2016 Poetry Form Challenge

#19 Sonnetina Cinque

This is the Democratic Sonnetina, consisting of two five line stanzas. The first stanza makes its statement, and its partner makes its contra statement of an equal amount if required, or answers the question posed by the first.
There are two quintains required and this gives the poet a lot of flexibility to mix and match if required.
In the example below the poet chose to use a Quintilla (Spanish Quintain) pair:
Blind Panic

The moment gives a pretension
Mind starts toward apprehension
Things go bump at night
Dark, distorting sight
Come undone; as it might mention.
The unknown is startlingly near
Tension can be cut with a shear
Adrenaline high
Spectres whizzing by
mouth goes dry: taste is fear!

Dana Rowe

In this example Divena chose two Sicilian Quintains whilst still adhering to convetional 2 x 5 line poetry forms

The Seeds Of Time

Wild flowers thrive in the pasture green
Amidst aromatic leaves of wild thyme,
Rose hips, with haws, strewn in between
Sloes in hedgerows, with bind weed vine
In this planets natural beautiful scene.
May the seeds of time be scattered wide
To replenish beauty through out the land,
Let the seeds of autumn blow and provide
A lovely environment that nature planned
For all to care for, and cherish Worldwide.

Divena Collins

In the example below, Ryter originally chose to follow the Sicilian for the first stanza, and the Envelope for the second then later decided to use the centre line as a common link between the two stanzas and thus creating a unique form of Sonnetina Cinque, and showing that the poet need not be limited to just limited to quintain forms that have been given as examples. Any form can be used including Blank Verse and I suppose Cinquains and Limericks also.

I saw again the evening sun
Descend beneath the distant hill
The chilly wind picks once more
Signalling that the night's begun
As the moons rays begin to spill.
Too soon the alarm sends out it's call
The rhapsody of life begins again
Each day now worthy of an encore
And experience helps remove the strain
With only happy memories to recall.

Ryter Roethical

Sonnetina Cinque Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

To Vote Or Not To Vote

Kathy Anderson

At the Door
Caste Aside
No Choices
Times Remembered
Twinkle Darling

Terry Clitheroe

Boatman The
Claire de Lune
Eternal Fire
Freedom in the Captured City
Leaving the Toybox
May I?
Only in Death
Regalo di Amore
Silent Voices
Unequalled Sounds
Xactly Rite
Your Presence

Divena Collins

Ghosts of the Forest
Healing Tree
Pommie Mouse
Of Ancient England
Ring Around The Roses
Shakespeare in Love
She Slept Alone
Stepping Stones
This Season Of Love

Ryter Roethicle

Black Widow
Candles and Hares
Death of a Lovesong
Lingua delle anima
Never Forgotten
No Fear of the Dark
So Long Ago
Sogni di Amore
Was it all a Dream

Maryse Achong

To Vote or Not To Vote

"Vote for me please!" the candidates all cry
"I’ll keep my promises I tell no lie;
My party is the one that cares for you
Our members each and every one, 'true blue'."
I listen to their rhetoric and sigh.
I want to vote, yet still I hesitate
I'm not impressed by either party's slate
I'm caught between a rock and a hard place
And it appears it will be a close race.
I'm tempted to leave everything to fate.

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Kathleen Anderson

At the Door

Goddess of time,
She is at my doorstep
Counting events that come and go
Non stop.
Of time,
Ouida stands
At the doorways of both
Past and present, guidance to give,
Just ask.


Cast Aside

Cast aside by windy blizzards of rain
Blue petals bow low drenched with pain
As the locomotive of life took them down,
So far down on blackened ground
They never saw it coming like a train.
Who knows of obstacles before their birth?
Must surely be the rare geniuses on earth,
For age only gives one so much wisdom
And rarer still is gifted to babes that come
Naked into a world nothing like mothers hearth.



I feel like I am never home
And never home was within a poem
But within a poor can of little of nothing,
For there isn't a thing to do but sing
Of destiny for only things of woe.
There are no homes for a poets words
Though empty space they fill like herds
Of antelope, deer and genetically altered cows
Ready to change your mental landscapes with plows
Of platitudes, comments, cliche and poniards.


No Choices

I could eat the words I write
everyday for breakfast
and still feel hungry in dark of nights
spent dreaming of love that won't last,
life wasted in a cast of circus clowns.

They never cry like I do,
everyday tears falling
from deaf clouds without silver linings,
thunderous ovations for all the losses
and using all my hours as vended junk food.


Times Remembered

It's time to smell the lilac's sweet scent
Recalling days so pleasantly spent
By the misty lakes shore with grandmother
Standing by my side watching ships forever
Passing through and tooting as they went.
It's time to remember the days of yore
When days were just days and nothing more,
Since then, the fogs have gone and so has she
That gave me every hour of love she could for free,
Laughing, smiling and never closing doors.


Twinkle Darling

The patterns show everywhere
Universal remains of light there
On a day dream canvas,
Threads not unlike laws
That sparkle for a time, so beware.
The stars may sleep on cobalt cots
Strewn about the heavens lots,
On a clear day they shine
With silver stitches holding loves lines,
Saying, darling, come home on the spot.



TOh no!
Don't ever let
Anyone grind you down,
Downers are like T-Rex on
Your sanity
Cutting off IQ points
As you scream in angry outrages,

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Terry Clitheroe

The Boatman

Do not call the boatman early
We must all wait out our time,
He will not come if it's untimely
He'll leave you waiting out of line
And the future will not be fine
If he comes and takes you early,
Your fated future won't mesh with life.
You will have to take what's given
Moving away from your intended wife
Choosing another to share your strife.

Wandering the empty halls of time
Forever seeking your lost soulmate
Instead of being with a loving partner
There's a different meal on your plate
And learn alone, lessons dealt by Fate.
Your former lover cannot help you
Your times together are dead and gone.
Out of sync with each others time now
Different cards have now been drawn
Leaving two souls weeping all alone.


Claire de Lune

The moonlight shines on singing waters
A chorus repeated by humming stones
In a composition of competing meters
That brings peace to my stressed bones
On hearing a piano's soft sensuous tones.
Feeling the presence of those supple fingers
And under the spell of each nights moon
There is always the wish for it to linger
For tis not hard for two souls to attune
As nightly this music flows into the room.


Eternal Fire

The fire we made last night I see still glows
With time we'll prove it was only a start
Mere kindling that helped start a larger flame
Commitments made with kiss to life's game
To share and link our souls an eternal vow
The fire we made last night the Gods now know
Need only stir the coals with the fuel and see
How quickly the flames again so soon start
The flames will leap from love of thee and me
Always burn, although sometimes a dull red glow.


Freedom in the Captured City

The captured city wakens me
Even before dawn slaves hasten
To the wills of invisible masters
That state what things shall be
And ignore personal disasters.
The captured city wakens me
But I ignore that noise,
And all my slumbers skills
Erase what pain they caused,
Once again in Avalon's hills.

The captured city wakens me
I appreciate how my dreams
help me and are being kind,
But will have to cast them aside
And join the slaves of mankind.
The captured city wakens me
I hear all the traffic going past
A sea with very loud waves
As I go about my morning rites
They are digging early graves.



Dreams are kept in bidons* of water
Satisfying a riders need then thrown away
Picked up by a friend and returned later
Or a passing stranger who feels it passe
And exchanges it in market barter.
A breath away to where you where
Yet a life and world away from you
The past has gone, the future I despair
Shared moments past, a promised view
With a future hope that you will care.

*Bidon, Racing Cyclists Water Bottle.


Leaving the Toybox

The music being played is sad now,
Swiftly Kanga wipes away a little tear,
And even Wambi has a little sniffle.
She has gone away and they miss her,
Even toys have souls and feelings you know.
It began that first day they saw her with me
I knew they were also under her spell
But I didn't mind they had fallen for her.
Now this sad little band is just a shell
Each one lost, and sharing the misery.

The bright colours of the toybox
Look drab, lifeless and insignificant.
Eeore has found his tail in a corner
And just cast it away as unimportant
Owl is sad and speechless with shock.
An hour is too long without her concern
And days have far too many hours.
They must wait until cloth hearts can heal
But my heart does not have those powers
Will it heal if she should ever return?


May I?

May I hold you close for just a while
Press yourself against me to feel hearts beat
Push me away for a moment to see my smile
Then pull me close, and appreciate love's heat
Feeling as I do that our love is so sweet.
Let me hold you close for more than ever
There's no-one else that interests me like you.
The bonds of our feelings we couldn't sever
There's no moment with you that I could rue
Spending eternity together till all life is through.


Naked (Almost) in Alabama

Melbourne airport has gone and lost my things
Chances they were sitting on their fat arses
Possibly talking about girls or horses
And not paying attention to things with wings
So the bastards have gone and lost my things.
I'm really up shit creek without my things
All I have's my 'puter and what I'm wearing
I've worn these clothes for over 36 hours
I smell like I need at least sixteen showers
Because the bastards went and lost my things.

I'm waiting for a phone call about my things
The plane with them on gets into LA soon
Will put them on the first plane after noon
I pray that the gang of semi useless dings
Have got off their arses and found my things.
It's amazing how much you miss your things
My toilet bag is over ten years old,
I need shirts and socks to keep out the cold
And also jackets and some other things
Because the bastards went and lost my things.


Only in Death

Only in death is a body perfect
No more corruption of the flesh
No more wrinkles will we detect.
With the sod the corpse will mesh
The tomb will become our creche.
Only in death is a body perfect.
My body now shall live forever
No change each day, no mood effect
Sod and body now blend together
They become one and last forever.


Regalo di amore, (Gift of love)

Given to the light, is a gift of love
I search the heavens to thank the stars
But all I see are reflections from above
That tells me that this gift alone is ours
What is love but wealth undreamed of.
I see a flight of angels delivering this gift
One who has oft-times drawn his bow
And rarely has his arrow flown adrift.
His victims all possess that special glow
Gained sometimes sneaky, oft-times swift.


Silent Voices

She heard a voice no one was there
Softly were the words it had spoken
It had come from I don't know where
For the trees behind her were oaken
But their spell of silence was broken.
So gently flows an incoming breeze
With whispers of a history to be told
Wild flowers grew beneath the trees
For a young maidens eyes to behold
Who crept through undergrowth bold.

Silent the voice that spoke in her mind
Visions took over and had told her so
Imagination was never very hard to find
Where the rhythm of breeze`s shall blow
A child's fantasy has much room to grow.
She answers her images within herself
Completely lost in her world of dreams
Faeries goblins, and that of a wood elf
Yet silence prevails to high extreme's
But within play it is more that it seems.



No more is it the time of magic, it is now of men,
Merlin and all his kin have left the stage and sleep.
Slumbering in their cave awaiting until when
Once more they must emerge from sleep so deep,
Working spells, as evil from the land they sweep.
What if by chance they do not emerge when called?
Will we be able to learn their secrets in time?
Is there some kind of insurance scheme installed?
'Cause it's no longer warriors it's terror and crime
And let's be honest, terror is by cowards and slime.


Unequalled Sounds

Hearken to the wing'd pipes of morn,
Sometimes the shrill sound of newborn.
Sometimes a soft caw from bird to bird
A softer sound than mans harsh word
Thus surrounding bush which sounds adorn.
Unequalled sounds have poets in tears
Unable to match these sounds with words
Yet it's natural to these gifted birds,
Sounding their joys as well as fears
Then off in flight to sing with peers.


Xactly Rite

Tears falling, mixing with my own
I hear you when you quietly groan
Your look when you smile from your heart
Your touch, saying we'll never part
The future now is so well known.
As I hold you, you grip me tight
You will relax within the night
But in certainty of return
Rekindling that heavenly burn
That only love can ever ignite.


Your Presence

I sense your presence all the time
Lives begun to intertwine
I feel our souls touching
Nothing is said just felt
This feeling is everything.
I sense your presence all the time
The scent of you is that of oil
Fragrance of a thousand years
A million flowers enriched soil
Producing a thousand tears.

I sense your presence all the time
Your sight bless'd like golden morn
Surrounding like a halo on waking
A peace of heaven has been torn
To light the day, for your making.
I sense your presence all the time
A smile fading the waking dawn
Your look lights the day breaking
A sight bless'd with golden morn
Close like a halo on waking.

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Divena Collins

Ghosts Of The Forest

Amidst ancient gnarled, twisted trees
Thro` blankets of mist by a clearing,
Deep in a forest with sighing breeze
Strange happenings were appearing,
In dire need of an exorcist expertise.
Sceptres from the past thro` the mist
Sat around their wooded bench table,
They ignored me and I got the gist
Was it I, the ghost and now able,
To be next on their short waiting list?


The Healing Tree

Strength in the sap of the branches free
With powers that flows through leafy veins
Along with aromatic oils of the Cedar tree,
Enhancing by the morning dawns soft rains
And medicinal salves from the honey bee.
Woodlanders gathered from far and wide
With ailing bodies and much troubled minds
Feeling much stronger from the magic inside,
Sweet sap arises through frail hands, to find
Healing spirits from this source shall derive.

Sickness and strife spread through the lands
Prayed to the heavens, thank God what they had
A source from the tree shared as planned
The woodlandic peasants no longer were sad
And through the healing tree did understand.
Mother nature provided her own perfect cure
Those ancient years when they all but knew
From all the herbals in the forestry`s pure,
There were remedy`s there from all that grew
And thus finding out made them feel secure.


The Pommie Mouse

Once in a kingdom of animal lovers
There dwelt a little timorous mouse
Who had some sisters and brothers
But were caught in a trap in the house
So poor wee mouse he had no others.
So sad was he, his heart was shattered
That he scampered away full of strife,
Who wants a mouse lost and scattered
Unless, he bedded a mouse wife for life
Once in a life time, he may be flattered.

Perhaps he may go Australia instead.
A Pommie mouse in the glorious sun
His friend assured he had a spare bed
And he was going to have loads of fun
With Vindaloo and Port, he`d be well fed.
He sneaked on a plane and over he flew
He thought he`d better go take a look,
For jet lagged mouse, his room had a view,
He snuggled in bed with a poetry book
It was there he settled contentment anew.


Of Ancient England

Oh ye great oakens from England grow.
Throughout the forest of Sherwoods loam
Scatter thy great seeds of acorns below
Where the band of Robin Hood called home
And his merry men drew Arrow and bow.
Oh ye green plains that winds doth strew
Hills of Dartmoor where horses grazed
'Midst craggy hills, where waters run thro'
This ancient breed was borne and praised
Pride and valour thro` mighty battles grew.

Oh ye great oakens of Englands shore
Majestically spread, thy boughs of olde
Steeped in ancient history to explore
Of Kings, Queens, and Pagentry bold
Now resting beneath thy dark forest floor.
So sleep thee, thy knights upon the moors
Who sped `thro Dartmoors craggy hills,
Thy haunted steeds form dust no more
Of thundrous hooves now silent and still
With ghostly remains of bygone lore.


Ring Around The Roses

An age old song for children at play,
Has a meaning they had not known
To sing and to dance in a ring that day,
While disease and sickness had grown
They were too young to grieve and pray.
A plague had spread thoughout the land,
Cause, are fleas which infested town rats.
Over the country this plague did expand
The dead were transported away in carts
And the children left could not understand,

They sang of raised sores of bubonic plague
That were circled a red ring all around,
And symptoms which to them were vague
Of sneezing spreading germs abound
To help spread this epidemical outrage.
A herbal sachet for smell to prevent
Kept close to their hearts in a locket,
This herbal power of posies with scent
Was oftimes placed in their pockets
Their belief was instinctively meant.


Ring around the roses
A pocket full of posies
Atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down.


Shakespeare In Love

Thou art truly my love, my life, my all
Love in my eyes, doth shine in thine
Oh my love thy doth much to enthral
Such love lock`d in two hearts divine.
Shalt not be sever`d, what e`er befalls.
Oh sweet art thy soft kisses sincere
How joyous to love and to be belov`d,
Gracious are these memoise to revere
`Neath stars and brightest moon above,
Thus treasur`d love, is ours so dear.

Come hither sup fine meadow wine
Sweet pleasures true love shalt lure
Thy sense, touch, those eyes of thine,
Deep fantasy thou shalt ne-er obscure
When the passion of lovers entwine.
True loves spirits shalt rise together
Blessed to be by each others side
This eternity of love shalt be forever,
For truest love shalt ne`er be denied
Not life nor death shalt part us never.


She Slept Alone

A moon was out it`s most fullest
Stars were twinkling so bright
Her lover happened by his coolest
Begged to sleep there that night
(She was to be his hostess.)
She was reading a book you see
But he disturbed a good chapter,
Put down the book and come to me,
Says she, I know what your after
(Logically, he just had to agree)

She was never to be forsaken
Her vanity forever was for life
The wine she sips must not be taken
Even Scotch whisky would be rife
(She is not to be shaken)
He said it was love at first sight
And this she gravely mistook
He was her master, it was his right
But he never disturbed her book
(She slept alone all night.)


Stepping Stones

I step on stones over the lake
So I shall be so close to you
For each and every step I take,
I always seem to walk back two,
And slip as I shiver and shake.
The lake is wide, I cannot swim
And stones have gone from view
I see my watery grave show grim
With my reflection rippling thro`
And love preserved deep within.

Then shall I soar high in the sky
High above the sea on the wing
On the back of a dove I shall fly
Let the angels rejoice and sing
But I look down on earth and cry
. When spirits arose I then did see
Gazing down on Earth from above
The beauty then was there for me
Perfect visions of the one I love
A paradise where waters run free.


This Season Of Love

When April showers wash winds away
A flourished spring awakens loves tune
Bursting forth blossoms borne in May
And deepens the rose in flaming June
This season of love forever shalt stay.
Warm is the sunrays that shines in July
As the warmth from a true lovers kiss
Brighter the Moon that glows in the sky
Closer we share, such heavenly bliss
When all in this World, are you and I.

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Ryter Roethical

Black Widow

Step this way he said
Touching her bare shoulder
As he led her to the bed.
Take off your clothes was his refrain,
Each touch becoming bolder.
She let him have his way
The end justified the sin
Smiling knowing he would pay.
And with release he felt the pain
As her venom took his life from him.


Candles and Hares

Like a candle our love burned, but far too bright
In lust and passion, we tasted too much too soon
Burning our candle at both ends into the night.
Juices sipped, and juices pent, with loss of gloom
At start of day, love slipped away, hidden by the light.
Now we are older and much wiser in our ways
Our teenage spirits whilst not dead and gone
Make us steady and much more able to stay
The conclusion is proven and very foregone
It is the tortoise, not the hare that wins the day.



What is that caterpillar doing on my vine?
So fluid and alive, yet seeming so impersonal;
I'm touching it now, see how it responds
And so easily curls around my index finger.
Such confidence I have to admire...
It's so vulnerable and soft and spongy,
And I could crush it so very easily.
I place my finger back once more to the vine.
If it survives it will be a beautiful butterfly,
And bound to be a source of my joy.


Death of a Lovesong

I cannot be, and I cannot feel,
I lost everything that mattered.
You broke my heart so easily
And handed it back to me shattered.
I have no feelings because of you.
I cannot see, I cannot hear
Those words I so longed to hold
They fell to the ground bitterly
A whispered silence now so bold.
I cannot hear because of you.

My life is dark and so quiet now
Almost feeling like the grave
A darker love as deaf as death
Where is that release that I crave?
I’ve been blinded by your loss

Within this tomb of dark despair
The tears have ceased to flow
Nothing left here but ash and dust
With barren love, naught can grow.
A desert is now my heart.



Some open doors, for others they close
Some have a life that's always hard
Winners win what ere is chose
Losers are born, destined to lose
From life's rich reward ever barred
In life, in love, there never a pause
Wondering now what's fates next card
I've lived a full life, I've opened doors
Built many walls, laid many floors
Surely nothing now can be too hard?


The Hawk

Sitting here by a rocky hollow
Watching a hawk and her trajectory
Her flight feathers extended now
As she hovers in all her majesty
Dipping and rising on the thermals from below.
Trimming her feathers circling around
Suddenly... her wings close
As she plummets towards the ground
Rising again with a victorious screech
And faintly her victims dying sound.



Our time together goes by in a blur
Hardly savouring events that occur
Yet we know there is no other way.
Each time I see you, how you have grown
And so different from the babe first known.
Looking I see you have your fathers eyes
The same blue that's looking at you now.
You're growing more beautiful everyday.
In a while you'll hear the young boys' sighs
All wanting to steal you away.


Lingua delle anima (Language of Souls)

My desire is to grow old with you,
But we both know this can't be true.
For a long life can never be my destiny
And when you die I pray it will it be me
Waiting, to welcome you to eternity.
Our two souls will kiss and again unite
As spirits, in love still we will ignite
The flame of love once more together
Forever bound, and loving ever
You have become my life's endeavour.


Never Forgotten

"Never forget" he said to her,
At the start of their first night together
"My touch will be all you will feel,
My lips, the only ones you will ever know
My taste, the one you will crave for life".
Blindly, as a virgin she reached out to him,
Then again, and again.
Young and yearning, desperate to be loved,
She compromised all she knew
"I will always love you".

How could anyone compare to you?
Your hands, your eyes, your sound.
No other could ever be to me
What you are. I swear",
As he went away to the fight.
Many years later, as she lay dying
The echo of that promise was still heard.
As their children gathered to say goodbye
Then listening closely, she heard his voice
A voice she had never forgotten.


No Fear of the Dark

I couldn't help it, but I think I saw a light
I thought that all that lay before me
Was nothing but a continuous darkness.
A light was there, it was you, you were the light,
And hearing your voice made it much more real.
I realise now it was no mistake what I saw
Nor was there any painting of words by you
Now I wish for you to blow out the candle.
There is no longer a dread of the darkness
Because now I can feel you there alongside.



I used to think that paradise
Was a great surf beach and blue skies
Or a well shaped slab of rock
That just might be possible to climb,
And always a glass of stout afterwards.
Several broken bones later I realised
Paradise was not having to prove things
Life is about being able to appreciate it
There is music, and wine, and natural scenes
And most of all... There's You.


So Long Ago

I wonder sometimes how any love begins
Mine began with a poem that made me laugh
One day we met and shared love by the sea
For a while we lived as if there was no life before
Making promises we could not ignore.
So long ago now, yours began with a poem,
I wrote to you, and I hoped you'd like.
Then we celebrated love together,
Those few warm nights of poetry and love
But too soon we had to part, for such is life.


Sogni di Amore

Dreaming of the romance of this night
Dark blue skies, form a stars back drop
The beauty, the allure of a full moons light.
Sitting on a seawall at some exotic stop
Looking, touching, bodies ready to ignite
Magically, soft, wet lips, light our fuse
Senses lost giving in to our feelings
Touching, surrender, as control we lose
Naked bodies, our senses reeling
Opening, giving, nothing concealing.

Now with no though of self or same
As with your love I cry your name
You in turn offering yourself in love
Finding a pure, loving treasure trove
Creating a tender everlasting flame.
And with the dawn a wakening kiss
Of sunlight on two bodies thus entwined
A wakening smile and years to reminisce
On early times, and how they dined
And how they created those dreams of bliss.



I awoke and found myself wandering in the clouds
"I am not dead I think" I thought
Why then is there this wondrous feeling,
And why can I look down on the world below?
I awoke again wondering what was the truth.
What is the truth? Is truth a reality or a dream?
In my dreams there is no trauma or stress
Why can't that be a dream and not reality,
Then what was in my dreams become the truth,
And no-one will be worse for the change?


Was it all a dream

Was it all a dream? I wonder
Shifting gears as I drive.
The vision of you, your voice
The kiss, the throaty "I love you"
Was it all a dream, or memory?
My voice in the wind
Blowing softly in your ear
Yes, a dream come true
Whispering my love to you
While you hug the winding road.

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