2015 Poetry Form Challenge

#10 Novelinee

Created by Sarah Rayburn, the novelinee is a 9 line stanza derived from the Spencerian stanza but written in iambic pentameter or decasyllabic lines. If used as part of a sequence a variation of the closing line should be used as lead line for the next stanza. In the case of a closed novelinee the last stanza would end with a variation of the first line of the first stanza.
Stanza Rhyme Scheme: a. b. a. b. c. d. c..d. d.

Betrayal of Trust

From mists of Avalon she came in white
supernova who split my heart in two
and left untouched silence in endless night
no skyward star to guide my passage through.
While drinking wine I gave my love away
for whispered promises given out of lust,
believing hearts could breathe again today
my dreams now lie amid unwanted dust,
my heart shattered by betrayals of trust.

Sarah Rayburn

Novelinee Sequence

Sweet nightingale, unparalleled beauty,
my worldly thoughts will drown in idle words,
if I did not reflect the love I see,
and deny love is nought but food for birds.
I dream my arm is loosely round your waist,
so I shall hear divinity in your song,
and dream upon your eyes with loving haste,
to sip from lips of wine where I belong
and trust the sweetest breath will keep us strong.

With trust the sweetest breath to keep us strong,
my jewel of love to whom I grant my heart,
with words and smiles for days that seem so long,
so fate has cast the miles to keep apart.
In crystal vagaries we're hand in hand,
whilst waterfalls cascade a rhythmic beat,
as when we kissed upon the golden sand,
below the rugged crags in love's retreat,
our passion found in nature's dancing feet.

When passion's found in nature's dancing feet,
above the greenest valleys, smile Black hills,
with fragrant flowers dazzling eyes shall meet,
where dragonflies commingle by the rills.
Your heart in truth a loving paradise,
where feelings flow and openly confess,
in daring glances tempting looks of ice,
for you, my love, are more than words express,
I can't resist your spell of loveliness.

Sarah Rayburn

Motherland ~~~ Closed Novelinee

Across the bay where beauty waits for me,
beneath the sun-kissed mountain waterfalls,
enchanting eyes shall tame the wild and free,
my heart is bound by love as Cymru calls.
The cloudy blue of railway smoke dissolved
against the ageing roofing slates of old,
attractions mined before our time evolved,
and children chalked their words in letters bold,
when mountain streams still flowed with yellow gold.

The mountain streams that flowed with yellow gold,
and wrought the wedding bands of royal kings,
still whisper love and tales the bards oft told,
and magic echoes o'er the valleys and springs.
The land where dragons roam and wizards dwell,
where singing voices set our fathers free,
returning home my heart begins to swell,
rejoice my pride in Wales, her mystery,
across the bay her beauty stood by me.

Sarah Rayburn

Novelinee Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

We Can't Forget

Kathy Anderson

Colorful Path Study
Freeway to Space
Happy Witch
Nothing to Hide

Terry Clitheroe

Dancing to Loves Tune
Forever Autumn
Ghost of you and I
Kneel I Cannot
Lanterns of Fate
My Wings
Reaching out again
To Learn to Love
X Factor

Divena Collins

Asterisco Dreams
Bear Necessity
Bulls Horn
Cobwebs and Dust
Delights of Nature
Dirty Dishes Blues
Guardian Angels
House Mother
It Started With a Boomerang
Just As I Am
Lady Exposed
Moon Spirit
Musik of the Earth
Orato's Muse
Prophesy of Love
Shakespeare Renowned
Survival or Extinction
To Be Or Not
Water Aerobics
Witch in the Hollow

Jem Farmer

Blessed Samhain
Just One Kiss
Morning Tea
Samhain Drums
Samhain Wish
The Girl in My Heart
The Moon She Dances
Winter Rises

Ryter Roethicle

Another Time
Butterfly Thoughts
Kindred Spirits
Luna de la Madre
Mists of Time
Prisoner Still
Undying Dreams
Voodoo Man
You Have Become
Zinfandel and More

Leny Roovers

Bali Sunset

Khia Taylor

Fall's Cold Domain
Stirring the Shadows

Maryse Achong

We Can't Forget

When it seems that our plates become too full
When things begin to weigh us down, and scare
Us; with demands to meet that tug and pull
At us every which way, it's time for prayer.
However when our cups o'erflow the brim
And life is wonderful, everything right
Then also we ought to remember Him,
And thank Him for leading us to the light...
Without Him ours would be a sorry plight.

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Kathy Anderson

Colorful Path Study

burning beautiful the old stars are
baleful red eyes alit at the end stretch
of a long road of evening lights far
from the beginning of journeys first watch,
embers remembered on light years apart
divergent dreamy ochres left for dead
amongst blue bent highways motes of dark
billowing vaporous violet fled
fast as novae breathes routes tread.


Freeway to Space

On the shores of space the entrance began
To the on ramp of galaxies freeways
One of which starts here on earthly plains span,
Like a road map to Andromeda's way,
M31's group awaiting our stop
From the byways of space and times rest spot,
Stars marking each highway split and new drop
Into unseen paths shadowy or hot
Dusty boulevards or streets we plot.


Happy Witch

Happy is the witch in black or white cape
For magic's spelled by good and bad
Are just what keeps her world free from dire scrapes,
So if you see candles glowing a tad
Remember not to cross a black cats path
Unless you're very lucky that she's glad
To walk beside you without any wrath.
Then the witches must be happy, not sad,
That you've never crossed them and made them mad.


Nothing to Hide

Did you see the moon displayed in sky
As it hovered in a mauve sunset?
Someday I'd love to share such lovely days
With black China tea for two, no regrets
In times well spent and friendship honest lent.
There paintings of memory will abide
Through troubled moments and take no rent
For hearts that brew a finer sip, confide
The consumption of love, nothing to hide.



The woman you are seeking is in a look,
Not a glance through the gardens of love,
Mores in a soft touch than in a book.
But forgotten lore's have wings of doves,
If you unfold them they surely will fly.
Nothing can explain profound body heat,
By the way your kisses melt in sighs
Like rain blessing the desert, where retreat
Of sun gives desires chance meets.

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Terry Clitheroe


My life is dark and so quiet now
Now almost feeling like the grave
A graver love as deaf as death
A wreath is that release I crave?
Within that grave of dark despair
The tears have no longer cause to flow
Nothing grows here but who's to care
There is no light now, there is no glow
Who dares a barren love, where naught can grow.


Dancing to Loves Tune

Dancing to loves tune, we spin and turn
As you turn your heart skips and pounds
That pounding heart causes you to burn
Your eternal burning love ever resounds
With its magic sounds your innards stir.
Your lover's steps stir you, you soon find
Minds and bodies touching as this occurs
Dancing with eyes open, no longer blind
And you now prefer to dance entwined.


Forever Autumn

Through autumn leaves we still pick our way
We will always love this time of year
The path is unclear but we will have all day
There is no dismay we have the sun to steer
That golden sphere will always be there
It knows we care, and for us will ever shine.
Yet pine leaves fall and leaves the trees all bare
We care but this is always natures design
Now at least I know for Eternity you're mine.

Rather it would be forever Autumn with me
So we could spend forever living this way
Instead one day a cold new world we'd see
It has to be, so that spring in full array
Will say welcome to all new life born
And born it will be for her spirit is thus
Without fuss we will see new leaves adorn
With each thorn the promise of a new Rose
Seeing them together though Eternity I propose.

Inspired by Justin Hayward's "War of the Worlds"


Ghosts of You and I

As we walk along the shadows hold hands
The way they merge and blend as we wander.
Do they have any physical demands?
Making them more real than us we wonder,
Would that we were they, to join without fuss
Sol creating images out of golden strips
Unified minds and souls, I wish 'twere thus.
They are merely shadows of our eclipse
Two dimensions of us that share our trips.



I'm jealous of the night's moon glow
Its soft rays kiss you while you sleep
I wish I were there beside you now
As the hours so slowly forward creep.
In absentia I wish each one from me
Remem'bring days when we were close
And those languid eyes I used to see
Those are some things that I miss most
Its then I see how the second hand slows.

I'm jealous of the night moons rays
For my fingers ache to touch your face
And each night they touch you in praise
Whilst I must stay here in this lonely place
It's day here and I must be without dreams
But in our distant times bed, memories race.
Jealously I must think about moonbeams
How well I remember nights in a place
That place soon will see us again embrace.


Kneel I Cannot

It cannot be, and I cannot kneel,
I feel I lost the thing that mattered.
You battered my heart so easily
Casually handing it back shattered.
It mattered not, I cannot see or hear
The one I want so near to hold
So cold the one I once held so dear
A clear whispered silence now so bold
Because of a pain that is uncontrolled.


Lanterns of Fate

I have three lanterns that hang over my door
The first you cannot ignore, the light from the past;
Or go past the present that light we should explore.
Some instead look ahead for what will soon be passed.
If you move too fast and miss important things
Then soon in missing them, it brings a deep regret
That cycle of regret, and worry whatever life brings
A thing of misery and a life that is too upset.
So live and love happily, without any regret.


My Wings

My wings shall cover the tapestried earth
And the wide girth of the blue green sea
Flying high seeing the sun at it's birth
The world resting below in my apogee.
My wings in glee ride the silken morn
Patterning the torn, silent and sunlit sky
That lies under Cancer and Capricorn
Hiding my scorn, flying I will deny
I'm flying where birds cannot fly.

My wings envy the height of the sun
Feeling one with the conquered mountain
Where certain cloud pennants are undone
Led and ruled by me as their sovereign.
My wings again are covering the world
In curled clouds whispering, singing in flight
My winged flight across continents has hurled
But now it is time to relinquish my delight
Entering the new world greeting the night.


Reaching out again

I tried to catch your hand but missed you.
I watched you walk away, I thought forever,
Some things that create a different point of view.
And now I know that nothing could e'r deter,
For Cupid has a way of making things happen.
We met again, something made our love renew
Through my love, my soul love, shall gladden
We shall be together till time itself is through.
And all that is left is stars and me holding you.

My mind was set and my heart like stone
And to all temptation I had gone blind.
Now finally there is one that claims my soul
And I have someone who makes me whole.
Before we met what could I know about you?
You were an image, a desire and a wanted wish
Someone who only in the dreams I could accrue
Or compare to food you would become my dish
And throughout Eternity all we will have is bliss.


To Learn to Love

To learn to love, you must first learn to cry
But show no emotion and be stoic in strife
Offer your heart before love says goodbye
Your body and mind is conditioned by life.
For too long now, my heart has been asleep
But now there is tears my heart is open again
And slowly through joy, I'm learning to weep
Not tears or sobs of a heart wrenched in pain
Only because of you there is a happy refrain.

Now at last it's become the time for you to cry
I have looked in your eyes and I see your tears
As anger and frustration from inside you die
You have held it inside you for all these years
Beside you I wipe those tears from your eyes
I see with those tears your now learning to trust
I hold you and kiss you, and build closer ties
The prime lesson to learn is deciding you must
Realise without it there can be nought but dust.



Sometimes a wanderer may see many things,
And just as often many lessons learn.
In apprehension, to the past he clings.
Experience found as homeward he turns
Words spoken, promises made, he returns,
Yet hope still lingers and once again he rings,
And casts his lot with chance, still fearing burns
Knowing now the feeling that to him clings
And she is the one who makes his heart sing!

Her smile speaks more than words could ever say,
And her eyes speak volumes of her intent.
How can there be doubts, no desire to stay,
Only touch will make them say they are content.
They wine and dine, and meet love all the way
On meeting they realise this is a special event
And looks and words and touches finally pay
The Heavens watch realising good intent
And finally fate gives her willing consent.



I watch the white wispy clouds slowly appear
There is no promise of even one damp drop.
Of the promised thunderstorm, there is no fear
Give me one reason why I would wish to stop.
A miracle happens, that would bring such thought
But once again the forecasters have made a dud
And the promised storm has ended in nought
Exactly as all the cynics thought, misunderstood
But looking at the cracks in dry soil it isn't good

Too little, too often we are promised some rains
With dams that are low and rivers gone dry
But never the right places only down city drains
The politicians bullshit, then spin another lie.
So they build a de-salination instead of pipes
Using committees instead of using their brains.
As all over, we watch as good farmland dies
Up North there's floods why not pipe us their rains
It's cheaper than de-salination consider the remains.


X Factor

Out of a void my love has grown
Grown from cosmic speck, a minute grain
From nothing a seed then a chain was sown
Finitely thrown it grew this heavenly domain
No stain of wood, nor steel, nor brick or stone
There's nothing known to shelter from harm
But a calm and pulsing heart of flesh alone
Constructed of love alone to protect and warm
By that same token preventing you any harm.



When you're lost from me for a while
I look inside my heart and you are there
Then as I look and I see your smile
I know that you are with me everywhere.
When you're lost from me because of space
I close my eyes and look deep within
For you and I are in a separate place
Then I see your eyes and smile and I grin.
All matters of love I know lie therein.

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Divena Collins

Asterisco Dreams

Oh I wish I could float in slow motion
To my love upon our wandering star
Maybe in space I shall be weightless
When we should float together afar
'Tis then we shall not be out of place
Within planets of humane extinction
We may return unto earth from space
Within space there are no rejections
Our star shall prove a new dimension.

Look to the skies and you shall ever see
The tiniest star that shall bear our name
Yet the brightest that shines from above
Stars in the universe may look the same
Yet there is ever one that shines most
The time has come through lovers eyes
Beaming down from space to the coast
For time and space shall but hypnotise
Touching softly within loves paradise.

Star crossed lovers - Teresa Carter


Bear Necessity

When asleep dreams compose of many things
Awakening sensuality within a visual mind
That shall only be a part of what it may be
Within nights of reality love shall be blind
Yet he who visualises cannot see in reality
For dreams of love may be more than few
Twas not to be proven for all of humanity
Tho' within silent hours he dreamed anew
Depending on his true loves point of view.

Fantasies may flow within humid nights
New beginnings within an electric storm
That shall waken senses unto love reborne
'Tis then that humanity shall never reform
Where the blessed stars shall light the way
When darkness had turned unto daylight
He crept within her bed where e-er she lay
Knowing not whether it was of day or night
Both hungered flesh within lust of delight.


The Bulls Horn

Never tease an animal behind the fence
Think what would happen if it was a bull
A barbed wire fence may not be defense
You might be but a bull is never the fool
Do not ever take a wild bull by the horn
Nor wave a red rag within angered eyes
Or you may wish you had not been born
A red blooded animal that owns the field
How may a tease like you make him yield.

Come, think about it for he could be you
How would you feel to be thus disturbed
Let the beasts alone just to do as they do
To be left alone shall be much preferred
Out of the city unto the country paddocks
Living within shall never be of the same
Peace be within for the rampant bullocks
They shall not be the ones never to roam
Humans have brains of the garden gnome.

Teasing The Bull


Cobwebs and Dust

I opened the door of an ancient room
As cobwebs and dust gathered within
Dank the walls that harboured gloom
Upon the faded tapestry wearing thin
I looked in vain for the haunting ghost
No sight nor sound nor spirits abound
I the intruder being an unwanted host
The dead holds secrets of truths untold
None survived within defence of the old

Yet this place has the eyes of the haunted
Cannot be disclosed within touch nor smell
Fears of future decay may be as taunted
For those are the intentions of living hell
Cast not an eye upon sanctimonious doom
Nor brush aside the illusions of cobwebs
Cast never the dust from room unto gloom
As the death of past may return once more
So tread easy as you walk through the door.


The Delights Of Nature

How lovely the rainbow displays its fine hues,
In an arc of diffused, fine pigments of pastel,
Soft droplets of rain, with sun shining through,
Wonders and fantasies, of the heavens impel.
If we just take the time, to enhance our mind,
How graceful this World we live in shall be,
The Earth and all the beauty around us we find
Green meadows, and dales, woodlands and trees,
The mountains, with rivers and incoming breeze,

Tall mountains with rivers and incoming breeze,
Wild flowers that flourish, throughout the land,
Sweet fragrance, to nourish the senses to please,
Ripplets of water, formed on warm golden sand.
Flocks of wild geese, returning home once again
From a far off land, after a seasonal migration
A few may never make it, to their own domain,
My heart is filled with wonder, and admiration
They return once again, all in perfect formation.


Dirty Dishes Blues

A womans work is never done 'tis true
Not even to rest a while on a sunday
In fact sundays are as much over rated
With a sink full of dishes all on display
To be washed out of sight by a woman
A Chief, Cook and bottle washer she be
No man they say can cook but they can
He just want his sunday to remain free
Too cute in his mind to argue with she.

But time shall tell who is the stronger
Shall she give in to the love of a man
Or may she reply with in a tired yawn
Fatigue was not to be part of his plan
If man versus woman then so may she
it takes two to play the waiting game
Two that shall not have nerve to agree
Which then is the guilty one to blame
When two of a kind are both the same.


Guardian Angels

Let never this night all alone shall be
Cast upon the wind vast of universe
A never ending space within time
Floating weightless uncalmly terse
Not knowing how my time shall end
Shall it be my turn to reach my fate
It may be too late for life to defend
Has my heart stopped the going rate
I may never know for time is too late.

I shall see the wonder of stars at night
Kiss the face of the man in the moon
When ever I may be that way inclined
But I may not run away with the spoon
I shall never do as in nursery rhymes
For life has taught me fair and square
That life may move forwards in time
Warmth of love shall be for ever there
Never walk through when flames flair


House Mouse

Hiya all, I am the little country mouse
And I was created in Divena`s Post.
I live in a cupboard at her house
And now she's a house mouse host,
I know she is busy, writing in the Tir
So can you all please keep it quiet
And do not tell her that I`m here,
For she surely will create a riot,
I know and she`ll put me on a diet.

I want to join the challenge you see,
That one about my favourite Tipple
I know she made a mouse out of me
But I am really a mouse thats fickle,
I am quite partial, to a glass of wine
With a lovely big nibble of cheese,
It is just an indulgent fancy of mine
Too much, I staggers, and wheeze,
But love this, in the challenge please.


It Started With A Boomerang

Look there is something strange in the sky
It has been watching all of us here below
Whatever it is it definately looks strange
Yet an interest in all it surely does show
It is never to be a part of our human race
But it flies like a bird within the sky above
Noiseless is what the heavens embrace
Not like earthlings they have all but love
Hearts made of steel with turbines thereof .

I wonder do they see us here as strange
Yet we are no threat to the birds that fly
Simply we are of human flesh and blood
If only we remain here upon earth as shy
They have nought to fear from us on earth
One day it shall be us that takes the flight
Nothing is impossible since universal birth
There is much room for human inventions
The heavens shall be of space intentions.


Just As I Am

A loner I was and remain the same
Lost within a world of my very own
Shy but content to share no shame
Without friendship I played alone
Yet happy I was within make believe
To run with deer in the forest free
My youthful dreams did not deceive
The spirit that held freedom for me
I shall never be now as I used to be .


A Lady Exposed

A long time ago in those days of old
This old legend gave birth in history,
And this was how the tale was told ,
It was eleventh century, this mystery
There dwelt a lady extremely renowned
Lady Godiva she was then known to be
As a Lady, earned respect profound,
Earl of Marcia of noble title was he,
And such a kind, caring Lady was she.

When the Earl, one day taxes raised
Godiva then, had to argue and plea,
The towns people had always praised,
She was for them, but annoyed at he.
And nagged him until he surrendered,
He gave in, on a favourable condition
That she was going to be the offender
He was to give her his legal permission
And then he would sign her remission.

The condition being, she rides her steed,
Throughout the town, and naked was she
He was most surprised when she agreed,
The townsmen debts, would then be free,
When they heard of Godiva`s brave plight,
They promised to close the window blind
Whether by day, or by the dead of night.
Her wishes respected, with peace of mind,
A more caring Lady, would be hard to find

. But not everybody kept their eyes away,
One man did try but could not resist,.
A stranger who, on waking up that day,
Opened his shutters and blew a kiss,
But he could not see, and to his surprise
Found, fate had punished him for his shame
Laying a curse upon him, with blinded eyes.
And nobody knew, from whence he came
But peeping Tom, is his famous name .


Moon Spirits

Why do wolves howl at the moon
Do they sense that mystical field
That sends light of life unto earth
What makes their wild spirits yield
As they stand at the highest peak
Does he call his previous ancestors
Within time and space shall he seek
Yesterdays scent of past competitors
Yielded upon their future survivors.

Wolves existed since our time began
As beasts of the earths green forest
The only creatures feared were man
Their resourses were not left to rest
'twas how it was, and how it was told
Let the moon shine on the righteous
Their future generation from the old
The planet earth shall not be riotous
May man and beast ever be virtuous.

Moon Wolf


Musik of the Earth

Medieval musik of the Earth doth play
Haunting tones of nature, drifting by,
Soft arias caressing senses of the day,
A gentle breeze whispers, with a sigh.
Ocarina`s refrain, thy woodwinds of olde,
Hollow overtones, of musik mystic lore
Echoing thro`woodlands glade, of gold,
Melodious harps with olde violins of yore
Medieval musik on ancient forest floor.


Notes of Summer Love

As I rest my head in a warm meadow green,
On a pillow of wild flowers and leaves,
There you are, in my thoughts and dreams.
Though apart, my aching heart grieves,
Come my dear lover, and lie here, with me,
We may, then feel the warmth of the sun,
Sharing all our dreams, in meadows free,
Dancing in the moonlight, having some fun
And hazily dreaming, this day we are one.

Feelings of love, as I lay here and dream,
Staring upward at this clear blue sky,
Not always are dreams what they seem,
Is it possible now, true love is there for I,
So come dear lover, where are you now,
Join my fantasy, my wild dreams, so free
For a true romance underneath the bough,
Of the whispering weeping willow tree,
Come make our dreams come true for me.


Orato's Muse

Orato the greek resplendent within muse
Goddess of passion, poet of a past regime
That no living mortal shall she ever awake
The silenced tongue of an ancient dream
As her voice is but an ancient musical lyre
That pluck out the tones of her poetic past
Until her musical stance shall ne-er expire
For her poetic instincts may never outcast
Deeper within where her muse shall last.

Orato through time has been set upon stone
Where all shall see this monument of old
Staunch within pride she stands as she was
What was warmth of affection now is cold
Yet she still shall pluck those lyrical strings
That she had done many centuries before
May It be a future through past she brings
What we thought of once to be of past lore
Who knows what our future has upon store.

Bust Of Orato - Muse Of Love Poetry


Prophesy Of Earth

May the mystic moon shine down on you
Who shall e-er foresee a heavenly Angel
For images that appear within the skies
Have astral secrets of what once befell
Before the astral planets entered space
There was nothing at all but cosmic rain
No immediate thoughts of the human race
Not a thing but emptiness shall ever gain
For sights of the planet earth was insane.

Yet the prophesy of an angel all came true
The earth had appeared 'neath a full moon
With a bonus of stars to enlighten the dark
'Fore the beautiful dawn that awakens soon
When the planet sun shall ever be on display
A whole new universe from a planet so blue
Shall the sky be vast as promised this day
And may all the four seasons begin as anew
May the heavenly Angel remain within view.

Exploding Art - Mystic Moon


Prophesy Of Love

Thou hast loved me, as I hath loved thee,
For prophesies told, of our sweet dreams,
Both loving hearts beating, wild and free,
Whilst warm, moistened lips now redeem,
Soft words spoken, as eyes hath told all,
Blessings endowed, a promise now made,
Enchantment of touch, feelings enthral
In nearness we dance, to a soft serenade,
Before fond memories, enhanced, doth fade.

Kindred spirits harken, to sweetness divine,
Musical notes of love, and deep affection,
Enclosed, two loving hearts, both combine,
Harmonious, rhythmic beats of perfection,
Oblivious to the world the heavens surround,
Time alone will not erase love from the heart
, Nor shall turn the tidal waves, of love around,
It can only grow stronger, and never depart,
For true lovers, were never meant to be apart.


Shakespeare Renowned

There was not a poet that was unknown
Who lived to prove a prose never ending
Within his works he survived an eternity
Thro' poetic plays within rhyme pending
Shall be named as a genius unto this day
May none forget the mystery of his prose
Within a replica theatre from past to stay
Actors of future from past times besotten
Thro' works of art shall ne-er be forgotten.

His past thro' the future shall ever remain
Inspirational to all that takes him to heart
Words shall never utter a sweeter refrain
Than that of a masters treasures take part
Thro' words of prose that acts within plays
May still show inspiration as time goes by
Yet memories of past may return his ways
A replica theatre remains to be as shown
Rest easy O' Shakesepeare as ever known.


Survival Or Extinction

Where, oh where, will the polar bears go
When the snow and ice caps melt. one day,
Their habitat once, a home they did know,
To be flooded, and sources washed away,
Salt seas, shall spread thoughout the land,
How then will the white bears stay alive,
Could we perhaps, help them to understand,
And maybe, to help them adapt to revive,
For it is animal instinct, a fight, to survive.

Where oh, where would they hunt for food,
There`s no fish on the land, like the sea,
Will they hunt with grizzly`s, just as good ?
And dwell high, in the Smokey`s Tennessee,
Will they fight, for their own piece of home,
White, and brown bears, may not get along,
Or steal from the bees, golden honeycomb,
With no knowledge, they could get it wrong,
But a chance of survival could be lifelong.


To Be Or Not

Out of sight and out of mind
One day It shall ever be me
Yet I shall be so easy to hide
For spirits of death run free
To return here upon this earth
As a ghost of medieval times
I stand no chance of a rebirth
When the clock of time chimes
In death I speak not of rhymes.

Nor shall place a quill to paper
I have no muse to be as shown
What you read is not worthy of
Written by a ghost as unknown
Unscathed to the poetic world
Composed without worthy cause
Ever this day rhythms uncurled
There shall be no loud applause
Until feathers of a quill unfurls.

Poets Muse


Water Aerobics

I braced myself for water aerobics
An experience I was afraid to risk
Because of a dreaded inborn fear
What if I slipped and broke a disc
So to the edge of the pool I clung
For I never had been able to swim
My nerves were very highly strung
Why should I be the one to be trim
There is plumper than I, limb to limb.

A musical rhythm relaxed of tension
As I joined within the chorus to dance
Why had I not been here ever before
I would of easily given half the chance
Water aerobics was never just a phase
It altered all I believed then forgot
The body shall reach a time of praise
Just got to give it one more final shot
'Tis when all shall say that is your lot.


The Witch In The Hollow

There once lived a witch, who dwelt in the hollow,
She was as old as the hills, and the rivers too,
A kindly white witch, that could cure all sorrows,
And spent all her days, stirring medicinal brews,
Of Bryony, Feverfew, coltsfoot, and clovers
She cured all ills, with herbs and strong potions
Bats wings,frogs legs and house mouse left overs,
Sweet rose water. lavender, and calendine lotions,
Together with her spells, knowledge, and devotion.

Her kindness now known, was to overwhealm
She flew her broom stick, with a fervent haste,
And chanted some spells, throughout the realm
Tho` appearances were not, a desirous taste.
On halloween eve` she flew through the skies,
A darkened silhouette, `neath a moon so bright,
Children all cheered, delighted and surprised,
As she disappeared speedily, way out of sight
To return to the hollow, much later that night.

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Jem Farmer

Blessed Samhain

As darkness draws the sacred veil of night
and autumn wraps her cloak of vibrant leaves
the spirit world is closer to the light
as the dead gather in the autumn's sleeves.
The dark mother in all her glory stands
as autumn's beauty lifts our beating hearts
and like a spear of crimson blood commands
the fading Sun in farewell must depart,
as cold of winter pierces like a dart.

The sun recedes from over land and sea
to dwell in sacred realms of darkest death
and o'er the dreaming river where she be
to feel the gentle kiss of Lileth's breath.
We seek the seed of life within our souls
Demeter's sacred mystery revealed,
to search the kernals where the darkness strolls
to bear the Child of Light, she's now concealed
in autumn's leaves and winter's snow dressed fields.


Just One Kiss

My craved eyes caress the curve of your lips,
so softly inviting whispered treasure,
passion's hoarded wealth at my fingertips
and exquisite thoughts of untold pleasure.
Your moist lips like flushed carmine perianth
crushed by my desire for your sublime heat,
as I enter the sweetest labyrinth,
at love's first kiss our lustful pulses meet,
where sultry forces are passion's retreat.

The tempting sample with sweet fiery taste,
the melted honey suckled from my core,
just one kiss left my arrant soul unchaste,
and weakened genu shuddered to the floor.
Galvanic thrills trace interwoven nerves
incite senses of volcanic eruptions,
as simple passion takes an urgent verve,
beneath your lips of carnal seduction,
desire commands erotic instruction.

The sensual realms where winged angels fly,
virulent needs submerge sagacity,
in raging tides of a climatic sigh,
our passion burns beyond capacity.
In the darkness of the lonely night
one divine kiss I can never forget,
as in dreams my love's dues come into sight,
in memories that linger on and yet,
when morning comes one kiss settles the debt.


Morning Tea

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. --- T'ien Yiheng

The sparring kids are screaming through the house,
as mother sighs a weary wish for peace,
and casts an eye over her sleeping spouse,
the chores will have to wait for her caprice.
The brassy kettle boils in clouds of steam,
as dried old leaves let their essence fly free,
a china cup awaits her amber dream,
a drop of milk and silence she will see,
the world retreats into a cup of tea.


Samhain Drums

The Celtic drums of Samhain keep the beat
, as cauldrons overflow with magic rite,
open the gates for life and death to meet,
and let the Samhain blessings free tonight.
The dying candle flames are burning low,
as witches dance within their circle round,
where autumn's fiery embers brightly glow,
their voices chanting echo magic sound,
and call the powers down to hallowed ground.

So Hecate shall hear the Pagan call,
upon the land in vibrant golden hue,
and turn the season to the autumn's fall
as Annwfn lands return unto our view.
The spirit veil is thin as rites are said
we see the fires alive with sacred flame,
and witches mingle here among the dead.
The winds of time still call aloud her name
until the Samhain drums are ours to tame.


Samhain Wish

From behind the veil you hold me
until the day I die;
when once again I will tell you
of how love's whispered sigh
can break down the impossible
and keep you in my heart,
whilst my soul sings of moonlight eyes
in works of painted art.

Now the veil is at its thinnest;
will you reach out to me
and gently hold my hand again;
will my eyes once more see
my lady with the moonlight eyes,
who kept dark nights at bay
or do I have to wait still longer
until my dying day?


The Girl in My Heart

That day in December so long ago,
when words were said in hushed whispered voices,
hearsay and rumour, gossips full of woe,
the endless questions of personal choices,
and over cups of tea stern faces judged me.
My crime to love with naught but truth in heart,
their disapproving glances set me free,
the 'blameless harridans' set me apart,
and all I see is the girl in my heart.

All I can see is the girl in my heart
who set my world alight with one sweet kiss
and lost to dreams as fate tore us apart
no chance of light here in this dark abyss.
One brief recall a fleeting dream tonight,
so many years have passed since that last day,
yet still I see you dance back into sight,
and let them whisper it's becuase you're gay
that love so beautiful was taken away.

My love so beautiful was taken away,
beyond the veil and I am left to mourn,
to solo dinners and a radio play,
no more romantic dances until dawn.
Yet grief no longer denies me a smile,
instead of weeping tears I feel a glow,
for love like ours can never be futile,
as I remember how you kissed me slow
that day in December so long ago.


The Moon, She Dances

In sliver gown she waltzes o'er the sky,
in rhythmic steps upon the autumn breeze,
All Hallow's night when harbringers stop by,
the Moon, she dances where the Pagan sees.
A tribal drum recalls the cadence past,
as ancient souls trip along darker realms,
the witches chant within the circles cast,
before the kiss of dawn shall overwhelm
the legerdemains of the sacred elm.


Winter Rises

From Samhain winter rises with the dawn,
a world of icy mists and frosty white
as summer days now seem so long withdrawn
and yet the sun still rises in delight.
For Yule is calling out the shorter days,
of when the Lord of Sun shall soon return,
upon a winter's morning's distant haze,
as flaming beacons wave and fiercely burn,
for days of life for which we Pagans yearn.

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Ryter Roethical

Another Time

What is the essence of you and me?
Why have our souls united in this bond of love?
Why do we love why do we care?
Why each life we know yet as why
The creation of a love that is yours and mine,
The perfection of love,
The bonding of our souls forever,
Each time, each life we meet.

Sometimes we will meet for one brief moment
Others we will share a lifetime together,
Whatever it may be,
Fate has decreed that we love
And as we spend each life learning our lessons,
In certainty of Nirvana
Our lessons will be shared together


Butterfly Thoughts

Butterflies count not months, but moments in time.
Lips soft as powdered wings wake up senses sentient
And stroke each others souls in ways Lepidopterine
Deep sounding truths emerge thus and forever meant.
I feel the flutter of wings, a feeling so complete
These brief moments in time, her complete life span
What is eternity to us simply an ordained feat
The love of a woman and the love of her man
The ways has been such ever since time began.



How do I capture words that mean you?
How do I find you in a fleeting glance?
In meter and feet, talk of nothing that's new
And yet freshly write about our romance?
How do I explain about a hailstone of kisses
And how can I explain the lure of the rain
Without making it a boring technical thesis
And make it mysterious, seemingly arcane?
I wish I knew, instead of raking my brain!


Kindred Spirits

How strange it is, because each time we speak
We oft relate the thoughts the other would say
Or sometimes state what the other would seek.
This is not rare it happens several times a day,
Somehow we sense each others thoughts this way
It makes me wonder if our minds are linked
Sometimes a thought with a look is betrayed
Like a twinkling eye that meaning is succinct.
What was that you said darling, I blinked!.


Luna de la Madre

My mother moon, do you shine as you feel
Do you see the sorrow and feel the pain?
To meet for so short a time and join and love
The subtle agony of lovers being apart again.
My mother moon, the tender melancholy
You created with each sigh in the night
A fond remembered love, only a memory
Secure knowing that everything's alright.
However, still creating in our hearts a blight.


The Mists of Time

Somewhere in the mists of time I met you
We shared wine and bread together you and I
And now each life I wait until our rendezvous.
Singing songs that will echo through eternity.
Sharing wine and bread and just being happy
Each blessed meeting this life, the days are few
Confident of a love that is more than certainty
But planned by fate, getting stronger as it grew
Life's wine shared, grows tastier with each brew

Somewhere in the mists of time we danced
As a piper played, we held each other tight
And moved and danced then we romanced
Searching each others eyes, far into the night.
Music does not linger, it changes with the mood
Happy sounds of lovers meeting another time
The dance of love a sign of all that's good
Our own bolero our music and our rhyme
That matures as time creates a love sublime.


Prisoner Still

Like a prisoner you have me bound to you
But not with cuffs and chains of hardened steel
There was no crime, or deed, or whistle blew
There are no prison bars, for my hands to feel
Without any fear of escape or break, or coup.
My life is sealed by chance, on just one deal
And I'm not counting days till freedom's due.
I'll be a model prisoner, on an even keel.


Undying Dreams

I look at you each night and see it all.
Layed out rules for our more complex schemes
And I will confess you have me enthralled
By your desire to share our undying dreams.
Your eyes cannot convey to much the power
Yet tell me more than I need know about you
And thoughts of time dreaming with you devour
What little that's left, so that when day is through
I must go to bed and let the dreams continue.


Voodoo Man

Once again fate has picked up the rings of life
Like any magician he shows them to be apart
His stellar gown highlights the glinting five
A flash of light! Shazam! The rings are a heart.
So like any other whim of fate they are as one
Their lives separate once, he has now united
This time he leaves joined what he has begun
When he bows and walks away there is no dread
Hoping next there is something he will do instead.

And here we are you and I awaiting fates move.
We have met and joined wondrously together
The light is still upon us, has he aught to prove?
I pray he puts us down and leaves unaware,
And then another show another time and place,
We part a while then are united once more.
Meeting another day, again I see your face
Instantly our souls blended, like they did before
No doubt in my mind, you are mine evermore


You Have Become A Presence

You have become a presence in my mind.
I do not like it, for no longer is my mind free
My thoughts were controlled and simple kind
Now my time is taken up with thoughts of thee.
In my minds eye I can see you everywhere
Each waking moment you steal my time
In thoughts so different to what was there
Someone to me who's made my life sublime,
And together we will make that eternal climb.


Zinfandel and More

Tonight let's have a drinking race
Fill the tankard with wine that's soured
Without your love no clock has a face.
Competition in jars shall be what's scored
My feet's far too leaded to stand the pace
Life's bitter brew my cup's o'erflowed
Memory still stays and cannot be erased
Till consciousness by sour wine devoured
Overcome by wine I must now seek my bed.

Pour down the wine let us drink to forget
Un-lived dreams litter the path I now walk
Plans made in good faith, caused only sweat
Once loving conversations are now just talk
With pleasured gifts now nought but a blight
All thoughts of love's pleasure now cast aside
Let Horus and Bacchus join with us tonight
For we ignored what was known outside
Admitting finally that love has long died.

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Leny Roovers

Bali Sunset

The sun sets quickly where the tropics reign.
One moment it's still light, then dusk moves in,
draping veils of mauve over sky's domain
as in the sea below, Sun meets her twin.
Even the waves are silent in this hour,
but soon cicadas start their evensong
and far away, echoes of bikes' harsh power.
Nearby I hear a gamelan's soft gong;
night's concert here on Bali comes along.



Nine levels of uneven steps to climb,
I'm looking downward, so I will not fail.
Progress is slow- it mirrors life's own time,
when often we are chasing our own tail.
After the first three circles I look up,
I cannot see the higher tiers above;
The realm of transformation's still full cup
I'll have to empty first- imbuing love.
Now filled with peace, I only think thereof.

While filled with peace, I only think thereof
and watch my feet upon this curving course;
I reach the seventh ring, now empty of
last thoughts that lingered, I can feel life's force.
When looking down, the world has disappeared,
only the upward road still draws me on-
the way before me suddenly seems cleared.
Meditating Buddha's rise above the dawn,
their heads are draped in light- shadows have gone.



I mourn a love that never came to bloom.
Each time she almost withered, rainbows poured
from heaven's cup, postponing nearing doom-
love for a while took wings and high she soared.
As mirrored colours weakened, love grew dim,
her heartbeat lost its strength, when joy declined
and love's sweet cup, once filled up to its brim,
was leaking through- left blood and tears behind.
Still, shadows of that love will keep entwined.



You live inside my heart, embrace my soul,
your touch revives my senses one by one;
the shelter of your love has made me whole,
I find within your eyes my mirrored sun.
While rivulets of laughter wash our eyes,
they cleanse cold pain from buried wounds still sore.
In time, new tender skin will heal old lies,
once love has led us into deep rapport;
I'll share with you my inner shrine, my core.

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Khia Taylor

Fall's Cold Domain

Above the golden tones of Autumn's flare,
above the flaming leaves of waning trees
the endless gray of heavy laden care
elongates sky with dry but gathering breeze
of Summer's heat that slips like hope's frail grasp
into the chilling drops of time's dark rain
collecting as the season's final rasp
exhaling all desire that remains
I'm left conceding to Fall's cold domain.


Stirring the Shadows

The dewy glisten of my pristine rose
doth lose her luster as the shadows creep
transforming velvet petals to expose
her crimson bloom where blood and lust both steep.
Her thorns grow fierce and firm in full moon's light
she vines in hunger for my pallid nape
to deeply sink with pleasure's dark delight
and wrap me tight in blossom's bloody cape
where never more will I desire escape.

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