2015 Poetry Theme Challenge

#05 The Long Good Night

Many thanks for taking part in the last challenge. This new challenge will sombre up the mood a bit. As poets we use all aspects of human existence as our subject matter. Death is indeed an aspect of life and comes to us all eventually. In the event we grieve yet we celebrate a life lived so can we do that in poetry. There is the challenge.

Happy writing and good luck

The Long Good Night

Kathy Anderson

Into Death
Too Soon

Terry Clitheroe

Death of Perfection
Sailors Death

Divena Collins

Flames of Satan

Kathy Anderson

Into Death

Into death rides times passage into dark
Darkened recesses of memories hold,
Ships hold carries them all to rivers old
Pathways beyond Lethe as Persephone's spark
Held hope to never forget livings work.
The energy into which death infold's
Taking away that that promised its gold,
Golden moments of inhaled breath not irk
To suffer the bitter taste of smokes edge
Ever the never land of yellowed page
Withered and brittle finding no more sedge
For cutting, for it brings only the gauge
By what endings are told forevermore
Forever the Reaper yields his blades score.


Too Soon

too soon the sun must set
too soon the dawn must arise
too soon the moon sinks too low to see
too soon the tulips petals must fall
too soon warm summer airs turn cold
too soon Autumn leaves blanket earth
too soon Winters freeze takes hold,
too soon songs play the last verse
too soon what is found is lost to the universe.

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Terry Clitheroe


Only in death is a body perfect
No more corruption of the flesh
No more wrinkles do we detect?
Only in death is a body perfect
No need of a mirror to inspect
With the sod the corpse will mesh
Only in death is a body perfect
No more corruption of the flesh


No more corruption of the flesh
My body now shall live forever
The tomb has become my creche
No more corruption of the flesh
Each night I rise corrupt and fresh
Zombies, mummies shall envy ever
No more corruption of the flesh
My body now shall live forever


My body now shall live forever
Only in death is a body perfect.
Sod and body now blend together
My body now shall live forever
Created from sod in Deitic fervour
Each day, each change, each mood, affect.
My body now shall live forever
Only in death is a body perfect.


Death of Perfection

You are a perfectly coloured flower
And I hate you.
Your fragrance will die
Like my desire.

I'm the bug
Clinging to your petals

And make no apologies
For my intrusion.

I came to steal your soul.
And drink your essence
Until I have you inside me
Perfectly soft flower.

I am the death of perfection
Inside you.
I am the death of morality
From your hands.

My moans are drowning out
Your perfectly pitched
Gossamer voice
And songs of love

I am the death of reserve
Inside your mouth
And I am the death of innocence
Causing your tears.


A Sailors Death

And only the sea shall know them
The ocean depth will be their grave
The wind will tug the wet shrouds hem
Like a farewell flag the waters wave.

There is no church with bells to ring
No flowers cover the hallowed site
Nor choir with caring hymns to sing
Nor moon to shine its blessed light.

Neptune has claimed them all
And to his bosom they are gone
Till Armageddon makes the final call
When each sailor will rise from his bed
And be greeted by Gods only son
That day the sea gives up it's dead.

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Divena Collins

Flames Of Satan

Dark are the spells of a Satanic evil
Bleak night of the darkened shadow
Where evil spells may forever show
Demonic screams of a tortured will
Black disillusion of the devils thrill
That procures a distinctive evil flow
Thus may arise as hot flames below
Deep within a demonic spell to kill
Within depths of a darkened night
Love may lure an unsuspected mind
When love is blind there is no sight
The devil to show is for you to find
'Tis for thee to know time shall tell
The only way out is heaven or hell.

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