2015 Poetry Form Challenge

#07 Sestet Couplets

The use of couplets in poetry is so well documented it is not proposed to go any further, except to mention that Heroic couplets are those written in Iambic Pentameter. This gives a suggested pattern shown below and "Nature" is a standard sestet:
x X x X x X x X x a
x X x X x X x X x a
x X x X x X x X x b
x X x X x X x X x b
x X x X x X x X x c
x X x X x X x X x c


As the seasons wax and wane
One years loss is another's gain,
Because Nature balances out with time
So that nothing on Earth can e'r outclimb.
All things are equal we must learn,
A balanced life is our main concern.

Terry Clitheroe

Sestet Couplets Challenge Replies

Kathy Anderson

Beautiful Misery
Finding Night Winds
Fog of a Daybr>
Terry Clitheroe

ANZAC Memories
Autumn and Spring
Believe in Dragons
El Nino
First Time
Garden of Love
Just Thoughts
Lost Starship
The Moment
The Nomad
Paddy's Luck
So Dark

Divena Collins

Celtic Prayer
Dew Drop Forest
Easters Surrogate Mother
Eyes of Love
Fanciful and Free
How May I Sing
Is Ignorance Bliss
Night Zombies
Silently Spoken
Spring Maiden
Touch of Satin
Violins Refrain
Winds of Time
Woman Verses Man

Leny Roovers

Bach Partita
Colour of my Love
Dancing with Beaufort eight
Dewi Tara
Erbarme dich
Konnen Tranen meiner Wangen
Of Roses and Frogs
Tessa II
Touch of Paradise
Working Together

Kathy Anderson

Beautiful Misery

beautiful sunny days bloom
though blooms fall into life's gloom
gloomy events subjugate
conquer joys and mitigate
naught grief nor sorrows at night
nightly revisit days light

for in the light binds no foe
as friends often are so low
that you may not know the truth
until the bee sting gives tooth
new names in the schemes of things
things deceiving fools and kings.



in a sea of ice and snow
no drought at all to show
how blessed clouds survive
while puny humans may live,
nature alone controls the score
what grows or drowns the more.


Finding Night Winds

In the echo of my thoughts
thinking sounds only sought
in the dead of midnight's idyll
hot winds whisper of the call
calling all like a piper
piping while his tail slithers,

slightly quivers deaths rattle
the last word of earths battle,
ever searching corners blind
wherever life grants, winds find
a way to test our mettle's brave
yet kindness may or not save.


Fog of a Day

Blue Jay pecking smoke stack char
appears misty blue afar
from window sill I peer through
into the fog and back to
grass first, hopping and looking
around for more foods taking

daylight brightens up the dew
yet it never lifts for view,
the ground shows new greening shoots
alive through Winters high boots
and icy cold snowstorm blasts,
here the clouds came down at last.

then afternoon sun sank down
while foggy mist thickens gown
gossamer billows around
settling on chilly ground,
birds raucous are silent still,
as darkness makes shrouds distill.

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Terry Clitheroe

ANZAC Memories

The purging of the day is past
Resting in the muddy trench at last.
You light a smoke and grab a bite
Softly humming "Silent Night"
Your trench mates pick up the mood
Bully beef and biscuits, your Xmas food.

Across no-mans land you hear it ring
And everyone joins you as you sing
"Silent night, Holy night" you all say
Shaking hands with your enemy of the day.
Carols by Flares are sung tonight
Sharing wine and Snapps, as is right

And for a while warriors were at peace
The Christmas mood brought release
But all to soon this mood must finish
And into the mist warriors vanish.
How do you look a hero in the eye
Knowing that you are all going to die

The night before was Christmas Eve
You sang and drank then took your leave
Today you gather, ready in the mud
That will soon be running red with blood.
That "Silent Night" you sang so well
Will be drowned out by the sounds of Hell.

The flares go up, and the whistles blow
And o'er the top, line abreast you go.
The enemy machine guns open fire
And shot and shell and barbed wire
Soon collect you and all your mates
And you all parade at the Pearly Gates.

Satan collects none and storms away
For only Saints and Heroes died today.



Autumn and Spring

He was in autumn and she was late spring
I can do much better what will this frump bring.
The first time they met she didn't see a prize
Then suddenly she saw the look in his eyes
Tenderness, caring taking away her chilly
Hell! She thought, and surrendered completely.

Now she is his summer though he's winter
Now he takes his time he's not a sprinter
I could not do any better than this she thinks
As they sit together in the firelight with drinks
She sees the warm caring look in his eyes
Warm, caring love she feels without surprise.

And she thinks, "how lucky I am"
He is mine completely.


Believe In Dragons

Believe in dragons, so that they may live again.
Cannot fantasy and life be both the same?
Cannot we believe and see what we want to see
For dragons lore was part of what used to be.
Lording over land and sea, the golden gentle beast
Knightly lore was blackest deed and evil feast.

The time is ripe now, that we may live a fantasy
See amid our deepest dreams the bluest sea.
Magic helped the reigned lord to gain his power
Using lies that made even the doubting glower;
But blackest deed and wicked trick did overthrow
Which caused this wondrous beast to hide till now.

Believe in them. Believe so they may grow
Aware of the cause this wondrous beast hid till now.
Now there is a media which allows true converse
And persons willing to help remove that curse.
Believe in dragons, so that they may live again
Cannot fantasy and life be both the same.


El Nino

I've just listened outside to the birds whinging
Which means most listen to Air Cons Singing.
There was very strong northerly winds today
At this time in the North half I hear them say
To hot, to hot, lets all pray for it to rain
With the dawn the sky was clear and hot again.

El Nino is stated to come back this year again
And so we'll sweat and have to live with pain
The "Great wet hope" will cease the long drought
But here in Australia we'll once again lose out
So here we'll suffer the heat and Peru the flood
And the hottest year on record will not be good.

In Melbourne it's promised wetter than normal
But last time manifestations were Paranormal
It was much to dry for many years too long
We even had the First Settlers singing a song
In spite of their chanting we still didn't get rain
And now we are told it's going to bless us again.


The First Time

The first time I ever saw your face
I knew we'd met in another place
Thus we met and fell in love again
I knew that I had been your swain
And had for a thousand lifetimes
And throughout a thousand climes

I knew the first time that I held you
I'd held you so many lifetimes through
So familiar were you held in my arms.
I knew that I would hold you again
Over a thousand lifetimes and more,
Each time better than the one before.

The first time that I kissed you I knew
The harder times together had been few
I'd kissed you a thousand times before
I'd kiss you a thousand times more.
The first time we made love together
I realized that we would forever.


Garden of Love

Don't build a wall of stone around your heart
Sometimes it's only temporary lovers part
Rather throw away all your masons tools
And stop behaving like two silly fools
Tear down the bricks and seek the sun
And realise your lover is your true one

Take up the garden spade and build a bower
In there let grow any type of loving flower.
Scent them with thee and the scent of love
What greater inducement could be thereof.
Nurture them with tears from within your heart
Promising to your lover that you'll never part.

From time to time, a thorn shall pierce thee
Say not thy pain too loud or let it cause misery.
The flowers shall grow redder and more scented
And together your love will feel more contented.
With that thought what more do you need know
Like the scent of the flowers,love will grow.

When the seasons darken as they must with time
Feelings to each other will become so sublime.
Seek rest with thy love together in thy bower
As you kiss finally feel all of your loves power.
Gather him to you, place his head on your breast.
With the moon alight, shall ye seek your rest.


Just Thoughts

Drought skies evoke a sense of melancholy
Where no life has been allowed to play or folly.
Green and such have not to have any blame,
With the black also, from the scorching flame.
The colours are those caused by Autumn,
Where Nature in her desire to grow is undone.

Some set by nature's heat, and some by man
She's reclaiming her rights wherever she can.
Man is incidental and in the way, and for that
A balance must be sought and not combat.
He is the one who'll pay the ultimate bill.
Where Nature fights against Mammon's will.

They always say global warming is to blame
But who causes that, do you need a name?
Murphy in any way can be blamed this time
In truth and reality it is everybody's crime.
People want big houses with lots of land
Destroying farmland, they don't understand.


Lost Starship

No sod, no dust, no ash, nowhere.
So near to God, but where is "there".
Her solitary orbit is far from man
The orbit is a mere galactic span.
The nearest star-shine is so far
Times past these thoughts bizarre.

Her crew of mummies seated
Duties, missions all repeated
Eyes fixed staring but unsighted
Ill fated they were all blighted
Air long gone as is life itself
Machines now the crews relief.

No place for them that die in space
Infinity has no saving grace
No sod, no dust, no ash, nowhere.
Their souls lost in space somewhere
No rest for them that die in space
No headstone on a grave to place.


The Moment

I knew that I was destined to love you.
From the moment we met my love grew.
We touched, we talked too long, resisting
And all the time our hearts were insisting.
You were forbidden to me, untouchable
But that made you even more desirable.

Tell me! How can it be too hard to love?
Is not love a gift from Heaven, up above?
If so how can our love be forbidden,
Is there a clause somewhere hidden?
If it is destiny then it was meant to be.
If love is blind then why tempt me?

In truth we don't talk enough together
Yet we know that our love is forever.
Because of distance too rare we touch
Yet our souls are intertwined so much.
To meet, to touch is a Heavenly shift
We could even say a Heavenly gift.


The Nomad

No longer do I find a need to wander
O'er desert waste or o'er the icy tundra
I have finally found a pleasant pasture
With an easy going friendly culture
Now ultimately I have found a home
Knowing there is no more need to roam.

Finally I've found at last an inner peace
After all, my inner turbulence can cease.
The ever welcoming sun keeps me warm
And the natural life promises me no harm.
I can now feel my spiritual-self increase
With this land, all problems I can release.


Paddy's Luck

Being part Irish I believe in luck
St Patrick is number one in my book.
I am a Virgo and therefore I must plan
And have done so since I first began.
The world is so much different now
I make my luck by my sweaty brow.

St Patrick when he kicked out snakes
Showed everyone just what it takes.
Then took the Emerald Isle by storm
And Christianity became the norm.
He only took what the druids allowed
But they realised he was by Rome endowed

As Erin's lore rises more each day
Homage to emigrants we must pay
Who left her shores in body only.
Eire sent her sons to places lonely
And still they travel and still roam
But eternal love to her, their Erin

Now St Paddy's day's passed again
I cannot ever remember when
Guinness glasses were not the way
And Slainte was the toast of the day.
Slainte chugat I wish you now
Adh mor ort and your sweaty brow.



Looking back is wasting the present's time
Yesterday has gone, today is a further climb.
It has problem moves none are very severe
Some are hard, but not as hard as they appear.
Just be careful that you make the right move
Always remember you have nothing to prove.

True love is different however there's no past
There's nothing about that, which cannot last.
There is no past, nor a time when it cannot be
You've only to look in the eyes of your lover to see.
When you do that you will see a constellation
Often your heart will remember that information.

I have been there before your heart will say
Your soul will remember the place and the day.
You take her hand and feel the link of souls
And the expansion as again you both feel whole.
You hold out your arms, she reaches for your hand
Shoulder to shoulder you walk as Fate planned.


So Dark

So dark is the night and I am alone.
Listen carefully to the night wind moan
I do not fear the dark, why should I?
I am the mote in your fearful eye
A wisp of smoke or the smell of fear
You begin to panic and I see a tear.

Look back on life that should have been
So pure outside, you appear so clean
Instead you hide your life with a lie
"There are no Ghosts of now", you cry
Ghosts of the Past you brushed away
Mind crimes count for naught you say.

Innocents, all victims of your crime
For evil only exists a finite time
Leave their graves to deny your lie
Justice removes her blindfold with a sigh.
All you have sown it's time to be paying
You grab your chest and feel the pain.



Tomorrow is another day
do not think that you can lay
in ease and wait the sun’s caress
whilst it heralds morn and dress
the dawn with hued colour play
tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is another day
the gentle winds of morn makes sway
and autumn breezes scent the air
playing with the walkers hair
if time froze would we wish to stay
tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is another day
and with evening it’s time for play
and talk of love and better things
then to sleep see what morning brings
the lights go out and shadows stay
tomorrow is another day.

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Divena Collins

A Celtic Prayer

Deep in the heart of the Welsh mountains
A chapel of worship that still maintains
In congregation of an old celtic descent
Followers of the faith may never repent
Strict upon stature of those bygone laws
Quaint the beams that served the cause.

So silence remains the old hymnal chants
Of ancient choirs that only echo descants
No prayers ever to be heard in the pews
Nor disaster of minors within bad news
That may remain as silent within grief
Shall comfort much too late for relief.

There sits the chapel with silent tears
Lost within time much too late for fears
That faded within this treasure divine
Tho' covered with natures columbine
This treasure remains forever as cast
Preserved from the vision of the past.

Quaint upon visions of a celtic prayer.

Chapel Stream - Penny Parker


Dew Drop Forest

I saw faeries and elves in Dew Drop Forest
Upon a clearing 'twas there I was blessed
I dared not show I was to be with them
For they to me were of a priceless gem
If only I could of shared the good fortune
Silence prevailed but only with caution.

Truths of fantasy shall not be revealed
Cast forth the answer may never yield
As I watched within their hidden charm
I dared not venture to do them a harm
For I was sworn not to cause betrayal
So remained as true to them and loyal.

Yet I yearned to share my good fortune
But fortune predicted within the rune
May leave all unto serenity within rights
Disclose not secrets of mystical nights.
That was never meant to be as revealed
So what I perceived my lips were sealed.


Easters Surrogate Mother

I am an Easter bunny come close you may see
That this was not so it was never meant to be
I have eggs all around me I know dont belong
Something in genetics must have gone wrong
That is so confusing 'cause I have four legs
A rabbit even for easter may not lay eggs.

I could I suppose be a surrogate bunny
Tho' to rear downy chicks may look funny
Some may think that he is just cross bred
When nature speaks there's nout to be said
Yet I shall look a gift of birth in the eye
Even supposing he does not look like I.

Some folk may come from near or a distance
Only if they may have just once more glance
Within photographic proof on the ready
Two paws that are immaculately steady
Then the images shall be worth a fortune
Just cannot ignore this wierd oppurtune.

Yet could I really be a mother to a chick
A rabbit with eggs from an old hay rick
Yet motherly love may ever shine through
It may be of twin chicks not one but two
Easter thrives though it may seem funny
Chicks from the eggs once laid by a bunny.

From picsfab.com


Eyes of Love

When the eyes of a lover speaks as true
What else should a suspecting heart do
I only to surrender within those charms
Securely enclosed in loving arms
Closer than close shall for ever be bliss
Not a thing within love shall go amiss.

Just one touch maybe all it shall ever take
For a lovers instincts to remain so awake
The feeling of desires are so endearing
But Oh what ecstasy that touch may bring
Warmth deep within shall forever glow
It only takes two to love but two to know.

One look one smile, may show an affection
Within time love grows with no distraction
Yet the eyes of a lover shall remain as true
Eternity after eternity may ever be few
Yet still our eyes shall portray much love
So much closer than the stars from above.


Fanciful and Free

When things go wrong I may not despair
I shall turn to friends who really care
Or else walk in the country and read
Where harmony and peace succeed
A better place there shall never be
Where my inner self may ever be free.

Peace and content shall forever be there
As fresh as a daisy this haven shall share
All the contentment of country charms
Of village life amidst herbs and balms
What better a place shall I yearn to be
Within meadows green I may walk free.

The song of the stream that bubble's forth
Is that not all that sweet dreams are worth
Sunlight through trees that greet my eyes
Nature's charms shall not cease to surprise
Yes if things go wrong this is the place to be
Of the cities and towns I shall ever be free.


How May I Sing

How May I sing when I am feeling so sad
Hearts that are broken can hurt real bad
Yesterday love was always ours to give
Today without love how can I ever live
Yet dreams are forever within my heart
Twas only a nightmare that bade us part.

Shadows are forever darkened spirits
No warmth within, no thrill that visits
No spark of love within saddened eyes
Flowing tears as an inward feeling cries
Love shall venture of nought but sorrow
There may be no hope for tomorrow.

But memories shall ever remain within
Only the pain may forever hurt therein
Who may know within a broken romance
If they both get together given the chance
What they once had may not be forgotten
Both in the past were deeply besotten.

Yet again I am so sad that I cannot sing
I feel like a bird that is lost on the wing
Shall I ever regain the love that I lost
I have burned every bridge I crossed
it maybe then that I shall sing in praise
Just to prove to all this was not a phase.


Is Ignorance Bliss

Can you show me the way to paradise
I am told it may not escape my eyes
A tidal wave within the golden sands
Shall pathe the way to promising lands
Where the seashore's shall turn to gold
With hidden treasure of wealth untold.

I may see shimmering raindrops that flow
Upon mother of pearls where oysters glow
What bids my nose unto fragrant sea weeds
That sea urchins wear when popping seeds
With much fun and frivolity and emotion
All from mystique that charms the ocean.

Pray tell me do where the sea urchins go
For I in my ignorance shall not ever know
Do they hide in caves from a rocky shore
Or drown in the sea not heard of before
Or all tangled up in the fishermens net
Come do tell me now before you forget.

Sea Cave Fantasy


Night Zombies

Can you show me the way to paradise
I am told it may not escape my eyes
A tidal wave within the golden sands
Shall pathe the way to promising lands
Where the seashore's shall turn to gold
With hidden treasure of wealth untold.

I may see shimmering raindrops that flow
Upon mother of pearls where oysters glow
What bids my nose unto fragrant sea weeds
That sea urchins wear when popping seeds
With much fun and frivolity and emotion
All from mystique that charms the ocean.

Pray tell me do where the sea urchins go
For I in my ignorance shall not ever know
Do they hide in caves from a rocky shore
Or drown in the sea not heard of before
Or all tangled up in the fishermens net
Come do tell me now before you forget.


Silently Spoken

Who am I to think love may come my way
I who was never the one to be led astray
I was always the one to walk on alone
Within my dreams completely unknown
The fields around were a comfort to me
It was there I had felt complete and free.

Shy though I was just to whisper a word
Yet so silently spoken nothing was heard
Until I spoke to the trees of natures joys
Within my heart this affection employs
My love of nature I did well understand
A feeling of unity that with held my hand.

I walked alone within meadows of clover
The thrush sang each song just twice over
How may I ever leave this haven of peace
How shall the beauty of nature decrease
I lay my head down upon the open heath
Upon a pillow of moss that lies beneath.

My final wish was to lie with my mother
But alas there was no room for another
For the family plot it was never vacant
How could my ancestors be so blatant
So now I shall be on my own with me
Bequeathed as beneath spiritually free .


Spring Maiden

Gone is the winter solstace as comes Spring
A maiden awakens to hark birds that sing
The last of the winter winds blow her hair
Breathing the scent of Spring thro' the air
Floral garlands bend the ladened bough
As buds escape the ploughmans plough.

Far past the winds that bring snow and sleet
A warm sun shall awaken as spring shall meet
Tiny seedlings of corn and of barley sheaves
Within a down trodden soil of fading leaves
As rampant boughs awaken in spring time
It shall be now that all seasons may rhyme.

Spring time shall nurture all that has passed
That lies fallen within earth of winters cast
To arise like a maiden that beckons spring
As spirits of the past return upon the wing
But It is spring that shall awaken us all
When the cuckoo answers our final call.

Spring is the season for blissful lovers
That lay as content within the clovers
As comely maidens let down their hair
'Tis for spring seasons that lovers share
The warmth of breath shall flow within
Whispers of love may not speak of sin.


Touch of Satin

The soft silky touch of satin gently flows
Within folds that cling to a sensual pose
Gently provoking thoughts of confusion
Yet this teasing power is not an illusion
Fantasies invade within her mans mind
His provocative dreams need to unwind.

Scented Illusions may invade his dream
Powers of love shall be all it may seem
Let not the humanity of thy hesitation
Falter not within calm from meditation
For love shall not linger within the mind
One more chance may be a difficult find.

Yet passion may tempt one so unaware
Tis then illusions together may share
Within this fantasy that lovers created
Was never meant to be as overly rated
Just two lovers who have come together
Upon a touch of satin that flows forever.


A Violins Refrain

I have passed by where I sensed pain
There is not a thing in sadness to gain
When tears of sorrow flow so freely
This I do know may happen so easily
When two hearts are so sadly broken
Words of comfort may not be spoken.

Love back then was a shaded thought
Nothing gained nothing to be sought
But pain was forever within my fear
When eyelids lowered to hide a tear
Sadness prevails from a broken heart
What once together had fallen apart.

Why do I hear violins play a sad song
I knew not then if love should belong
The orchestra played the same tempo
The only one that lovers should know
Sadness shall reveal so deeply within
Upon the mournful melody of a violin.

Jessica Yeh



When rocks are weightless within the sky
Then upward above the clouds I shall fly
When gravity pulls upon an upward trait
Solid are the boulders that never deflate
Such is the power within the cosmic lift
That shall not ever be a downward drift

It is not so crazy as simplicity may think
For this earth shall now be on the brink
From reversing this gobal phenomenon
The future has human rights to act upon
Why was humanity borne without wings
So dim were the minds of ancient things.

There shall be no thought of traffic jams
Just grab a rock hold tightly by the hand
No pollution caused by man made fuel
To live healthy shall be the golden rule
There may be no such thing as computers
One hundred of light years into the future.


Winds Of Time

Soon we shall travel through winds of time
From future to past though a rhunic rhyme
Predicting future revolution of man
What once had ended as new life began
We had seen the great ruins of ancient Rome
When past gladiators vacated their home.

Saw the pyramids within ancient script
Within the darkness of a pharoes crypt
Stood fine ancient treasures unbetold
That was buried within his tomb of gold
But through time saw a glimmer of light
From the past to the future may reunite.

The Winds of time brought forth the greek
But of whom I know not much of to speak
Excepting perhaps of Archilles the great
A God of the past that shall again recreate
Strength within the warriors of the past
Within the presence of this mystery cast.

The winds of time shall revolve thro`the ages
Yet some shall include as many empty pages
Who really knows what the history books tell
But this I do know and I do know full well
This day shall ever be tomorrows history
The future shall be yet one more mystery.


Woman Versus Man

It is true what they say about mans dominion
Man in his pride shall be King of his kingdom
Yet only a woman may tame his weekness
Man is an animal that ever seeks kindness
Though fierce he may seem within his pride
He who is strong may remain weaker inside.

He may be within the survival of fittest
But a womans instinct remains the best
She who hath birthed the seeds of man
Shall remain leader as he knows she can
Her strength of will shall usher her forth
She never has needs to prove this worth.

She who may tame the beasts of the Wild
Rendering them helpless as a human child
Shall ever be respected for valour of mind
There is none other that her man shall find
She can tame a beast that roams beguiled
Yet shall love all the same gentle and mild.

Art by Michael Parkes

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Leny Roovers

Bach Partita No.2 Chaconne

I listen to the violin's sweet song
And feel it touch my heart as notes prolong
This perfect ending of a peaceful day.
The sun has painted clouds of pink, trees sway
On wind's soft evening breeze as evening falls
Day's light now dims, retreats into the stalls.

Yet still the violin plays on, I hear
The music quicken, until the last clear
Note has faded out - deep silence follows.
Looking up, I see a flight of swallows
Returning from their winter stay abroad,
Watching this graceful passing, I am awed.

As sky is turning golden, I'm at peace,
Bach's music and the swallows brought release.


The colour of my love

The colours of love are like a rainbow,
Each rainy day can give a splendid show
Of multi-coloured bands drawn in the sky
A road to heaven I can travel by.
I'll take a passing cloud and rise above
To find the secret treasure of our love.

Blue is the colour of your smiling eyes
As mine are green with specks of brown surprise.
Red stands for love and passion that we share,
Gold are the wedding rings we proudly wear.
Warm orange is life's autumn together,
like our open fire with cold weather.

When winter comes and cold winds start to blow,
There'll still be days to savour love's rainbow.


Dancing with Beaufort eight

My hawthorn has been dancing with her date,
Caught in the steady hold of Beaufort eight
She swirled and moved her arms like in a trance.
With hands held high she challenged his advance,
His heavy breath tore through her tendrilled twigs
As he invited her to join his jigs.

Together they've been swaying with wind's force
While all day long the gale kept them on course.
At last, grown tired by their exercise,
They're gently slowing down, still mesmerized.
When evening falls, my hawthorn looks bemused
She thinks of how the wind and she had fused.

Tomorrow she might think it was a dream,
Today she has been dancing to gale's scream.


Dewi Tara

A goddess came to share our life last week
She walked into our garden, brought mystique,
a sense of peace, an urge to turn within -
Her serene smile is meant to call us in.
She's Devi Tara, guardian of the earth,
Bringer of peace and lasting wisdom's worth.

She is the goddess of enlightenment
She'll lead us to peaceful retirement;
An inner state in tune with our stage
Of life, as balance is replacing rage.
We now know happiness is in small things
We face each day in wonder what it brings.

As Tara watches over us with grace,
We cherish her arrival to our place.


Erbarme dich (Matthew's Passion)

Bach's music sings in me, touches my heart
as once again I hear this Passion start;
"Have mercy on me", in alto's lament
Give voice to my own feelings, heaven sent.
With Easter coming closer, passions soar
In choruses around the world, restore

In peoples' soul emotions shared and pure.
As Matthew's Passion teaches to endure,
it offers us a chance to contemplate,
reflect on our ways and inner state.
A new beginning we can make each day,
If only we remember, don't delay.


Konnen Tranen meiner Wangen

It isn't easy when you can't believe
You're loved, no matter what you have conceived
During the long course of a person's life.
There have been bad times, when you have known strife
And yet you persevered, you overcame -
You tried to come to terms, accepted blame.

In facing up to what went wrong you won
Back some of the respect once owned, then gone.
A new beginning was the goal you set
Together with the new love you had met.
The past you left behind kept popping up
to offer you another bitter cup.

You somehow find new strength to carry on
And change that battleship into a swan.
Maybe one day we'll be that dreamt of pair
As both of us are trying to be fair.
Remember please and trust, if not believe,
You’re loved, no matter what was once conceived.


Of Roses and Frogs

We bought a weeping rose today, a white
Guirlande d'Amour it's called and fits just right
Beneath our garden's old rosary bow.
In a few months time we hope it'll show
Long bending branches full of white roses,
Pleasing our eyes as well as our noses.

Opposite the new rose is our pond,
Home to over twenty frogs that have spawned
hundreds of little eggs, now floating there.
At sunset, when herons sleep, my frogs dare
To give a concert, mate or take a walk,
After dark it's safe, then herons don't stalk.



I'll have to say goodbye, I'm close to tears,
My Tessa, companion of many years
Has reached the final stages of her life.
I couldn't bear to let her die in strife
She always was a healthy little cat
But since a few days she has stopped to chat.

Instead she meows quite plaintively all day
Moves restlessly about and doesn't play,
She either pukes or cannot stop to eat.
This afternoon she wouldn't take her treat
But went in circles on the floor, fell down,
She seemed to choke, I was afraid she'd drown

In her own fluids that she couldn't hold
And when she came around, she felt real cold.
First thing tomorrow we'll call on the vet
I hope he can ease this stage for my pet.
She shared my life for almost 19 years
I'll have to say goodbye, I'm close to tears.


Tessa II

A miracle has happened since last night
Our Tessa seems recovered from her fright
She purrs again, is asking for some food
I hope a good night’s sleep has done her good
Yet we will go and see the vet today
With yesterday’s nightmare fading away.

A TIA from old age, the vet guessed
Checking out all reflexes, heart and chest;
Not certain if it might happen again
She has after all an elderly brain.
Driving back home, we were very relieved
Tess is still with us, a balance retrieved.


A Touch of Paradise

We've built a special place, our paradise
To keep it safe, we cannot compromise
It asks for sharing and understanding
For giving, instead of more demanding.
When we fall out, it's hard to find our way
Back to our golden spot, we have to pay

For having forgotten to keep it safe
From anger, turning loving into chafe.
Our special touch of paradise, my sweet,
Has made our union even more complete
Each time you take me in your arms I feel
The wonder of our mutual appeal.

As magic in your touch can make me fly,
I love to hold you close and hear you sigh.

New Zealand 2012 - Leny


Working Together

As love is growing steady on its course
There's joy in sharing chores, an added source
Of being close, exchanging oft a kiss,
A touch or just a look expressing bliss.
Today we’ve planted roses in our yard,
You did the digging as the soil was hard.

Together we'd first chosen where to plant
The climbing rose, where it would most enchant.
We put in raspberry and bramble shrubs,
Already showing promising small nubs.
In harmony we cleaned both fork and spade
Both pleased with how the new plants are displayed.

Two battleships are changing into swans,
our iron years now gain the glow of bronze.

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