2015 Poetry Theme Challenge

#06 Times Are a-changin'

Hi and welcome to the challenge. Thank you to all those who got the quill flowing for the previous challenge. Now spring seems to be approaching rather rapidly in the Northern Hemisphere and around us we can see the evidence of the seasons beginning to change. I am not really after springtime poems but they would indeed be fitting for this challenge. Spring is a time of rebirth, new life and new beginnings. We also live in a time where attitudes are changing, some for the good some not. There lies the challenge - to write poetry that reflects the changing times we live in.

Times Are a-changin'

Terry Clitheroe

I kiss Your Lips

Divena Collins

Only Time
Winds of Change

Leny Roovers

Dance of Life

Terry Clitheroe

I Kiss Your Lips

Again and again, I kiss your lips
Knowing you can no longer feel me
Nor feel the touch of my fingertips
But I remember what used to be

No longer can I feel your heat
For death has made us part
How strong our hearts would beat.
Yet I know I can feel your heart.

Love is only a timely dance
Heartbeats of love and togetherness
This is more than Romance
Love saying to you "God bless".

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Divena Collins

Only Time

Only time may tell what fate shall await me
I who have been born to this natural world
Shared every moment when life unfurled
When natures presence finally broke free
I shared the wonders that was ever to be
From the depth of a winters blanket curled
Upon meadows green as fronds uncurled
Only time shall tell of future who may see
What shall happen in future years to come
Shall it all be the same as it was back then
Or may we all within future times succumb
If what we know may not be the same again
It is for us to find and mother nature to know
Soon only within time itself fate shall show.


Winds of Change

Winds of great change shall be upon our land
There shall be no corn nor even of buffalo
Not a thing on this land shall of nurture grow
The future claims from the white mans hand
Shall be nothing left for the tribal band
Waters from springs shall not ever again flow
Times shall return when the great winds blow
All of earths nutrients shall be in demand
When prayers may be answered one by one
Upon the purest wisdom of a natives prayer
Let none cast asunder their sacrificial sun
When trees bear fruits from the solar layer
Their future blessed for all within range.
Let not this future be prone unto change.

Native American Prayer

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Leny Roovers

The dance of life

The dance of life is marked by seasons' flow
Spring covers our childhood till we mature
We are unfolding and grow in allure,
Developing talents Nature bestowed.
Our summer's the stage for loving and woe
Confrontations with death we now endure
Losing loved ones through illness without cure.
When our children are born, we're all aglow,
Our life is a feast, each new day a gift
We share and create, while energy soars.
In autumn pace changes as accents shift,
We're collecting memories from life’s tours.
Winter turns us inwards, we reminisce
The events of our life, sorrow and bliss.

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