2015 Poetry Theme Challenge

#16 Beach Party

My thanks to all who took part in the last challenge. From the theme of love we move to the salty sea air mingling with the smoky atmosphere of a campfire on the beach. Surf's up poets, let's party on the beach as the challenge this time is about the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that create the unique atmosphere of beach fun.

Beach Party

Terry Clitheroe

Il Mare e sole
Quality Beach
Zeehan Subsets

Leny Roovers

End of Summer

Terry Clitheroe

Il Mare e sole

I know I stared at the sea too long today,
I saw the sun consumed by a gentle wave.
Leaving patterns in the swells as if to say
It's not creating the misery of watery grave.
The sun stood still awhile and even went allay
Finally committing itself to its nightly fate.
And suddenly everything around went rare
The night had begun and for a while we wait.
The sea's disappeared from the picture frame
And she too slumbers in the cooler salty air
So begins another night of this endless game
The night is o'er and again he must resume.
With the sea and his clandestine flame.
First task to kiss the sea, and remove the gloom


Quality Beach

Look into my eyes, as the moon lights the night
The oceans waves continue to dance so grand
Percussion sounding with each waves bite
Sending out its Bolero rhythm on the sand.
The oceans waves continue to dance with delight
There is no warm softness ever like this bliss
The world becomes still savouring the moment
We press close together so our hearts may kiss.
The beach, the water everything is so benign
We know Fate at last has given us her consent
And the smile on your lips says you are mine.
We will be held together forever with this grace
Because it has caused our two souls combine
And everlasting memories of this lovely place.


Zeehan Sunsets

I see no auras or bright flashes from the sun
All I see is a red glow across the land,
Merely signs that night has at last begun.

In the mountains in the east life is done
As the blackness of night starts to expand
I see no auras or bright flashes from the sun

The magnificent scene bows to what has come
Darkness hiding what is "Tasmania's grand"
Merely signs that night has at last begun.

The world most beautiful spot has been outdone
But it is all arranged and what nature planned
I see no auras or bright flashes from the sun

Beauty would become boring, Nature undone
She changes the scene so she might expand
Merely signs that night has at last begun.

With the morn, the scene refreshed, equal to none,
Witness the sight, and then you'll understand.
I see no auras or bright flashes from the sun
Merely signs that night has at last gone.

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Leny Roovers

The end of summer

Another month and summertime has fled
already nature shows her autumn dress
in tones of orange, brown, a touch of red
as late night's breeze sends us a last caress.
To say goodbye is dying a small death
when said in French, it comes on poet's breath.
As seasons come and go all through the year
I should be used to it by now, yet fear
the long dark days of winter's chilling hold
when daylight will be dulled and gone too soon
it will take weeks before I can attune;
with clear and freezing weather sun brings gold
Those days I cherish like a precious stone
my soul is filled with light from heaven's throne.

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