choice, it can have sandwich couplets, alternate rhyming couplets or two conventional rhyming couplets, It uses tetrameter, (8 syllables) and a suggested patterns of:
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x a


x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b


x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x b

In the example below Ryter uses a different rhyme scheme for each stanza:

To A Kiss

I look at you, held in my arms,
Looking in dark mysterious pools.
Your eyes make me break all my rules,
Fixing me with your cobra charms.

Lips touch, creating magic benign
Dull day takes on a different sight.
Feeling your warm lips melt on mine,
The day brightens, dark clouds turn white.

During a kiss, you cannot hide
With the commitment there is pride.
First holding back, then surrender
Giving in to all that splendour.

Ryter Reothicle

Redondilla Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Online Again

Kathy Anderson

Cooling Off
Senses 1 Smell
Senses 2 Sight
Senses 3 Touch
Senses 4 Taste
Senses 5 Sound

Kathy Anderson II

Call Me Lucky
Death of Love
Natural Melodies
This May End

Terry Clitheroe

Fall in St Kilda Beach
Ghosts of You and Me
I Can See
Just a few questions
Quantum Spirit
Unequalled Wisdom
Your Slave

Divena Collins

Bless Them All
Byrdes of a Feather
Flame of India
Only Me
The Passion
Softly Green
Summer a Cummin
The Spectre
Thee Dayrie Mayde
Time After Time
Waters Wyde
When Daye Be Dunne
Womens Rights

Jem Farmer

Dreams of Dephi
Love in G

Ivor Hogg

Youthful Fantasies

Dark Raven

Out of Time
Tranquil Lunar Beams

Ryter Roethicle

Dance to loves tune
El Mar y el Sol
Ghostly Heroe
Grandfathers Clock
Lady in Red
Media Truths
On Cue
Te Amo
Values Have Changed
Why is it?

Maryse Achong

Online Again

On line again, on line again
One laptop is now comatose
The other one in serious pain
For two days everything just froze.

The first one conked out with a sigh
The other swoons continuously
I hope it’s not their time to die
They both have been so good to me.

And now my desktop dinosaur
Sporting a slightly different face
Reigns supreme as he did before
And occupies his rightful place.

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Kathy Anderson

Cooling Off

Hell is cooling off with the times
Heaven is growing horns of war
Hell is cooling off for a dime
Heaven is making some more doors

Hell is cooling off with rainbows
Heaven is taking us for rides
Hell is cooling off, we all know
Heaven is faking we must abide

Hell is cooling off with the tides
Heaven can't wait to steal our souls
Hell is cooling off to confide
Heaven is heating up the poles



1 Smell, Born from air

Scent of rain fell between cracks
Somewhere in a time we once met,
Ocean breeze carries us on, rocks
Our astral dance with no regret.

Come smell the roses fragrant faces
Coy lips apart of their romance,
Soon to fade in eons web'd lace,
Souls forgotten get a new chance.

Sensations of violet
Sift through the sands of our dreams
Like a memory to forget
Lingering fragrance of a theme.

Here we stand enveloped in smoke
Heavy with sooty thoughts we lost,
Somber epochs trailing evoke
Sheer ozone rebirthing loves cast.


2 Sight. Born in Your Eyes

Check in with the stars from your seat,
Chance that they wait for your blue eyes
To cancel out all the pains heat
Taking flight without a care why.

Chance the they wait for your eyes glance,
Calm waters carry the bottle
To shores of white sand and romance
That speak of letters drawn gentle.

Canceling all pains deadly heat
Crimson hearts bear none to meet us,
Tenderly touching the waves beat
Telling it's tales by sights bliss.


3 Touch. Born For This

Stone feels soft under a noon sun
Some place where our shoes have oft tread,
The silence bears the etch of steel
To show how two hearts came to feel.

Our vicoli dell' aurora
Own the touches of hands aura
Between the roads of lives we lost
Before and after loves accost.


4 Taste. Born of the Earth

Cherries in red wine are all mine
Coming from my loves lips divine
By the kilo or all in one
Burgundy tart or pie well done.

Coming from my loves lips divine
Chased by the sun, ready to dine
Beside the seashore where we'd speak
By the by to find a new peak.

Chased by the sun that we well know
Caress the skin to blush so slow
Simmering for the taste of love
Sought in astral plains as above.

Cherish the bounty of our fruits
Carried through time without refute,
Songs remembered whence apples fall
Savored like the tempests last call.


5 Sound. Born to be Heard

Waves on waves resonate the shores
Where once we walked a mile or so
Some place that speaks and soul mates know
Surely as the sun light restores.

I'm not the one, the wind whispers
If I were she then where is he
That sounds the horns at mornings glee,
To carry a song that love stirs?

Echo's of times passing are drear
Emaciating symphonies
Spare of any sweet harmonies
Save for sparrows songs of tears.

I'm not the one whose name you hear,
If I were that one why'd you leave
Me standing at the door of eve,
My conch held high, life the fear?

Clouds descend and crickets calls blend
Cacophony of storms thunder
Now reaching, the crescendo's spur
Nothing but the beginnings end.

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Kathy AndersonII

Call Me Lucky

Call me lucky, I'm on a roll
Back to the rain dance of our souls
As souls galloping horses know
Best, under the moon, under snow.

Call me lucky, I'm singing songs,
When you came I knew all along
Someday we'd meet in strange, strange ways,
The ways that Fate dictate, they say.

Call me lucky, I write of thee
For thee are hearts art, as such free
Free the blooms plucked, let them sail
Into sunsets golden blessed trail.


Death of Love

Hands that care for the babe in arms
Bundled against more than mere cold,
Cool Winters starved the wolves bayed bold,
Safety also keeps elder's warm

Warming an old soul ne'er harms,
Love keeps on passed working days,
Prayers of agape makes ways
To carry on aged light charms.

Remember the hands that held you,
Rocked you till fears tears abated
Rescued you from midnight's storms late
Into days dawned better view.


Natural Melodies

Between the moon and meadows lea
Echoes adagio themes suite
As hummingbirds wings hum so free
Freely find gods nectar's sweet.

Sweetest chimes are winds through the leaves
Leaving hearers breathless, bound sleeved,
Sleeves catching green songs from Gaia
Gaia sings tempo's Khaga.

Night blooms into Summers opus
For moonflower's fantasia riff,
Dawns epic written fugues gift
Dreamy sounds palette of opal.



Posted on the road ahead
Waving like the banners red,
Omens come as feathers fallen
A mark in time not forgotten

Ink on wood painted black,
White on red runs right smack
Into your sight before the Mac
Truck stalls in last minute wink,

You blink at the backtrack
Double back into the past,
At least your ship isn't as fast
As the flags waving down last

Signs and portents everywhere,
Just see what was always there,
Taking time to wait, not run
Away from roses scent shared.


This May End

This may end in fire but just know
Love has born us long through all snow
Storms, lightning scorching heart and bones
Bones as old as time, hearts made stone.

This may end in fire but just see
How love gave us rainbows for free,
Sunny days without end in sight,
Bee's humming, birds chirping delights.

This may end in fire but just wait,
Love dawns pink and purple agate
Clouds flying in the light of truth,
Unable to open hearts for sooth.

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Terry Clitheroe


Its 7.30 am a big fat bee is busy at work
Each flower flouncing as she lands there
Flouncing again as she leaves with a jerk
Casting off with sacred seeds stuck to her.

Not reward but neither would she shirk
Just a drop of that hallowed yellow
Juice that's goodness cleans moods of murk
To that of George Shearings mellow.


Fall in St Kilda Beach

The cold, sombre, purple skies of fall
Are memories precious to all now.
The screaming of children playing ball
Replaced by gulls foraging for chow.

The white capped surf that covers all
And crashing waves that dig and plough.
No crusted bread torn and fed by hand
Or peanut-butter mixed with sand.

White silver scars pattern each dark cloud
A very different sky from a summer's day.
Gone the ghetto blasters booming loud
And the screaming tyres as teenagers play.

I do not miss the tents and noisy crowds
It's now the perfect place to spend a day
Wintery rain from the forming shrouds
Makes the road a varnished black highway.


Ghosts of You and Me

I walked into the empty house
Once filled up with love and glee
Empty now save for memories
Of the ghosts of you and me.

A house we shared and cared,
Lived and loved so happily
But that house is empty now
Save for the ghosts of you and me.

We lived and wined and dined
And conversed so merrily
The only ones that talk there now
Are the ghosts of you and me.

There in the times when all alone
We'd make love so passionately
But only ghosts make love there now
They are the ghosts of you and me.


I can see

I can see right through you
Your love is only paper thin
All you do is make me blue
Wondering where you've been.

You smell of him a smell of sin
Is our love at long last through
I can see right through you
Your love is only paper thin

You promised ever to be true
You promised that you'd begin
To try your best to see us through
It didn't work, to my chagrin.


Just a few questions

Shall I wish tonight and dream of thee
Will they encompass all that love could be?
Will my wishes and those dreams combine
And will it be such and such, or so sublime?

I humbly ask because you know my mind
I have told the truth so please be kind.
Though we dwell each on a different shore
Is there a future? Can there be more?

I know I've made mistakes in the past
But now I'm wanting our love to last.
It's about our future I wish to know
Should I stay or will you bid me GO!



The air is thick with night-blooming delight.
It haunts my mind with echoes of laughter,
And its treasures of the night are all I'm after
She's all I want a floral incense lasting the night.

Each day I pass, each time she tries to seduce me.
I run my fingers along a limb gathering scent
Sniffing as I carry on past as should be my intent
She makes me pause and later I shall drink her tea.

Soft scents after the morning rain lift my mood
My mind takes on a more relaxed point of view
And I feel as if there is nothing I cannot do.
My day already has been made, and that's good.



A Tarantella upon the written word,
Treading's once woven become a snare
Biased paragons of truth speak the absurd
Hammering non essentials til they swear.

The innocent having to search for proof
Media portrays the predator as the prey
Pursuit of lies, and none events each day
Because the media bred all that is uncouth.

So I warn you don't believe what they say
They consider each reader to be a duffer
And read ignorance what the press portray
Thus non justice cause the blameless suffer.


Quantum Spirit

In an increasing circle of yellow light,
He pierces the dark world of his children-
Entering the world, scattering night.
Blackness vanishes from the world of men.

Somewhere there is controlled darkness,
There light and truth cannot penetrate,
And hatred grows in a festering mess.
Feeding out lies, deceit, and teaching hate.

Too many are aware preferring love instead
For it is mans way to look towards the Sun
And anything dark to feel fear or dread
But the hero says the day has just begun.



I watch you dance in shrouded darkness
In smoked filled air that burns my eyes
Such a beautiful body in a world of hell
Your movements say "Buy, I'm for sale".

What're the cost, tell me, is this a sale?
My body is burning with the fires of hell
And I am driven into eternal darkness
As I devour you with my lusting eyes.

A naked body exposed to hungry eyes
A star that shines in stygian darkness
Now I see how aloof, you're not for sale
The flame you create is too pure for hell.


Unequalled Wisdom

The fairground that is life has many choices,
And equally speaking out, so many voices.
Do not laugh, do not sing, do not enjoy,
Those miserable bastards are not Gods envoy.

He says "Love thy neighbour, but not his wife"
That's a sure way he reckons of causing strife
He says "Love thy neighbour, but not his Ass"
I could say something, but I won't be crass.

Do unto others as you wish for yourself
And be very careful about wishing for wealth
On the fairground that is life, enjoy all you can
And equally avoid criticism by a religious man.



What of places that are dim and dark
Occasionally seen by light of day,
Are they less of Nature than the park
Have they a right to have their say?

Man always removes beasts of fear
Coming back when he turns away
Persistent returning year by year
In spite of man they have their say.

What of creatures in this domain
Creatures that feed on mans refuse
The little beasts, part of the chain.
Nature has an important use.

Look in your garden carefully at night
There'll be a time when Nature wins
I can promise it'll be a gorgeous site
Like a spider and the web she spins.



Tourists and hopefuls toss pennies into pools
Always hoping and wishing for too much.
People make money from exploiting these fools
Dreams always excelling in the pecuniary clutch

Never realised love affairs bought by dimes
Wishes, desires, often just a thoughtful dash
Often pocketed money really not serious cash.
My dreams have been dashed too many times,

So why should I waste a silly coin on idle dreams?
Hardly the place for my really serious schemes
One always wishes too much, if granted will rue
Realising that only heartfelt wishes come true.


Your Slave

I wish you'd hold my hand against your heart
And hear a declaration of your love for me.
Is this a dream of something never to be,
Two questions with answers miles apart.

I see your eyes and know I have my wish
Looks like that there's no need of words
Leaving me feeling, willing to be slavish
What was said would make truth absurd

Or can I hope and wish for better things?
Must be asked to see what the future brings,
There's no higher language than that of amour
To see that look more, and more, and more.


Zeitgeist (The Spirit of the Times)

Every plant that pushes forth new leaves
Is aware of the life that it conceives,
And blossoms forth its symbolic scenes
To procreate and pass on its genes.

Reliant on symbiosis for the key
And it needs the help of worker bee.
Or other creature that passes seed
To fertilize each plant and weed.

And as the seasons wax and wane
One year's loss is another's gain,
Because Nature balances out with time
So that nothing can out climb.

All things are equal we must learn
A balanced life is our main concern.
What we remove we must replace
And that way remain in Natures grace.

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Divena Collins

Bless Them All

There was two kids who dwelt on fun
Who did not tell what they had done,
A well kept secret, never let out
No one should know what it`s about.

The silent two were known by name
Mischief makings their claim to fame,
Something is lost and cant be found
The atmosphere is quite spellbound.

You bet your life the family tree
Had no warning that this would be
A broken trinket now hidden away
`Twas all in one piece yesterday.

It may seem strange you will agree
If it wasnt them who could it be
You may think your kids are saints
Beware when they open emulsion paint.


Byrdes Of A Feather

`Twas inn thee merrie munth off Maye
Wen thee starlinge bylte she a neste
Her made itt fyne wyth strawe and haye
Verrie tyred butt she dunne her best.

Her layde a bach off fyne spekl`d egges
Wyle her cheste puff`d upp wyth pryde
Downe cum a maggepies stocky legges
Ande hee stompe`d she too one syde.

Shee twitter`d lowde too calle her mayte
Her bein harrass`d `n dyre turmente
Butt hee didd linger suche was fayte
Myster maggpie he beene and went.

A sparrrow hawke hadd chased he off
`Fore thee Magpie doo more dammage
She didd twitter ande her didd scoff
"Too late mayte `cos I didd mannage"


Flame Of India

Oh flame of India burn unto the night
Exotic oils of mimosa to light
This burning passion in their heart
An exciting dance of love they start.

Come Oh Khan great Prince of land
Take Princess Sudha`s`s dusky hand,
Come forth to her on thy white steed
To exchange a gift of all great needs.

Lead her unto the sand of the seas
`Neath the feathery Tamarisk trees
There shalt flames burn so bright
Passions yielding through the night.

Thy Palace of gold and ivory tusk,
Scented garden with hints of musk
He reigns with Shudha`s by his side
Both spirits taken by morning tide .


Olde Rurale English Inne

Thee fightin`cocks a grande olde inne
Ye shalt supp doune a fyne porta ale
Fro` a peuterr flagon theyre within
Withe nibbels o`rype Wensleydale.

Theye wenches bee willen toe serve
Ande theye drinken a flagon wyth thee
Curteous ande strongge off thee nerve
Bestte valuee theyre cumpannee.

Tis thee oldeste inne in Englande
Saint Albains qaintly olde Village,
Centuryes onn with an ale atte hande,
Ghoasts stille reeken fro`spyllage.


Only Me

I am me, and cannot change
Always been so, all of my days
I may be very set in my ways
Thus I can appear quite strange.

I strive to be a better me
Which can be hard for me indeed,
Many a time, I do not succeed.
My friends that know me agree.

This day I have found a nice lover
He did tell me, he loved me dear
In his arms when he held me near
I never have dreamt of another.

To love is important you see
In sadness, happiness and fun,
I share a big hug with everyone,
For I am, as I am, only me.



A beautiful paradise with bliss,
To lay where honeyed dew drops kiss,
On soft moss bed, sweet campion lace
With a true lovers warm embrace.

Contented here, `neath the blue sky.
Watching the fluffy clouds float by.
Sweet dreams, enclosed in his arms,
Soft caresses, soothing, and calm.

The sun filters through the trees,
Softly blows a gentle breeze,
Nowhere else I would want to be
Than close together in ecstacy.

Whispers of love and gentle sighs,
Lingering kisses with misty eyes,
A beautiful paradise with bliss,
So in love where the dew drops kiss.


The Passion

A kiss tender words are spoken
On a soft bed of down together,
Vows of love are ne-er unbroken
These feelings cherished, forever.

Gently thy arms, warmly embrace
And the love in my heart is thine,
Searching fingers softly trace,
To awaken thy senses sublime.

Beneath the spread of an oaken
With gentle breeze, caressing
Soft words of love are spoken,
Senses aroused, and expressing,

Together two hearts are bound
Misty eyes, revealing devotion,
Oblivious to the world around
So in love, and deep in emotion.

Sensual touches of loves pleasure
The sweet gentleness of this day
Locked in our dreams forever,
Sharing passion with love always.


Softly Green

Mists as the evening shadow falls
O`er the Cumbrian hills of the North
Sheep awakens to shepherds calls
As the morning sun blossoms forth.

Softly green these majestic hills
Scenic lakes of the Pennine way
Contours of beauty lay there still
Mother natures joyful display.

Tranquil pasture are richly green
Flourished and fed from the land
`Midst hills of silence so serene
Nourished by Gods caring hands.


Summer a Cummin

O` thee summerr ys a cummen
When thee flowres bloome soe fayre
Huney bees shalt bee a hummen
A swete gentel mornynge prayere.

O` ye gentel breezes blowyn
Hydes thy dewdrops crystel tears
As thee buds of love art growyn
They shalt banishe all thy feares

O` ye dawne shalt nowe awakyn
Ande thee song byrdes still chatter
Love shalt not e`er bee forsakyn
Dreames remayne for e-er afterr.


The Spectre

What ails ye Vision of the night
That haunts the stair by twilight,
Hath thou lost now, a love so dear
Or from thy sad eyes, shed a tear,

Hast love in thy heart now been taken
Fantasies of love now forsaken.
Vision in white, where dost thou go
For bitter northern winds doth blow,

Art thou this spectre of the night
Thy unrest spirit lost in flight,
Thou have no pain, nor feelings nigh.
None to see, but a saddened eye

Fate hath forsaken thee by chance
With ne`er a feeling for romance
In times of life, sweet love thy found
Thy heart and soul, shalt e`er be bound.


Thee Dayrie Mayde

Thee Mayde shee didd finish mylken,
Ande thee pale itt didd overlie flowe
Nowe shee off toe thee butter maken
Soe toe thee dayrie shee didd go.

Shee didd skimme creame off toppe
Her toe putte in thee butter churne
Bein thriftie shee taken thee soppe
There-off afore thee creame doo turne.

Ande suche bee a` saven too drynke,
Goodly milke wyche creames no more
Maketh curdes her minde doe thynke
A`fore shee toe scrubben thee floore.

Shee toe arise in thee earlie dawn
Her toe feed and mylken thee cowes
Ande nott a frowne doe shee put on,
Nor e-er a deepen`d furrow`d browe.


Time After Time

When days ticked on through time
And weeks and months rolled by
The clock on the wall lost his chime
And the cuckoo clock gave a sigh

Awaken to love that surrounds you
To hug, and to kiss, and to feel
Softly whisper of sweet love true
For this love in your heart is real.

Love on this earth you must cherish
Such precious moments are dear
So do not delay until tomorrow
For tomorrow may never be here.


Thee Waters Wyde.---- Early Englysh

I harken toe thee raine drops fall
From palest grey fluffie clowds
I listene toe thy wilde swans call
Flying highe in downey shrowds.

I sense thy waters ripplinge calm
Gentle wavets doe glysten nigh`
Thy salt seas gentle healing balm
Place`d deeply in a voyce of sigh`s.

Thee waters wyde there is no lande
Nor arche`d brydge to climb above
Thy canst not leade me by the hand
Nor canst I share wyth thee my love.


When Daye Be Dunne.---- Early Englysh

Thee harveste gather`d all be dunne,
Wythe baskitts fulle toe thee brymm.
Tyred fro` thee picken everrie wunn
Achinge wythe strayne onn thee lymms.

Off toe markytt theye nowe shalt goe,
Laden upp thee olde woodyne carte.
Downe thee syckle, ande thee hoe
Thee morrowe be earlye toe starte.

When daye be dunne ande tallow glowe
Ande thee supper be ett afore bedd,
Itt soone cum when the cock doe crowe
Afore pygges and henns toe be fedd.


Womens Rights

So many faces hath a lady so fair
Expressions to match their mood
And many ways to tie up their hair
But its all for their very own good.

A genteel maid is dressed demure
With her locks tied back from her face
Skin is pale unblemished and pure
While adorned in her silk and lace.

But a working lass dressed in sedge
A toughened grey apron clad dress.
To clean and sew and air the beds
And to mop up the gentries mess.

Cook is plump in her apron of white
A white cap pinned on her head,
Cooking the meals from mornings light
Then retires and takes to her bed.

The Governess teach children grace
And how to survive in this world
For they must be kept in their place
So the upper class remain unfurled.

Times have changed its not the same
These Ladies are equal to rights
And never a man can lay the blame
For their woman can get up and fight.

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Jem Farmer

Dreams of Delphi

As streams of colour flow and dance
they blend and change to form anew,
in visionary's scented hue
the cosmic force portends romance.

A rainbowed heart in balance sought
in gifts of love to share with one
the choice can oft be tense and fraught
but follow the heart and see the sun.

Deserted sands of loveless nights
no shelter from the blue-tinged lights
yet eyes are drawn to craggy peaks
for beauty's smile, a heart still seeks.

When fear denies the passions roar
crystalline dreams reflect the truth
in drifting thoughts recapturing youth
a caged eagle still yearns to soar.

The auras sing in ancient rhyme
pulsating beat, a rhythmic call,
there are no barriers in time
and love will come and take its all.

We can defy destiny's way
and walk alone another day
as passions flare and poets dream
we lose our will and self-esteem.

Harmony comes to those who wait
and follow nature's loving hand
accept the path that she has planned
it's in her kiss, we'll seal our fate.

If eyes could see a lover's heart
and read the feelings found therein
from destiny they'd ne'er depart
for love in truth is never sin.

For love the greatest mystery
divinity's gift but never free
the path of life that can be found
when hearts are true and love's abound.

The journey taken ours to choose
our destiny is ours alone
it is a pathway set in stone
in ways of truth we cannot lose.


Love in G

The soulful strings that set me free
and held me in a sweet sojourn,
hypnotic notes that made me yearn
for love to dance all over me

The spirit of the violin;
a gentle caress of love's kiss
one sensual touch I feel within
my heart is lost to music's tryst.

Each note contacts my deep desire
as melodies ignite the fire
that beckons me to passion's zeal
when in her dance my senses reel.

Soft tones give way as wants demand
seduction from the music's beat
until the dancing is replete
and my soul is at her command.

Sweet violin impassioned tune
a song of fire is in her eye
the world becomes a picayune
the music finds its final sigh.

When strings silenced and lying still
and music fades against my will
I know with love of she divine
my heart is now her sacred shrine.



The beauty found within a rose
as tender petals softly spread
intimate scent to fill my head
and all my wanton thoughts disclose.

Velveteen touch upon the lips
seraphic kiss, my pure delights
the nectar feast butterfly sips
when sonant perianth invites.

A rosebud gleams with early dew
beneath the summer skies of blue
reveal the ancient yearning pain
I'll not be blind to love again.

If I should hear the rosebud call
I'll pause just here a little while
to see the beauty in her smile
and with her touch, my heart enthral.

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Ivor Hogg

Youthful Fantasies

To tell my love forbidden me.
So I must suffer silently.
I love a lady who is wed
and so my love remains unsaid.

The lady is beyond reproach
an Icon I cannot approach.
She would reject me if I should
There is no doubt at all she would.

She does not know that I exist
and yet my feelings still persist.
I dream about her constantly
and I will love her faithfully.

That is until I chance to meet
another maiden just as sweet.
I fall in love regularly
Always it seems quite hopelessly.

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Dark Raven

Out of Time

The hours and minutes mean nothing
Where tides relax in ebb and flow
Far out at sea the sailors go
With cosmic skies gently guiding

And time means naught on mountain tops
The peaks now lost in heavy clouds
So snow may kiss them in their shrouds
Vistas of chocolate box backdrops

Clocks have no command amid trees
Where mosses grow 'neath forest green
A beauty is there to be seen
With song birds and the buzzing bees

For mother nature needs not time
The seasons of earth at her will
Ever moving and never still
Her ways of life touch the sublime



My heart is all there is inside
The man who gives his all to you
And still I feel there's more to do
Emotions lost, my thoughts denied

A silent soul in sacrifice
To reach the skies beyond his dreams
Within moonlight to calm his screams
For love demands the higher price

His heart has cast the plans he made
Into distant memories of
It used to be before sweet love
The path of loneliness must fade


Tranquil Lunar Beams

Where the sea meets the moon-washed shore
There lies a world he knew before
The summer came and stole his dreams
Of peace and tranquil lunar beams

A world of love now far away
Of beauty lost to summer day
Instead he longs for sultry nights
Far from invading city lights

And his eyes close so he can reach
The silent stillness of his beach
And on that sand, he lays once more
Where the sea meets the moon-washed shore.

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Ryter Roethical

Dance to loves tune

Dancing to loves tune, spin and turn
Love's fever causes you to burn
Inside your heartbeat skips and pounds
And eternal love forever resounds.

Whilst you're apart your innards churn.
Your lovers steps you quickly learn
Bodies touch in your nightly round
The sensuous beat of loving sounds

Each night to dancing we return
Souls are locked in their sojourn
Earthly bodies lie on silken grounds
A ballroom fit for loving rounds.

There are no fancy steps to learn
There's no contest, no points to earn
Easy music anyone can croon
Only winners dance to loves tune.



Have you walked in empty streets,
After night has conquered the day?
There is no way you can retreat
Each step, took you a special way.

Much further from your comfort zone
Are you now playing another roll,
That fate intends for you alone
Is there any danger to your soul?

What are the rules that you should know
Is there purpose to show emotion,
When all that's promised does not show
Cast out on fates whimsical ocean,


Ghostly Heroe

A thousand miles have I travelled
To be here with thee once more
Where oft times we have revelled
Before I left for a foreign shore.

Back from battle, with muscles sore
Clothing chaffing and weeping wounds
All was eased by dreams of you
Thoughts of love helped see me through

I stand and see thee greet me now,
Streaming tears roll down thy face
I stand and watch with furrowed bow
Waiting and watching in this place.

One last patrol, I volunteered
I did not mean to make thee cry
Our dreams our plans are shattered now
'Twas not intended that I should die.

I hear the bangs as volleys are fired
Watching them fold our nations flag.
Wanting you to see me well attired
Not home to you in a body bag.



I cannot be, and cannot feel,
I lost the thing that mattered.
You broke my heart so easily
Handing it back to me shattered.

I cannot see, I cannot hear
Those words I so longed to hold
They fell to the ground bitterly
A whispered silence now so bold.

My life is dark and so quiet now
Almost feeling just like the grave
A darker love as deaf as death
Where is that release that I crave?

Within this tomb of dark despair
All the tears have ceased to flow
There's nothing left but ash and dust
With a barren love, naught can grow.

You broke my heart to many times
And I know nothing lasts too long
Sunk into gloom and beyond hope
I can no longer hear love's song.


Grandfathers Clock

Grandfather clock you stare and chime
Moving forward, dealing out time
Uncaring what humans need to do
We'll have to take the axe to you.

We count our time on things brand new
Doing away with things like you.
What can we use? What can it be
Just have to wait, just have to see.

In real life what do you do,
Standing there proud telling the time?
Not involved with anything of life
Insular, and never causing strife.

Just watching man and stupid things
And the frustration that it brings
My sympathies are moving to you
Realising the things men do.

New things it seems bring worser deeds,
At the very least plant new seeds
Perhaps it's best we stick with you
We know what little harm you can do.


Lady in Red

There she sat framed in the firelight
Watching her brush each flaming lock
Red hair highlighted a flaming sight
And Fate watching us did not mock.

Instead this night a gift would give
Regretting deeds, this act did plan
Whilst darkness ruled, love would live
And once again she would have her man

And with this oath Fate forever swore
For just one night, spirit would be flesh
One night of darkness nothing more
Love would live and souls would mesh.

In spite of time I had to stop and look
As she rose and turned to wait my call
That precious second was all it took
To realise why she was my all

She came to me with outstretched arms
Tears of joy running down her face
I surrendered easily to her charms
That she offered me with loving grace

Mad in love, I kissed away her tears
Both accepting what was Fates gift
An eternity of love with no fears
A memory would not pass so swift

Kissing turning to red hot passion
As her red chemise fell to the floor
Our senses reeled in celebration
Her cries of joy, her wanting more

But even Fate must bow to time
And everything must end
That damned cockerel, dawns chime
Human feelings can't transcend.

Not even dawn may we see fill
We may never enjoy it together
But for us this love fits the bill
For Ghosts will love forever.


Media Truths

A Tap dance on the written word,
Treading's wove create a snare
Creating a desire to lay bare
And lie about events occurred.

Paragons of truth speak absurd
Catch the unwary in vacant stare
And non essentials til they swear
Black is white and was preferred.

Games are crueller than those of youth
Now the predator is the prey.
Innocents have to dig for proof
And justice does innocence betray.



She sits all alone now Dad has gone
Drinking her glass of white wine.
Memories flow back to happier days
When her life and love was just fine.

She opens her book of photographs
At her life and love she's looking.
Memories of her life and times past
When she spent her whole life laughing.

It tells of times when life was fun
With Dad and children around her.
Beginning each day, her work was play
Filling each one with her laughter.

It shows the time when she was a lass
Never frail she always was buxom.
Her friends were the same all big framed
When together they'd light up a room.

She says time have changed, people have to
We're too busy fighting and grabbing.
When she were a lass they hadn't much cash
But they were never frightened of giving.

She's all alone now Dad has died
She hasn't the same spark inside her.
She doesn't complain, she just carries on
Old fashioned advice she will offer.

Dads suit is still hanging there
As if waiting for next Sunday.
She looks at it and raises her glass
Knowing she'll see him again one day.


On Cue

Sometimes a wanderer sees many things,
And just as often many lessons learn.
Experience found, homeward he turns
In apprehension, to the past he clings.

Yet hope lingers and again he rings,
Spoken, promises made, he returns,
And casts his lot, still fearing burns.
Is she the one with whom he'll sing?

Her eyes speak volumes of her intent.
Her smile speaks more than words could say,
There are no doubts, a desire to stay,
And finally fate gives her consent.


Te Amo

Pulling back the shadows looking
Into the reflections of your mind.
The reflections in it's pools rippling
As into the works it softly grinds.

Crawling across soul webs existing
Uniting the dreams of you and I,
And souls caressed do their best
Just like an Eagle sets to fly.

Then looking back into your words
Gently brushing my spirit's core
Hearts imbued with passion's accords
Breathing lightly wishing no more.

Through the air I can feel your lips
No questions asked with this touch
As vibrations caress finger tips
Giving responses that mean so much.

Questions, answers and gentle sighs
Images created by tactile ways
Feelings, confirmed by sparkling eyes
Giving promises of heavenly days.

Not limited by mortal hours
Looking back into your eyes I see
A future I know will be ours
A fragment of our reality.



My garden is in slumber now
The bees don't sound in their tree
They too sleep seeing nothing grow
It's too cold for any activity.

The birds also seem to have gone,
Gone where, for this is their abode?
Minors and Magpies haunt my lawn
And hunt for scraps upon the road.

But not for long, a month or so
Will see a change, some will complain
Next month will see the North wind blow
Hopefully bringing springtime rain.

Suddenly spring is everywhere
The mornings cold, with daytime sun
And trees and plants no longer bare
And all around new life's begun.


Values Have Changed

The fiery red touches of dawn
Stretch across the waking horizon
Those blazing colours overgrown
The sombre land it's painted on

Arousing the birds into their song
As they greet the warmth of the day.
Shining stars will be gone erlong
As a wak'ning sky clears the way.

The red is gone and blue is king
But the morning wind disagrees
Soon returning clouds hide everything
Hear the wind sounding through the trees.

Commuters on the northern roads
The first to see the splash of rain
Know already what this sign bodes
In turn blessing and cursing again.

Remembering the last ten years
And seeing their lawns lush and green,
Please let it stay, remove our fears,
And let more falling rain be seen.


Why is it?

Why believing things are the best
Fate kicks you in a painful place
And laughs and goes away to rest
Unable to look you in the face.

Your lover who is dearest to you
Suggests you chat with another woman
You wonder does she mean adieu
And secretly have another plan.



How easy we discover true love
Yet how easy it is to lose
If the right goods we don't produce
And handle it with a gentle glove.

Passion has not a gentle side
So it must be carefully blended
Even compared to a beaches tide
A thing of pleasure not of dread.

Stay cognisant of your lover's mood
Cuddling is an important basic food.
Kissing needn't lead to other things
See what time and patience brings.

Realise after love is the time
Not during or even before.
What you do after makes love climb
And her want you forever more.

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