2014 Poetry Theme Challenge

#18 Falling Leaves

Thank you all who took up the last challenge. I hope this next one provides you some food for the muse. Now on to the next challenge. For us in the Northern Hemisphere this week autumn is close at hand. Therefore to welcome the change of season the challenge is about autumn, its beauty, the harvest or how it makes you feel.

Quote - Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower - Albert Camus

Extract from Don Juan

The mellow autumn came, and with it came
The promised party, to enjoy its sweets.
The corn is cut, the manor full of game.
The pointer rages, and the sportsman beats
In russet jacket; - lynx-like is his aim;
Full grows his bag, and wonderful his feats.
An, nutbrown partridges! An, brilliant pheasants!
And ah, ye poachers! - 'T is no sport for peasants.

Lord Byron
Useful Words and Phrases:

Festival of colour
Piles of leaves
Sweet September
Reaping the winds
Baked apples

Falling Leaves Challenge

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Secrets
Forever Autumn
I am September
Never the Same
North and South
Question of Love
Un dia de temper resorte
X-iting Menu

Divena Collins

Autumn Unto Spring
Autumns Fantasy
Autumns Leaf Charmer
Seasons Awaken
Seasons Parody
Wealth of Honesty

Leny Roovers

Autumn - Sonnet
Autumn Nights
Autumn Sunset
Autumns approach
Autums Virus
Changing Seasons - Sonnet
Spanish Septets

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Leaves

Six months ago when we entered Autumn
The roses belied this fact and grew more beautiful
Bees also ignored this fact and continued to work
The trees opposite my house were all tall things
Shedding their aged leaves all around making a mess
The strong Autumn winds made it even worse
Blowing them everywhere, creating a mat on the road.

The trees in the street were all of the same ilk
They loved a party it seems unconcerned about the mess.
But all through Winter the mess had hardly abated
Now it is a new season, Spring and one would think
That it would be an end to all the mess they create.
But no! Its still the same, their leaves still create a mess
The roses no longer bloom and will be dormant awhile.

Next March we'll see the creepiest of things
The scent of roses will greet me as I walk to my car,
And the trees will still be creating their horrible mess
I am confused, but when I go abroad as I often do
I see the differences of scenes in Winter and Summer
They are not as hot here in Summer and colder in Winter
I think I'll stick to my line and put up with the trees mess.


Autumn Secrets

Do you remember our Autumn Secrets?
The days devoted to exploring our feelings
And in the early evening culinary dealings
With honeyed prawns and special fried rice
It was the savoury taste of all that is nice.
The mood is set and can only grow and grow
Then with each touch, each kiss we easily know
That love had ultimately taken over our lives
With each kiss, each touch, passion survives.
In a way that infects the soul and just grows
I see an end to problems and the death of woes
For Fate has blessed us and given full licence
Feel her smile and hallowed by her silence
'Tis known silence is the perfect herald of joy.


Forever Autumn

Through autumn leaves we still pick our way
We will always love this time of year
The path is unclear but we will have all day
There is no dismay we have the sun to steer
That golden sphere will always be there
It knows we care, and for us will ever shine.
Yet pine leaves fall and leaves the trees all bare
We care but this is always natures design.
And fine if t'would be forever autumn with me
So we could spend forever living this way
Instead one day a cold new world we'd see
It has to be, so that spring in full array
We'll say "g'day" to all new life born
And born it will be seeing new leaves adorn.


I Am September

The mood is mellow and I am September
So little time and still so many things to do
I cannot regret one thing I have done
For it has made me what I am, content for now.
There are things I would change but cannot
Not as yet, and I will make my move in time
But I am September and time is short.

I have enjoyed Spring, my birth and early years
Were not based on wealth but always on love
But teenage saw the end of all that with them
And I progressed through sport and girls.
Summer saw a change a marriage and children
In time they grew and we shared their spring
Now it their summer and my time to move on.

Winter will come soon enough and I will sleep.
I do not fear sleep, for I shall wake in spring
But will that spring find me alone once again
Where I will wander down roads seeking you
In finding you, share our seasons once again?
The mood is mellow and I am September
So little time to share so many things with you.


Never Be The Same

You hold that rose and sniff its scent
Then one morning you look
And see the petals turning brown
One by one falling to the ground
You are a saddened by your loss
Each species blooms then dies
Things can never be the same.

You buy your pet a few weeks old
This ball of feet and fur is your friend
For a while you share your lives
Then one day your friend moves on
You cry because of your loss
Yet it had lived its full life
Things can never be the same.

One day you are born a gift of love
Parents love and care for you
They share and shape your life
Till it is time for them to move on
And let their souls evolve again
They have bloomed now must die
Things can never be the same.

One day it will be your turn
It is the way of life on Earth
Things can never be the same.


North and South, An Apology

As cold winds rage in the Northern sky
Again for flowers and plants to die
Once verdant growth has lost climes chance
We'll be no longer able to see them dance
As squirrels and such gather needed supplies
All we now see how one by one the plants die
But nowhere will you see Nature as she cries.

In the Southlands we see everything come to life
And see how nature has helped them survive
Yon tree there full of life and purple flowers
Which will cause a contest twixt the birds and I
Punctured fruit wasted and scarcely eaten berry
Different birds with different ways sound so merry
To them man's been so cruel, I'm sorry man is a fool.


Question of Love

Is there such a thing as love
And if so, is it as eternal as we are told?
I look outside my window and see
The leaves are spent, and the year is old.
I'm not sure of the seasons anymore
Sometimes it is warm as the sun shines
Yet here the sun shines and it's cold
"Is it spring," I ask "Or is it autumn?"
Are we in Spring, or are we in Autumn?
Like the leaves I see the end,
But I also know it is only a time of rest
And come the Spring we see life again.
So I realise in Winter we must nurture
Then later we will see much better things


Un dia de temper resorte

I'm watching raindrops appear on my windscreen
Just a slow casual drizzle slowly hides things
My wipers on occasional sweep - remove it
A blessing removed.

The occasional casting starving drops at me
Is not a problem to me it's a blessing
And the way it's creating the random patterns
Is a pure art form

Know that in their eventual downward journey
They are not rushing in spite of Newtons Laws
That everything has to accelerate downwards
To meet their demise.

More often it appears just like a group of friends
Casually crossing the street to greet others
Its then and only then do they seem to cease
Their casual journey.

They hurry just like children on a pool slide
Who realise they'll be late and miss their place.
Already wishing to be falling once again
Only they don't scream.


X-iting Menu

A rare and lovely theme dressed in black
Recalling soft light and inviting looks.
Slowly baring and creating hot desire
Till there's naught but the minimum attire.
But who needs more when Eros cooks
And the menu offered is a sumptuous meal
Of love and a promise of Eternal sweets.

Two lovers dancing in the diamond night
To pleasing music filled with starlight.
For a time hearts moved like birds in flight.
Recalling the sound of each passioned word,
Then the mellow tones of loves adagio
And words soft spoken from the lovers glow
Eyes speaking volumes longing to be heard.
I well remember that last autumn night.

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Divena Collins

Autumn Unto Spring

Strangely deranged upon a woodland path
Knowing not where this passage may lead to
Autumn shadows shall be artfully deceiving
For one who is lost.

When mists of the fall shall gather around
Within an eerie frightening premonition
What may she encounter much deeper within
Those forest glades.

Mouldy deadened leaves from a greener sage
Trodden deep into a dank musky forest floor
Shielded by the boughs of a leafless tree
Of a ghostly image.

An eerie call of winter winds signifies death
Yet on she must go for her ancestors call
For youth shall signify the season of Spring
Being the chosen one.


Autumns Fantasy

Upon autumns fall of gold leaves
Shaded there beneath the eaves
Within magical tales of wonder
Cherubs of nature cast asunder
Of charms that fantasy weaves
Within a web of silken dreams
A nymph and goddess it seems
Wove the tapestry of creatures
Cast within the heart of nature
Earthy shades of autumns scene
May only upon a season be seen
Before earths fantasy fades away
For cherubs shall do as they may
And return next autumn serene.


Autumns Leaf Charmer

Tinted upon golden hues of autumn fantasy
Enticing winds that lure all upon earths loam
Within the power of the mystic leaf charmer
As shall cast her spell.

The scented sage of a season that has past
Not of old but of fertile seeds that linger
Lying dormant within the frost of winter
Until the blessed spring.

Not one mystery of a leaf charmers dance
Her shadow fadeth within darkened skies
As time goes by she may return as stardust
Upon her final fantasy.

Once more the leaves shall dance within autumn
Wildly drifting through the passing of time
For eternity seasons that come as they go
Are forever blessed.

Leaf Charmer


Seasons Awaken

Seasonal thoughts have returned once more
Within the ninth month of the calender year
A wooded glade shall procure bright shades
Before winter grips.

Rather like humanity that thrive`s when young
Within a spring time of seeds and new saplings
That bears much blossom within fruitful boughs
Upon a sun lit day.

There is a reason which every season provides
The beauty of seasons that flourish as free
To return again through the realms of time
Like us she sleeps.

As time goes by she awakens refreshed
Sprouting shoots that grow as abundantly
Replacing much more of natural jewels
'Fore seasons be done.

Leaf Charmer


Seasons Parody

The last rays of the autumns sun doth fade
Casting shadows upon an earthen floor
Upon falling fronds from vacant boughs
Within a fantasy of seasonal paradise
As a pendulum swings of natures clock
So then must seasons
As it has done so many moons before.

Wind blown music a symphony of air
Autumns refrain of a seasonal finale
As a metronome swings to the last
Of spring and summer notes
That lingers thro`out earths parody
Of melodies that shall never fade
Within a seasonal maidens prayer.

She who relives her fantasies of past
Within the finality of an autumns sun
Meditating upon the swing of nature
A vision of dreams that ever return
Quarter notes of a visional contrast
A sweet refrain upon loves passion.
Upon ever changing seasons.


Wealth of Honesty

Soon the silver honesty seeds shimmer on the stem
Upon whispering breezes that autumn season brings
Gone are the shades of the summer times blues
Unto the wealthy mother of natures money plant
As believed by children of autumns fantasy at play
How mystical the scene of gold and silvery hues
Of a transparent sheen that protects life within.

To dance nodding to the rhythm of autumns breeze
Bold notations of musical staves upon sheet music
This Rhapsody of autumn ne-er composed before
Only within a childs dreams of mystical fantasies
That blends bold images unto a fairy tale dance
Which shall ever be recalled within autumns lore
Yet within a childs fantasy shall forever linger.

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Jez Farmer









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Leny Roovers


I look outside as falling leaves
drift by; both pear and apple crowns
have thinned, grown threadbare; summer grieves
as leaves float down.
Rejuvenation comes next year,
dissimilar from human ways,
our hair won't grow again, once cleared-
then baldness stays.
In spring my trees will dance once more,
their moving arms are veiled in green,
enjoying them we will explore
our autumn scene.
Together we'll grow old one day,
delighting in life's sweet bouquet.


Autumn Nights

As autumn wind blows off most leaves
I see trees shiver, half undressed
my little birds hide in the eaves
clouds flock together, look compressed.
in twilight of September eves
dark shadows on the grass progress.
Inside, our fire burns, relieves.

We listen to soft music, smile,
then read, or play a game of cards
and watch the flames, how they beguile;
too cold now to sit in the yard.
Long summer nights gone for a while,
bear still warm memories regards.
We'll spend our wintertime in style.

Our cat comes to sit close to us,
She's seeking warmth, because she’s old
much meeker now, much less to fuss.
Our dear old lady hates the cold,
but seems to like what we discuss.
She purrs her pleasure, then unfolds
and yawns to us, as she adjusts.


Autumn Sunset

Tonight the sky looks grey and dark,
No traces of last sunlight's spark
As days grow shorter every day,
Colourful dusk is giving way.
It only takes a good half hour
Then night has switched off daylight's power;
All birds have gone to roost till dawn.

Only the light of lamp-posts shines,
Bright spots to mark the grocer's signs.
When I look up I see a plane
Red port light moves along air's lane.
It's climbing high above the clouds
And soon will clear tonight's dark shrouds;
I watch the light till it is gone.


Autumn Virus

Autumn arrives with falling leaves
It brings us colds we soon receive.
For days on end we'll blow our nose
We cough, get headaches and we doze
Instead of sleep till morning comes.
This coughing fills my head with drums
I can't escape; I hate their sound!

I'm getting tired of this cough
It's endless tickling is enough!
I need to sleep a whole night through
Recover from this feeling blue;
I have no energy to spare,
My nose is blocked, I need more air-
I'm hoping for a swift rebound.


Autumns approach

Raindrops falling, spinning in water long threads
Crystal curtains hiding my garden's beauty
Autumn's warning summer is almost over -
Geese on the passage.

Blue jays, magpies, gathering orange berries,
Bury summer's stockpile in hiding places
Finches feathers, homecoming flocks are changing;
Hedgehogs are hoarding.

Many trees are losing their leaves and turn in
Hidden roots are growing, extending fingers
Underneath now hardening soil, preparing.
Winter approaches.


Changing Seasons

Late Summer's dressed in tones of red
her hair moves as the evening breeze
sighs gently on her bending head;
she's queen of trees.
As fall is close, she'll soon retire
step down her throne, go in retreat;
Her sister Autumn, queen of fire,
will set the beat.
A short time later her reign ends
when Winter puts his icy spell
upon the world; he has few friends
who care to dwell.
Yet hidden under frozen fields
Spring is sleeping, until he yields.


Patterns in the Sky

This morning from my big elm-tree
chattering starlings greeted me.
They come from Russia here to spend
long wintertime in milder parts-
on their arrival autumn starts.
With native birds they friendly blend,
at feeding time they jointly spree.

As autumn nears and days grow cool
migrating birds follow their rule
to leave to warmer grounds to mate.
Before they go they train their young,
formation flight, as if they're strung;
A cloud of starlings can create,
pencilled drawings, not taught in school.

Patterns woven are true treasures,
presents bringing sincere pleasures,
ever changing forms they weave.
Pointilistic art, drawn in dark
on sky's blue cloth in flowing arcs.
For unknown reasons they conceive
beauty without given measures.

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